great depression-twtpoll by: arnav arora. the great depression

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Great Depression-TwtPoll

Great Depression-TwtPollBy: Arnav Arora


THE GREAT DEPRESSIONWhat other country faced a particular severe depression about the same time as the USA?ChinaEnglandGermanyCanada

The answer isCWhich program provided jobs for young men to plant trees and build bridges?Civilian Conservation CorpsCivil Works AdministrationWorks Progress AdministrationCivilian Conservation Administration

The answer isAIn Indianapolis, what were the shantytowns called?HoovervillesCurtisvillesRoosevillesCartervilles

The answer isBWhich notorious gangster opened a soup kitchen in Chicago?Al ChouroufAl CopanAl CaponeAl Pocane

The answer isCWhat board game was partly based on the great depression?BusinessPole EconomyMonopolyPay Day

The answer isCTwtPoll!

Analysis!The data from the pie chart tells me that people dont really know the right answer because all 4 of the multiple choice answers almost have an even amount of votes. This was sort of a trick question because people thought the correct answer was Hoovervilles. I thought of this particular question because thats what you call a little row of shacks. Although my question was In INDIANAPOLIS, what were the shantytowns called?. The correct answer to that would be Curtisvilles named after the vice president Curtis. Analysis (Continued)What surprised me about the poll results was that quite a few people actually got the answer (Curtisvilles) correct. Its either that they looked it up on the internet or they already knew it before. What also surprised me was that I only asked grade 9s to answer my poll. They should all know about the great depression but the weird thing is they answered with Cartervilles or Roosevilles! Those were just 2 things that I made up. It was alright if people answered with Hoovervilles because that was sort of a right answer but it wasnt in Indianapolis. Analysis (Continued)What didnt surprise me about the results was the fact that many people misunderstood the question thinking that the correct answer was Hoovervilles when really it was actually Curtisvilles. What also didnt surprise me was that people might have just selected a random answer which is why the answers were evenly chosen. I guess if people took it more seriously then I might have had more accurate data! Analysis (Continued)The inference that I can make upon my data is almost no one took it seriously which is why my data is probably even for all. I only asked grade 9s and I think the answers should have been either Hoovervilles or Curtisvilles but the people who werent bothered even reading the question might have just decided to pick a random answer. I only got votes from people living in Qatar. I asked a lot of Qatari Students to answer my pole. Maybe not all of them understood it properly. If I translated it in Arabic I might have gotten more accurate results. Maybe my friends in the US or Canada might be knowing more about the great depression since it occurred in their country! If I asked them I could have gotten more accurate results!