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This presentation was prepared by Li Pon, Career Center Specialist for the Internship Program at Tallahassee Community College. All rights reserved.


  • 1. THE TSAE FINANCE & OPERATIONS ROUNDTABLE What You Need to Know about Unpaid Interns Got Interns? Li P. Pon TCC Internship Program
  • 2. Agenda TCC Internship Program An Overview of Unpaid Internships How to Make your Existing Internship Better Questions? Discussion
  • 3. Basics TCC Internship Program Interns work in a temporary position with an emphasis on education and experience versus immediate employment Interns range from freshman young adults to adults later in life seeking a career change Unique relationship with faculty
  • 4. Students Pre-screening: 1. Application 2. Internship Expectations 3. Resume 4. Internship Program Interview 5. Connecting: providers and candidates 6. Internship Provider Interview(s) 7. Documentation of experience Internship or Course (IDS 2941)
  • 5. Interns will: Complete a minimum of 150 hours or 12-15 hours per week Apply classroom knowledge in a work setting Document their hours and experience in a journal Participate in professional development assignments Submit a final paper 30% of the Internship course grade is based on employer evaluations As of December 2013, we have placed/tracked 753 interns.
  • 6. Need an Intern? How to request an Intern? 1. Contact our Internship Office Phone: 850-201-9971 or 2. Fill out an Internship Request Form (IRF) 3. Connecting process (2-3 weeks) 4. Interview student(s) intern candidates
  • 7. Take away #1 Use resources available in your community 1. Colleges and Universities websites 2. TLH Chamber of Commerce internship adaptable forms package internships/
  • 8. Background
  • 9. Are you a for-profit company? Are you a non-forprofit organization? Are you a state or federal agency? Overview of Unpaid Internships
  • 10. DOL Fact Sheet #71 Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act Internships in the for-profit private sector will most often be viewed as employment, unless the test described below relating to trainees is met. Interns in the for-profit private sector who qualify as employees rather than trainees typically must be paid at least the minimum wage and overtime compensation for hours worked over forty in a workweek.
  • 11. DOL 6 prong test U.S. Department of Labor's Fair Labor Standards Act criteria for unpaid interns: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. The internship must include significant training It must be for the interns benefit It must not displace paid employees The employer must derive no immediate benefit from the interns activities, an on occasions its operations may actually be impeded. The intern must not be promised a job at the end of the internship The intern and the employer both must understand that the position is unpaid
  • 12. Take away #2 Internships MUST be designed to be similar to an educational environment and the primary benefit should be for the intern.
  • 13. Improve your internship Create a detailed internship posting 1. Match major/program study to internship 2. Encourage internship credit Post your internship opportunities on different colleges/universities sites Interview all candidates, include interns future direct supervisor Document your internship offer 1.Offer letter detailing the internship description and terms 2.Must be signed by intern Create an intern manual for employees and interns
  • 14. Improve your internship Provide an internship orientation/introduction to work space 1. identify chain of command for different situations Allow the intern to observe general operations of your office. 1.General meetings 2.Trainings 3.Networking opportunities 4.Conferences Provide FEEDBACK Recognize the intern Reward them (if possible)
  • 15. Take away #3 Offer a VALUE based internship
  • 16. Take away #1:Use Resources available in your community Take away #2: Internships must be designed to be similar to an educational environment and the primary benefit should be for the intern Take away #3: Offer a VALUE based internship QUESTIONS? OPEN DISCUSSION