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Golf Carts, Gators, Mules. Rebecca Davio, Ph. D. Director Vehicles Titles and Registration Div, TxDOT. Slow Moving Vehicles. Golf Cart Neighborhood Electric Vehicle All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). Slow Moving Vehicles. * Rules to be proposed. Safety Concerns. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Golf Carts, Gators, Mules

    Rebecca Davio, Ph. D.DirectorVehicles Titles and Registration Div, TxDOT

  • Slow Moving Vehicles Golf Cart Neighborhood Electric Vehicle All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

  • Slow Moving Vehicles* Rules to be proposed

  • Safety ConcernsVehicle weight and speed differentials Operating at speeds over 25 mphUnderage drivers commonOperating outside usage restrictionsDisregard requirements for:No Drivers LicenseNo Liability InsuranceNo Equipment Standards

  • Increased UseCheaper to buyRising fuel pricesGreen initiativesRebates / incentivesIncreased advertising / media attentionAdvertised as street legalNo mention of 25 mph restriction

  • Current SituationInconsistent / confusing definitions and restrictions

    Registration evolved over time

    Inconsistent administration of TxDOT guidelines

  • Law Enforcement FeedbackDont like the current situationDont want inconsistent local regulations

    Properly applied registration regulations could potentially reduce confusion

  • Legislative Direction ?

    You almost want to add, Lions, and Tigers and bears, oh my!

    The use of golf carts, and utility vehicles all seem to start out so simply but lately it has become a growing heard of unrecognizable beasts, that, quite honestly, are a little out of control. Discussion PointsA golf cart weighs 1500 lbs and a hummer weighs 6000. A heavy weight truck can weigh up to 80,000 lbs.A Polaris owner signed a Slow Moving Vehicle form, but was spotted on I-10 in Houston going 60 mphIn one community at the coast, law enforcement said you had to be able to see the water to qualify as beach use. Since the gold cart owner couldnt see the water, he built a one (1) hole golf course on his property to comply with golf cart regulations