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Nabholz Farm 50th Anniversary Sale


  • 50 Years of family, friends and cows Most of the time in that order

    1966 LBJ was president ( the verdict is still out on him fifty years later), gas was 32 cents a gallon, the Dairy Cattle Congress was in year one of its experiment without National Shows and some dairy en-thusiasts in Wisconsin had the wheels turning to start their own show at a county fairgrounds in Madison the next year. During the first part of that year our dad was driving northwest of West Union and passed what he would call the barn of his dreams eight miles nearly straight north of his present farm and with a much different terrain . After a couple of kitchen table discussions it was decided to make a switch and in the summer of 1966 the move was made. The barn could hold 36 Jersey cows and driving a tractor was not going to be quite as easy with hills that resembled mountains near what is now known as the pond or John and Marshas house. What a difference fifty years made back there. We have seen many changes since 1966, some good and some not so good but some things are constant here includ-ing the love of family, friends and cows.

    The love of family comes from the Italian side of the pedigree. Aunts and Uncles were like par-ents and celebrations always involved food and laughter. The bond is still unexplainable to me. The love of friends comes from both sides of the heritage. Most times in life friendships are your greatest asset before wealth and material holdings. For sure the love of cattle came from the top side of our pedigree and in spades. I cant remember when cows werent a mainstay in our lives, every day, all day. You would only have to go to my sisters house in Suburbia U.S.A. to be greeted with cows on walls, cows on shelves throughout the house and my sister left the farm quite a while ago. (I could give an exact year but that would serve no purpose whatsoever). So it would be obvious that our closest friends would have the same life interests as we do involving cows.

    Through the years the farm has become more of a center of business in buying and selling cattle than a dairy farm. What was once a barn to raise calves is now an office with one of the prettiest views we have ever seen. The barn where Duncan Belle and Patrice, Bonnie and Maybelle used to rest has seen the likes of Sally, Lani, Gold Anna and others hang out and call home. We do take im-mense pride in the kind of cattle that we have dealt with but it ranks second to the kind of people that have been a part of our farm and our lives. Many of the young people that started here have gone on to do amazing things in their lives and we know our parents would be so proud of the ones they were a part of just like we now are of the group we have known. Doctors, accountants, bankers, teachers, engineers and of course some of the greatest cow people of this generation have had a stop on Neon Road. We know our mom and dad would be as proud of a young fella from Elkader that started here at 15 years old standing in the middle of the ring at Madison as we are of a little girl from Waterville that was going to college and needed an extra job (she already had two and was a full time deans list stu-dent) now building her new house with her fine family and a job in ag finance. We think of the boy that drove down to clip (15 years old without a license no less) from Mabel Minnesota that is now clipping All Americans and considered one of the finest cow people of his era. Our parents are surely looking down with pride when they see the curly headed boy from Coggon who became a banker (damn we didnt see that coming) leading multiple champions and considered one of the worlds finest showmen. The boy that mowed off my moms flowers would become a top accountant. (Now that one for sure we didnt see coming). Whenever we hear the word Morningview we think of the college intern who would rather throw a baseball than wash a tail making a global impact in dairy genetics. Memories flood back when each of their names is brought up.

    We have been truly blessed to have our mentors and hope that we have made them in a small way, at least some of the time, proud of us too. The likes of Max Gordon, Lew Porter, Dave Bach-mann ,Pete Heffering and Dave Younger set the bar high and for sure unattainable but that is OK. We wouldnt want it any other way. We are so grateful they opened doors and let us be a part of their amazing world. To be able to work around some of the greatest cows ever created taught us that there was a difference between good and great and there should be a difference in the way they are cared for. To them MatildaRosid Topsy Wallflower and Charity were their lives 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and for those cows to become household names they had to have queens treatment all the time. Fast forward and the same could be said for Veronica, Dezi, Griffen and Danica. There are no shortcuts to the desired destination in the cow world. You treat the cows right and they will treat you right.

    We would love to have a big party to celebrate fifty years at one location but it just would not seem right without cows, thus the sale. So we welcome you to take time out of your schedule to join us. And we hope you have a great time with us. It is also our hope there is something selling that will go on making memories for you and your family like Apple did for her owners, or like Hazel or Duncan Belle or Patrice did for theirs. We are confident the likes of Mist Abrakazzo Reanetta Makita and in fact each and every offering has it in them to bring the same satisfaction their predecessors have before them. Cause..its all about family, friends and cows.

