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Need inspiration for what to get mum this Mother’s Day? Check out our great gift ideas online.


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  • For the rest of us, Mothers Day is our chance to salute mum for her hard work and always putting everyone else first, but finding the right way to thank her is not always easy. Instead of wandering around, vaguely thinking about the usual perfume and slippers, why not head to the nearest bookshop? Not just another thing to put away in a drawer, a book is a special gift. A book brings with it memories, ideas, adventures, exotic travel, romance, inspiration, laughter, illumination, best of all, escape from routine and work, the chance like Alice In Wonderland, to step into another, magical world.

    If your mother has fallen for his Gallic charm, accent and culinary skills on My Kitchen Rules, then she will adore Manus French Kitchen. As good to look at as it is to read, it includes all his family favourites, excellent, but often simple dishes such as My Mums Quiche Lorraine, French Style Potato Salad, Chocolate Tart Souffle and Mums Upside Down Caramelised Upside Down Apple Tart.

    Off to France again for My Family In Paris, a story with stunning photographs about Australian mother and wife, Jane Paech, who lived the dream and moved to the French capital with her family. Janes deeply personal account embraces the food, the shops (including kitchenware shops that will make you drool), the places to go, things to do, the eccentricities of chic Parisians and the realities. It may sound glamorous, but the life of a trailing spouse can be difficult and lonely, especially when theres a language and culture to learn, writes Jane.

    If Italy is of more interest to your mother, why not offer her a trip there via the pages of Un Amico Italiano: Eat, Pray, Love in Rome by Luca Spaghetti (yes, his real name). Luca is the Italian who introduced Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert to Rome and then featured in her bestselling book. This is Lucas story of how Elizabeth, her friendship and book changed his life, of growing up in Rome and of his intimate knowledge and passion for the eternal city and all it offers.

    Certain things leave footprints on childhood memories. For French-born chef, Manu Feildel, his memories revolve around food and his mother. Although she worked full-time and pretty much brought my sister and me up on her own, Mum always had made-from-scratch meals on the table for us, seven days a week, writes the chef and TV judge in his new book, Manus French Kitchen. My mum was such a talented cook and my recollections of her food, and time spent around the family dining-room dinner table, are the reason for this book. Its a tribute to my mum.

  • For more things Italian and food, glorious food, theres Mangia! Mangia! Written by friends, Teresa Oates and Angela Villalle who have both been brought up in Calabrian-Australian families in Melbourne surrounded by fresh produce and a passionate food culture, this exuberant celebration of Southern Italian Food includes great family recipes passed down through the generations. They include delicious sounding honey and almond biscuits and potato, zucchini and green beans in olive oil and whitebait fritters.

    Lioness, the latest novel by Katherine Scholes, internationally bestselling author of The Hunters Wife is set amidst the grandeur of the Africa wilderness. Love, loyalty, what it really means to be a family and what it takes to be a mother lie at the heart of this moving and heart-warming story that opens dramatically with a disaster, a lost child and a set of human footprints among those of a lioness and her cubs.

    Tucked In by acclaimed artist Meredith Gaston, is a great gift for a special mum who is tucked in bed or likes to be. Bed neednt be a place just for sleeping there are many amazing adventures, thoughts and creative possibilities and Tucked In encourages the reader to create their own art and explore ideas. From advice on how to get a good nights sleep to the meanings of dreams and bed essentials, this whimsical, beautifully illustrated book guides you through a world of fluffy slippers, cuddly doonas and bed-time bliss.

    If your mother is a foodie and enjoys peeking inside the homes of the rich and famous, she will love the Guillaume

    cookbook by celebrated chef Guillame Brahini. Filled with magnificent photography, inspiring menus and recipes (including a great one for sangria, poached salmon with dill mayonnaise, orange madeleines and pistachio pesto), to suit every style of entertaining, from a formal dinner in Leo Schofields heritage manor in Tasmania to a laidback lunch in the Pittwater home of Heidi Middleton of sass & bide. (All proceeds from the sale of this book go to the late Professor Chris OBriens Lifehouse at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital).

