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  • GMP Quarterly

    A quarterly newsletter from the studios of Grant Mott Photography, LLC

    Summer 2016

    Studio Update - 5 Client Spotlight - 6

    Pro Tip - 8

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    2 - Recent Portrait Work

    4 - A Note from the Photographer

    5 - Studio Update

    6 - Client Spotlight: Ultimate Truck Service

    8 - Photo Tip: Find Your Inner Turtle

    9 - Recent Product Work

    10 - Final Image and Quote


    By appointment only 202 E. Evergreen Blvd., Ste 300

    Vancouver, WA 98660


    Lead Creative 360-830-6051

    Grant Mott

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    A Note from the Photographer Introduction to GMP Quarterly

    Whenwestarted thinking about staying in touchwith our network, a newsletter was at the bottom of the list. We generally try to avoid adding to that B2Bmarketing hum that overwhelmes our inboxes.

    The idea, however, kept working its way to the surface. Our clients run the gammut: from alpaca farms, to sporting goods companies, electricians, to attorneys, large corporate dental companies to soap makers, and engineers to truck repair shops (check out page 6).

    Everyoneweworkwith shares two things; theyget things done, and they treat their clients with integrity and amazing service. They do business the right way, and follow the golden rule without exception.

    As we thought about how our clients have been a constant source of inspiration and a blessing to our family, it became clear that the only reasonable format for a newsletter would be one that returned value to them. Our quarterly newsletter is as much a quarterly thank-you, as it is a newsletter in the traditional sense.

    We expect the quarterly format to include a few great articles:

    1) A quick note from the photographer: this will discuss

    things like gear, the state of the industry, business lessons learned, etc.

    2) A studio update: What's new at Grant Mott Photography?

    3) Client showcase: Photos and stories of our amazing clients

    4) Photo Tip: quick tutorial on how to take better photos

    5) More great photos of our vibrant clients

    6) A beautiful image and quote

    We hope you enjoy learning about the wonderful businesses in our Client Spotlight, and are able to craete better imgaes from the Photo Tips. And most of all, we hope you walk away inspired.

    Until next time,

    Grant Mott - Lead Creative

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    The first half of 2016 has broughtmany changes to Grant Mott Photography! The studio moved, we added a few services, and have started offering guarantees and better file prep as part of all our services.

    Back in February we [finally] moved the studio out of Grant's house. Business professionals are now able to quickly stopby thestudio for abusinessportrait. Ournew location-downstairsneighborsofGLAMBeautyBar -has allowed us to offer affordable hair / makeup services to all our studio clients. The studio has also allowed us to more efficiently create product photography.

    We have launched two new services related to product photograhpy:Customproductphotography,andstraight forward product photography. Custom product photography is product photography in the traditional sense; we work with our clients to design and create artistic, compelling photographs that show-off their products. These types of images are typically used in advertising, landingpages, and as eye candy in brochurs andotherprintedcollateral. Our straight forwardproduct photography service, on the other hand, is designed to be efficient, affordable, and valuable for businesses that sell products online. Send us your products, and we'll photograph them on white, or our re-claimed wood set. Thenwe'll pack the fileswith keywords and size them so

    they are ready to be deployed on your e-commerce website or marketplaces like Amazon.

    This year we also started our satisfaction guarantee: if you're not happy with your images because of somethingwedidordidn'tdo, letusknowandwe'llmake it right at no-cost! Wehave alwaysworked hard tomake sure our clients are satisfied, now we're going the extra step and making it official.

    Finally, we have started applying web-optimization to manyof the imagefileswedeliver. Manyof theclientswe servewill deploy their final images on their websites - so whynothelp theirSEOa littlebit? Mostpeopledon't think about optimizing their image files to help their web SEO; it's a small stepwe can take to help our clients winmore, and that's kind of awesome!

