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Software Testing (Performance Testing)

Objectives:1] Software Testing.2] STLC3] Performance Testing.

2What Is Software Testing The intent of finding an error.To identify actual and expected results.

3Why Software has Bugs

STLC [Software Testing Life Cycle ]

What is Performance Testingprocess of determining the speed or effectivenessPT has three dimensions- Number of Users- Amount of Data- Amount of ActivityPerformance is DependantResourcesBottlenecks & Wait timesFactors Throughput Response Time Tuning Benchmarking

Client-side V/s Server-side Performance

Client side Time, Pass Fail Statistics, Throughput, Hits/sec, Customized Functionality Validation Counters, User AbandonmentServer-side Performance related metrics and observations for Web Server (s), Application Server (s) and/or Database Server (s)

7Difference between Performance, Load, Stress TestingLoad Testing - Process of exercising the system under test. -Constantly increasing the load on the system via automated tools. Examples:Testing a word processor by editing a very large document.For Web Application load is defined in terms of concurrent

Difference between Performance, Load &Stress TestingStress Testing -Trying to break the system under test -To make sure that the system fails and recovers gracefully.Example:Double the baseline number for concurrent users/HTTP connections.Randomly shut down and restart ports on the network

Why Performance Testing?To identifies problems.Reduces development cycles.Produces better quality.system meets performance expectations such as response time, throughput etc. under given levels of load.Expose bugs, such as memory management bugs, memory leaks, buffer overflows, etc.

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