    For mothers who have green thumbs or simply like looking at gorgeous gardens and dreaming, Kate Herds Kitchen Garden is a great, life enriching gift, a journey around Australia to 18 diverse kitchen gardens blending practical tips and advice on how to grow herbs, vegetables, fruit and flowers, in even the smallest backyard.

    If mum could do with some fun, then she is sure to love Style Notes, a collection of witty, perceptive essays on modern living and fashion by popular author and journalist, Maggie Alderson. Who else but Maggie would write about the infuriating Miss Grabby at the baggage carousel and the stress of buying a curtain rod? Or list among Great Clothing and Style Mysteries: How do earrings put away as pairs become solo? Why do hems fall down and buttons drop off only when you are in a horrendous rush?

    For those who like to be swept up by love, passion and heartbreak, then theres Belle, the moving and dramatic story of a young womans attempts to redeem herself after being sold into prostitution at the age of 15. The author, Lesley Pearse, is greatly

  • loved around the world (and by-the-way in real life, has a great shoe collection).

    Whether your mother is a keen beginner or a passionate, lifelong baker, shell produce stunning results every time with Alison Thompsons collection of mouth-watering recipes in her new book, Bake. The expert baker and pastry chef shares everything she knows about baking, including all her absolute favourite recipes for breads, pastries, cakes, muffins, scones, biscuits and slices and desserts. Full of great tips and simple, step-by-step instructions, this book really is the bakers bible and buying it for mum will earn you heaps of brownie points.

    If like most women, your mother has a very hectic life and cant be poring over long lists of ingredients, taking hours to get meals on the table for the starving hordes, then Jamie Olivers new book, Jamies 30 Minute Meals is not just the perfect gift, its a life-saver. With his great ideas, easy recipes, clever short-cuts and tricks, Jamie makes cooking beautiful, tasty food after a long, hard day, easy-peasy. (And maybe dad can try out Jamies book, as well hint, hint).

    For thriller lovers, Mercy by Jussi Adler-Olsen, is an exciting addition to the growing pantheon of classy Scandinavian mystery writing. The story, involving a disenchanted detective, his unusual assistant and an intriguing cold case about a missing woman politician, will have mum putting up the Do Not Disturb sign as fast as you can say Happy Mothers Day.

    Few books in the world of womens fiction have been as eagerly anticipated as Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards. A lyrically written, powerful family drama, it is every bit as gripping as Kims first novel, the much loved The Memory Keepers Daughter, which sold over 5 million copies worldwide.

    And for a classy love story that lifts romance to new heights, The Voyagers: A Love Story by Mardie McConnochie, is a superb Mothers Day gift. An American sailor arrives in Sydney in 1943 hoping to spend more time with a woman whom he shared three magical days with before the war, only to find she has been missing for almost five years. Across the seas and the great stages of war Stead searches for the one woman he has truly loved

    From everyone at Penguin: A very Happy Mothers Day. We hope you are thoroughly spoiled and that you get to sit back, relax and enjoy some great reading from Penguin!

  • Thankfully, Manu resists showing off with fancy or technical dishes that none of us will ever cook. Instead, his first cookbook is page after page of simple, accessible recipes that make you think, I can do this!

    Most of the flavoursome, rustic dishes are his mothers, the rest, classic French bistro dishes that will impress guests without you being in the kitchen all night. They include the quickest dessert on earth to pull together, poached pears with chocolate sauce. The book is beautiful to look at too, with its smart red and navy blue livery of the French national flag and great photographs that include portraits of Manu and his son, to whom he dedicates the book: For my son Jonti everything I do is for you.

    A cookbook you will love and use forever.

    Gorgeous, three hatted French chef, Manu, conjures up delicious French food to enliven everyday cooking and boost your dinner party repertoire.

  • Stunning photography and food for every occasion from formal dinner to laid-back lunch, clever twists and chef like touches, make this a blueprint for entertaining by a master. We meet Guillame the family man with recipes he cooks at home and Guillame the celebrated chef, showing us how to recreate some of his exquisite signature restaurant dishes such as his legendary Paris mash. Just as interesting, the exclusive peek into some of Australias most beautiful houses, with seven of his closest friends allowing us rare access to their homes to-die-for, Leo Schofield and his divine heritage manor in Tasmania and Heidi Middleton (of sass & bide) and her dreamy Pittwater home, among them.