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8/6/2019 Gold Jewellery Market 1/14

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Group 2

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8/6/2019 Gold Jewellery Market 2/14

�Only Minerals and metals Trading Corporation of India and SBI allowed to import gold

� Investment source

� Less Retail jewellery outlets� Designed in traditional Indian style� Fabricated mainly in 18 , 22, 24 carat gold� 18 carat gold was considered to be of low quality� Buyer had faith in his jeweller who catered to

local taste


8/6/2019 Gold Jewellery Market 3/14

� Witnessed shift in consumer perception

Investment Aesthetic appeal

Trendy, affordable and light weight jewellery gainedmomentum

� Large export houses were allowed to import gold freely

�  Younger generation looked for trendy design and

avoided traditional heavy designs

� Consumer wanted wider selection at a singleconvenient location

8/6/2019 Gold Jewellery Market 4/14

�Consumer was willing to experiment

 with designs

Increase in the no of designers fromdesign schools eg:NIFT

 All This led to Proliferation of BRANDED


8/6/2019 Gold Jewellery Market 5/14

Private investors Foreign Investors






Tiff any


8/6/2019 Gold Jewellery Market 6/14




8/6/2019 Gold Jewellery Market 7/14

�Brand name for the jewellery division of Titan Industries Ltd

�Launched in 1995�W

as the Trendsetter�Started with 18 carat but soon expanded to22 and 24 carat ornament

� Initially started selling through multibrandstores

� In 1998 it opened its own chain of retailshowroom

�Market Share = 27% of branded jewellerymarket

8/6/2019 Gold Jewellery Market 8/14

�Brand Building Strategy

i. Differentiation (through Designs)

ii. Build trust (by educatingcustomers)

� Focused on quality control to stay ahead

of local competition and introduced

caratmeters� USP was purity of its gold

� Focused on urban and rural markets

8/6/2019 Gold Jewellery Market 9/14

�Launched in 1996 by Bangalore basedPeakok Jewellery Pvt Ltd

�Laid emphasis on design�

In 2002 it launched its ́ Sun Signµ Collection�Started selling throughi. multibrand retail outletsii. internet� Carbon items were impulse purchase

� Focused on minimizing loss of gold whilemanufacturing by adopting JapaneseKaizen approach

8/6/2019 Gold Jewellery Market 10/14

�Targeted well paid urban professionals

falling between 24-38 years

Its cost was fixed

8/6/2019 Gold Jewellery Market 11/14

� Launched in March 2001 and founded by VasantNangia & his team

� Tag Line ́ Jewellery for the livingµ� USP was its simple but stylish and affordable

 jewellery� Market Share = 1.7% of branded jewellery market� Initially was positioned to the modern young

 women(18-24 years old)� Later on transformed from youth brand to brand for

all occasions like office wear ,evening wear or fitnesssession

� Targeted middle aged and affluent housewives� Constantly bring in change in their designs to offer

exclusive products

8/6/2019 Gold Jewellery Market 12/14

� Launched in 1994 by Gitanjali jewels as a distinctbrand

� Its designs combined Indian andWestern styles� Focused on Contemporary Indian women ( 15-30

years)� Market Share = 1.4% of branded jewellery� Sales were throughi. Multibrand storesii. Mail order Catalogue� The only brand focussed on teenagers by

promotional campaigns in colleges,customizing products for occasions like Valentines day

8/6/2019 Gold Jewellery Market 13/14

�Branded jewellery players will face

tough competition from local traditional

players�They need to have strategies to

differentiate themselves with designs to

sustain in the market

�Focus on their advertisements and astutesalesmanship to lure the loyal customers

of traditional players

8/6/2019 Gold Jewellery Market 14/14

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