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  1. 1. Today almost all the people are probably equipped with smartphones, tablet or phablets. However, the ever-changing technology will bring Google glass as the next version of your smartphone, tablet etc. The wait may last for another one year and you will find a new technological gadget in your hand which will make your lifestyle easy at a single voice command. These wearable gadgets will contain all microphone, battery, display etc in just a chip form. Can you imagine this? But it is going to be true in a year span. However, it will.operate through wi-fi and mobile connectivity facility. The growing demand will be due to its easy operation, easy access, and its portability. However, this hi-tech device will require high-quality applications. Apps and its compatibility with the platform are the things that will give your gadget a standard. Probably this is the reason why you choose android or iOS carefully. However, Google Glasses Application Development is not an easy task. Google Glass: A journey from smart to smarter phone technology
  2. 2. They are far different from the normal apps owing to their extraordinary features and functions. They need to be compatible with the Google Glass features and facilities. During the transition from desktop to tablet through laptop, palmtop and smartphones, the transition was not a headache for them cause the operation mode was kept similar in all transition. However, the glass will be a complete new feature and the developers must take care to make them user-friendly. Usage of glass is unknown to the human race and hence Google Glass Application Development wont be that easy. But the challenge always comes with an opportunity of superiority. So an efficient Google Glass App Developer team can make the work done. For this, you have to be careful enough while hiring google glass app developers. An efficient team will not only increase your companys scope and reputation, but also increase your profits.
  3. 3. However, while hiring you must keep every sense organ wide open to hire quality people cause the entire process will be handled by them only. Before hiring do some workouts to search in google and find some people from the database put on the internet and shortlist them. Have some face to face meetings with these companies and check every detail to hire a quality team who will bring you quality google glass. You must ensure that the team has trained and certified professional staffs who can complete the work in time. Insist them to make the apps customer friendly as much as possible. There must be every possible care to glass dimension and the team must take care of the transparency property of glass while developing the apps and they must proceed iteratively and should be cautious at every step to make it more customer friendly. The finishing touch must go very well to give it a beautiful look. Though it is a very tedious job, yet a careful proceeding will be able to develop the best possible google glass to the users.
  4. 4. eSiteWorld TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. B 205-C, Mondeal Square, Opp Honest Restaurant, Prahladnagar - SG Highway Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India +1 858-427-0668 (US Direct No.) +44 - (0)203-372-4509 (UK Direct No.) biz.esw biz.esw