goodbye plastic bags!

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Say Goodbye To Plastic Bags! How?

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Just an idea. what do you think?


Page 1: Goodbye Plastic Bags!

Say Goodbye To Plastic Bags!


Page 2: Goodbye Plastic Bags!

We’re what marketers call a “target market”. We are medium to high income earners, cost conscious and an eco-minded family.

I think Sea turtles are so cute!

Page 3: Goodbye Plastic Bags!

We like to use green bags but sometimes we simply forget to bring them with us. We have about 10 of them at home. One or two are in the car but most times we realize we’ve left them there only when we’re at the register.

Page 4: Goodbye Plastic Bags!

That’s why we love WonderFoods. See, all they’ve done is to put a recycle cage in their supermarkets car parks.

Page 5: Goodbye Plastic Bags!

So people immediately have a place to put the unneeded green bags they’ve already got. WonderFoods then take the bags (washing the ones that need some TLC) and give them back to customers. Pretty simple ha?

Page 6: Goodbye Plastic Bags!

Then WonderFoods really made a difference. See, every time we shop there now we get a green bag. They simply don’t have plastic bags anymore!


Page 7: Goodbye Plastic Bags!

We take as many green bags as we need and when we have too many in the house we just grab them all and put them in the recycling cage at WonderFoods again.

Page 8: Goodbye Plastic Bags!

We’re happy because we don’t have to remember to bring our own bags and we help to save the environment.

‘Cause baby seals are cute too!

Page 9: Goodbye Plastic Bags!

The money for the initial trial of this new system comes from WonderFoods marketing budget. Figures, as they have their logo on each bag!


Page 10: Goodbye Plastic Bags!

See, plastic bags are cheap in the short term but WonderFoods is thinking long term. After about one year they will return their investment.


Page 11: Goodbye Plastic Bags!

And because they were the first supermarket to implement this they got free PR on every major TV station, newspaper and blog.

Page 12: Goodbye Plastic Bags!

This way they immediately reduced plastic bag consumption by 80%. Do you think this can work at your supermarket?

Come on, save a dolphin!

Page 13: Goodbye Plastic Bags!

WonderFoods is a made up, future thinking, eco-new-age supermarket.

Thank you.Tamir Berkman [email protected]/blog