great gatsby vocabulary for chapters 5 & 6. chapter 5

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Great Gatsby

Great GatsbyVocabulary for chapters 5 & 6Chapter 5harrowedDistressed; upset

The busy schedule of a teacher is harrowing at times.

DefunctNo longer in existence or use

The floppy disk is a now defunct piece of technology.

exultationGreat rejoicing, jubilation

You could feel the crowds exultation at the opening ceremony of the Olympics

nebulousno clear form; vague; hazy

The womans nebulous clothing hid her body shape

Chapter sixinsidiousTreacherous; seductive; harmful in a stealthy/subtle mannerSexually transmitted diseases can be insidious and sometimes without symptoms

TurgidSwollen; bloated

Because women are magical creatures, once a month they usually feel turgid.

IneffableBeyond expression; indescribable; taboo

The ineffable beauty of panda dogs should be admired by all

HaughtilyArrogant or proud manner

Although Jordan seems to be haughty, Nick finds her to be very jaunt.


When an inoffensive word is substituted for a word that is considered offensive

Im sorry, but were going to have to let you go.let you go takes the place of fire youMenagerieA collection of live, wild animals on exhibit

If you want to see a menagerie, go to the circus.