government documents 2.0: web 2.0 initiatives for depository library websites

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Presentation by Rebecca Blakeley for the 2008 Louisiana Library Association Conference.


  • 1. Government Documents 2.0 Web 2.0 Initiatives for Depository Library Websites Rebecca Blakeley, MLIS

2. Web 2.0 = Its all about YOU 3. We are in Web 3.0 Beta Mode 4. What is Government 2.0?

    • Access
    • Transparency
    • Accountability
    • Participatory
    • Democracy
    • Its not utopia yetproblems with:
    • Digital Authentication and archiving
    • Digital Divide

5. Examples of Government 2.0

    • DIPNOTE : U.S. Dept of State blog
    • Govt. agencies usingTwitter
    • GovGab : GSAs U.S. Govt. Blog

6. What is Gov Docs 2.0?

  • Using social technologies to expand depository library services.
  • Social Bookmarking
  • RSS
  • Another way to bring documents to the people!

social software wikis IM blogs social networking photo sharing 7. Gov Doc Group onLibrary 2.0 Ning Network

    • http://

8. Gov Doc 2.0 @ the McNeese Federal Depository Library

    • Social bookmarking (website tags)
    • Blog/RSS
    • Gov Guides Wiki
    • And more!
    • McNeese Gov Doc Dept Homepage
    • http://
    • Gov Docs on the Bayou Blog
    • http:// /

9. 10. 11. Google Books

    • McNeesesVirtual Gov Doc Library
    • Focus on local Louisiana docs
    • Antique, historical, rare docs
    • RSS Feed and Subject Tags

12. Google Custom Search Engines

  • Tailored search using Google's technology
  • Restricts search results based on websites or web domains you specify
  • Assures quality in websites searched
    • Ex. only peer-reviewed or .gov
  • Narrows search to a subset of the Internet that you choose.
    • Ex. field specific
    • Custom Search Engines in Action
    • McNeese Depositorys CSEs

13. OpenCongress and Govtrack

    • http://
    • http://
    • Perfect examples of Web 2.0 technology furthering transparency in government!

14. Fun With Flickr & YouTube

    • Lets Cook With Gov Docs

15. How the heck do youfind time for this?

  • Remember this mantra:
    • Just try it!Make some time.
  • Keep it simple & easy:
    • 15-30 minutes a day (carefulits easy to spend hours on these fun tools!)
    • Try one new tool a day for a week and then pick the ones you enjoy working with the most and/or you think your patrons will use.

16. Helpful Guides 17. Why should I make time for all this?

  • To get our knowledge, helpfulness, and information expertise out there where the users are.
  • Get people to think of us as the go to resource for their government info needs.
  • Make us findable in an online environment
  • Expanding the core mission of depository libraries: providing access and serving our users.

18. And nowyour moment of zen

    • This is more than play and more than about what we can do. Its also about what weshoulddo
    • ~Woody Evans, Embryonic Web 3.0 article in Jan. 2008 issue ofSearchermagazine

19. For more info

    • My Blog and Wiki:
  • Contact Me!
    • [email_address]
    • 337-475-5740


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