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  • 1. Google ToolsBy, Shayna Meinzinger.

2. Google EarthGoogle Earth is a amazing tool,that allows you to find anyphysical/political feature on a map.You can find your house, a building,and even the Titanic! Google Earthhas the weather, directions, and thingto do in that vacation spot. GoogleEarth has also tried to recreatebiomes. They have the moon, Mars,and oddly enough Jupiter. Their nextproject is trying to create a junglebiome. 3. Google SketchupIn Google Sketchup youcan create 3D sketches. You can makebuildings, and even import other peopleswork from the 3D warehouse. Toilets,helicopter, and even hot tubs can beimported. When youre finished your house,you can even place it on a map! You pickyour country, city, and street, then POOF!Its there! You can also look at your neihborshouse, and or the creation they made. 4. Google SketchupThis is the house I made, in Google Sketchup. If you want to comment, its on my wikipage! 5. Google AppsGoogle Apps is a website that allows you tocreate anything! You can create a website,which allows you to add gadgets. Gadgetsthat you can add is games, maps, and evenpictures! Another thing you can make onGoogle Apps is a Google Doc, such as thisone! You can make the text move, changethe color of the text, and even pick a themeto design on! 6. Google Student ShowcaseGoogle student showcase is a website, thatallows you to look at achievements fromschools all around the world! They haveyearly challenges, such asThe MarketChallenge. All winners have to donate theirmoney to a cause. Last yearsMarketChallenge winner donated their $15,000prize too TrashDesignManufaktur. 7. Google DoodleGoogle Doodle is a website, that you voteon, to pick the next Google logo. They pickthem for holidays, and even Dr.Seuss day!Google Doodle, is actually hosting a votingsession right now... YOU CAN VOTE!Theres categories from kindergarten to 8thgrade. I suggest you try making one, itssuper fun! 8. Google DoodleI made a Google Doodle, for this project. This is my GoogleDoodle... Its supposed to be meatballs for the Os, and theLs a spoon. The yellow twisty things, are noodles. Enjoy! 9. Google Tools, In General.Google tools are helpful programs, that canhelp your daily life. Its cheap, and usuallysuper fun. So try the Google toolbar today! 10. Citations ( Labeled for reuse) 11. Citations Cont.