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  • 1.Graphic Novels A Brief History

2. GRAPHIC NOVELS: DEFINED 3. Whats a graphic novel? Broadly defined, a story told in comic book format, but presented to the reader in a book. 4. Graphic & Novel The phrase graphic novel is sort of a misnomer. Not all graphic novels are novels. See Persepolis. Not all graphic novels are graphic. American Born Chinese, for example. 5. A Rich History Graphic novels have a lengthy history outside of the US. Japan & Manga Europe even beat us to the punch. US & Graphic Novels started a beautiful relationship in the 80s. 6. GRAPHIC NOVELS: US HISTORY 7. Before the days off 8. 1938 9. 1940s Most children (and certainly most boys) read, collected, and exchanged comic books (Monnin). Many adults were scared by the intensity with which kids embraced such stories. 10. WHY THE BAD REP? 11. 1950s A psychologist by the name of Wertham denounced comics and claimed they were causing kids to turn bad. Many communities organized comic book burnings. 12. Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency Hearings (1954) Televised trials Young people + comics = juvenile delinquents Only horror & crime books investigated Politicians, educators, d octors, and comic creators were present 13. Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency Hearings (1954) Lets do a close reading of the statement of purpose regarding these trials. 14. Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency Hearings (1954) Created a biased representation Comic content toned down as a result However, the public still linked crime, horror, and delinquency to comics 15. 1960s Comic books were virtually left for dead. Appealed now to a narrow field of hardcore fans. 16. 1970s Comic artists set out to prove that image literacies could: Appeal to a wide audience (kids & adults alike) Operate on a serious, literary level 17. 1980s & 1990s Maus I (1986) & Maus II (1991) = game changers US Graphic novels was born. Brought new readers to the world of graphic novels. Novel readers were reading comic books. We got the stories of Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns out of this era, too. 18. Todays Entertainment 19. Todays Entertainment Clearly includes graphic novels Book store sections are overflowing Manga is has a growing fan-base. 20. Whats More? You can learn from reading them, too! 21. The truth Comics are more than superheroes, aliens, crime, and violence. Many subjects are successfully represented in comic books History/historical fiction Science Biography Geography Math Classics/ poetry Mythology/folklore/tall tales 22. Works Cited Monnin, Katie. Teaching Graphic Novels. Gainsville, FL: Maupin House Publishing, 2010. Print.