  • Saturday, June 18, 2016 ~ 11:00 aM

    Sale Staff:JoSeph MaSt auctioneer (330) 763-4411Michael heath pedigreeS (443) 375-8048John erbSen (815) 275-4990ray leblanc (802) 249-2155Mike deaver (608) 207-0344toM degroot (604) 819-2879chriS lundgren (920) 517-8947aaron eaton (315) 857-8303eddie bue (715) 299-4651brian garriSon (614) 264-3240adaM fraley (570) 772-6837ron roSkopf (414) 587-4402dan upchurch (530) 228-2259louie cozzitorto (209) 535-1319perry phend (715) 533-0608toM SchMitt (563) 542-5590hank van exel (209) 810-0880nathan thoMaS (937) 537-0805brian SayleS (519) 632-7992

    golden MeMorieS SalepaSt - preSent - future on neon road

    Nabholz Farm24807 Neon Road, West Union, Iowa 52178

    (563) 422-3692 Office(563)590-3204 Cell

    Schedule:Saturday, June 18th

    town & country breakfaSt8:00 aM-10:00 aM

    (SponSored by Fayette County Fair)golden MeMorieS Sale

    11:00 aMbreakFaSt and Sale at nabholz Farm

    Sale location:Nabholz Farm

    24807 Neon Road, West Union, IA 52175

    Sale clerkS:bruce and celia SoloMon

    inSurance:troy alexander (217) 899-3426

    (See ad in back of catalog)

    cattle preSentation:Mandi bue, Shannon dwyer, Melanie nyfong, lea Mc-

    cullough, ken JuMbo elliott & gene baMbi henderSon

    trucking:John patrick (443) 421-0764

    glen longhorn (712) 548-2851Mike deaver (608) 207-0344chriS lentz (715) 641-0470

    Mike Mcconnell (608) 642-0640 allyn Spud paulSon (608) 868-9028


  • accoModationS:Best Rest Inn & suItes

    563/422-3537108 Highway 150 North West Union, IA 52175

    BoaRdeRs Inn & suItes 563/425-0214

    515 1/2 weSt water Sr. fayette, ia 52142

    pleaSe mention Golden memorieS Sale!

    direction:weSt union, ia iS located in northeaSt iowa, 45 MinuteS froM wiSconSin and MinneSota

    at the Junction of hhighwayS 18 & 150

    to nabholz farM froM weSt union, ia:Drive 3 miles West on Highway 18Drive 3 miles North on Neon Road

    gpS addreSS:24807 neon road, weSt union, ia 52175

    Front cover photos left to right:C Taraley Astro Sherry (Ex-97) - Quality Ridge Stormi Hazel (Ex-96)

    KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET (Ex-96) - Cache Valley Lehros 2331-ET (Ex-96)Back cover photos left to right:

    Llolyn Jude Griffen-ET (Ex-95) Duncan Belle (Ex-92) Huronia Centurian Veronica (Ex-97) Response Wonder (Ex-92) Gil-Bar Unique Bonnie (Ex-94)

    (Back cover composite by Jersey Journal)


    View/bid online in Real Time

    Registration is required. Please register at least one (1) hour prior to sale time at

    High Speed Internet is required. Slower speed will not permit you to bid and keep pace in real time.

    Terms: Purchasing online constitutes a legal contract and promise for payment of purchases. All purchases must be paid within ten (10) days of sale date and prior to load out or delivery of cattle purchased. is a service provider and is not responsible for the activity or inactivity of any technology, internet connection at the sale site or connection and technology of the bidders.

    For questions or information, contact:

    Aaron Ray Tompkins 336/363-4639,

    The sale will be broadcast live via with real time bidding!

    If you wish to bid online, you MUST register with AND be Pre-Approved.See full details at

    air travel:eaStern iowa airport - cedar rapidS, ia (1 hour 45 MinuteS to weSt union)

    waterloo, ia (1 hour to weSt union)rocheSter, MinneSota (2 hourS to weSt union)

    dane county airport - MadiSon, wi (2 1/2 hourS to weSt union


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