    Web: Call / Text: 360-830-6051 E-Mail:

    Studio Address 202 E. Evergreen Blvd, Ste 300 Vancouver, WA 98660

    Studio Update A new year brought a new studio and some great new services

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    Client Spotlight - Ultimate Truck Services “We treatourcustomers like family.Whatconcerns them concerns us.” - Debbie Jennerjohn

    It’s 6 AM. Time towarmup the truck. A cider company in Portlandneedsa loadof apple juice fromHoodRiver and you’re the man to make it happen. Walking across the gravel you notice silence – there is no crunch under foot this morning. You brush frost off the chrome handle and open the cab door. Then you lean over the seat, slide the key into the ignition, and…

    …Nothing. Who do you call?

    ThecrewatUltimateTruckService inRidgefield,WAhas over 141 years of combined experience servicing diesel engines and the equipment they power. They are ready to help.

    During my recent conversation with Debbie Jennerjohn (owner with her husband, Dave), she mentioned that “whenCumminsdecided todevelopaServiceAssociate program for independant shops, they came to Dave and

    I to discuss what the program should be like.” She continued with pride to talk about a few of the more complex jobs they’ve handled over the years:

    “We took a truck that was rolled, rebuilt the cab and straightened the frame so it looked brand new.”

    "When California cracked down on the emissions for trucks, we had several truck owners come up to have newer motors with the emissions package put into their older trucks. Wehad to install newcomputers tooperate the emissions systems and integrate them into the existing cab schematics to make it all work together."

    "We rebuilt a truck that had been sitting beside another truck that had caught on fire. We replaced the driver's door, driver’s side fender, the hood, and some other internal partswhich hadmelted due to the extremeheat. We also had to rewire the entire truck. The paint and the new parts to match the original color. This took several hours but the truck was back in running order, and it saved

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    the customer several thousand dollars by not having to buy a new truck."

    Ultimate Truck Service has elevated truck repair. Their unassuming shop near the Clark County Fairgrounds is home to some of the most skilled and experienced mechanics in Southwest Washington. While Dave and Debbie are extremely proud of their team’s work and capabilities, they also treat their employees and customers with humility. They make truck service feel like a family matter.

    Ultimate Truck Servicewas started 17 years ago. Dave, with 27 years of experience as a diesel mechanic, was ready to strike out on his ownandconvincedDebbie to quit her corporate job and provide the back-of- house support needed to thrive.

    In his 27 years working before starting Ultimate Truck Service, Dave worked as an on-site heavy equipment mechanic, a mobile repair company operator, and finally as an

    in-house mechanic and driver for a trucking company. Engines big and small; truck, car, boat, and heavy equipment; trailers short and long – if it was powered or pulled by diesel, he could fix it. Providing great technical services, however,wasn’t fulfillingenough.Hewanted to own his work and provide customers with a great experience as well. Seventeen years later, Ultimate

    Truck Service has become a local institution in diesel truck repair.

    “[It’s fascinating to think about] all thedifferentways trucks affect our day to day lives.” - Debbie Jennerjohn.

    Through its longevity and reputation as being k n o w l e d g e a b l e , experienced, thorough, and safety minded, UTS has become the mechanic keeping many private vehicle fleets running across Clark county.

    Next time your diesel truck or trailer needs attention, call 360-574-6886 and ask for Kristin or Shelby; they’ll treat you like family, and take care of your truck like it’s their own. - GMP

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    We all have problem areas; those parts of our body that we really don’t like. One of the most common problem areas in people over the age of 20 (or thereabouts) is the lower face / neck. It tends to sag, and no one likes an unshapely face.

    UFS - unshapely face syndrome, as I have just now decided to call it - is easy to take care of. All you need to do is find your inner turtle. Just like a turtle stretches its head out of its shell, extend your head towards the camera. The trick here is to find thebalancebetweennot stretching far enough (UFS goes un-resolved), and stretching too far and turning yourself into Quasimodo. Be careful not to push the topor bottomof your head too far forward; they should be naturally aligned. Your neck, however, will not be.

    There’s onemore consideration when finding your inner

    turtle: The direction you shift your head must always be directly towards thecamera. Thismeans that if yournose is pointed to the right of the came