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Google Analytics Certified Partner Empirical Path and Google Analytics jointly released a case study on an Empirical Path media and entertainment client, entitled "AirShowBuzz switches from Coremetrics to Google Analytics, increasing insights and revenue"


  • 1. CASE STUDYA switch from Coremetrics toGoogle Analytics removes measurementblindspots, increases actionable insightsand drives revenueOverviewAir Show Buzz (ASB) is a hub for air show and aviation promotes live air shows and engages their communitythrough user forums and social media. ASB also has a mobile websiteto support live events, and hosts an Adobe AIR application to furtherengage users.About AirShowBuzz www.AirShowBuzz.comChallenge: Complex needs for a feature-rich website Los Angeles, CA Air Show Buzz (ASB) is a media companyWith their existing implementation of Coremetrics, ASB was unable todedicated to the Aerotainment ormeet their measurement needs. They needed to measure video views,entertainment and news in the aviationonline sales, the usage of a downloaded application, and the impact ofand air show industry social media. On top of that, they wanted to correlate offline events andactivities to mobile website usage and branded merchandise sales. NoneGoals of this was included in their Coremetrics data, and cost was a prohibitive Increase air show ticket sales andfactor to development as Coremetrics incurs fees for using the platform,popularity of ASB branded videos and gear and incremental fees based on the number of page views served. This Quantify the usage of ASBs online videos expense limited ASBs investment in talent to interpret reports or to(built with Adobe Flash and AIR)implement customizations needed to capture data for decision making. Measure the success of online and offlinemarketing campaigns & eventsSolution: Careful planning with the right platform provides answersEmpirical Path was engaged to review analytics vendors and determineApproachthe Google Analytics was the best solution for ASBs requirements based E-commerce tracking in Google Analytics on the robust feature set, speed of implementation, and cost for theto properly attribute revenueplatform. Google Analytics integration withAdobe Flash and AIR applicationsIn order to provide the data required by management for decision-making,to track video engagement Empirical Path consultants helped ASB leadership map their overall Campaign tagging to measure all onlinebusiness objectives to create a web analytics campaigns The Location & Mobile reports to measureBusiness QuestionGA Solutionthe relationship between online &offline activitiesHow do we increase registration? Campaign Tagging of social, email, and other outreachResults How much time was spent on siteVisit-level Custom Variables to track ASB was able to track the success of itsafter registering? registered usersAdobe Air application BlackBox whichWhat are merchandise sales?E-commerce Tracking for onlinewent on to win an innovation award for store1 million downloadsIn what ways are social sharingEvent Tracking used to track social Single report to determine the depth oftools helping out? sharing toolsuser engagement with the videos Clear measurement of the impact of online How are event announcementsMap Overlay at city level aroundmarketing efforts on ticket sales affecting ticket sales and interest? live events; Goal tracking of interest indicatorsWhat is uptake of rich media GAforFlash to track video-playsapplication and content? and duration; Event Tracking for downloads and app usageHow is mobile contributing toGA For Mobile, Advanced Segmentsregistrations, engagement atair shows?

2. Results: Conversion Insights for All Empirical Path provided senior executives with the relevant metrics, interpretation, and recommendations needed for business decisions. For example, Google Analytics revealed the impact of popular content on sales and ASB then employed strategies that emphasized the right content and led directly to revenue increases.About Empirical PathGoogle Analytics was instrumental in driving online sales of our videos Offices in Atlanta, Washington DC, andand merchandise and measuring success of all of our campaigns.Albuquerque Google Analytics provided critical insights into the usage of our Flash Founded in 2002, Empirical Path is avideo marketing consultancy Ed Shipley, Partner, Airshow Buzzand Google Analytics Certified Partnerwho specialize in Web analytics, Marketresearch and Campaign measurement For ASBs Marketing managers, Empirical Path correlated online activity to live events using detailed geographic analysis available within Google Analytics, validating the investment in regional events. For the Product management team at ASB, Empirical Path expanded Google Analytics tracking to include the downloaded Adobe AIR application, informing the evolution of that product. The customizations of Google Analytics gave the three key functional areas Executives, Product, and Marketing the insights they needed to make decisions. In the end, the cost to customize their Google Analytics implementation was well worth the value. AirShowBuzzs award-winning application 2011 Google Inc. All rights reserved. Google and the Google logo are trademarks of Google Inc. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.


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