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2. GreeceCreatedbyMr.Raponi 3. Greece sits at the Southern tip of theThe Land ________________ peninsula. Nearly _____________ islands dot the sea around Greece and they make up about __________ of Greeces entire land area of 50, 520 sq miles. 4. Highland The _____________ mountains run throughsthe center of the Greek mainland. Because of the poor, stony soil, most farmers in the highland can only raise livestock. The mainland connects Greece to the European continent. 5. The two plains that areLowlands major farming areas are the __________________ and the ____________________. Another lowland, the _____________________ is home to 1/3 of the total Greek population 6. Peninsula Peninsula- Piece ofs land surrounded bywater on three sides.Southwest of thePlain of Attica lies the_________________, alarge peninsula ofmountains andvalleys.The first Olympicswere held here 2,600years ago. 7. Greeces ___________Agriculture soil limits the landavailable for farming.Most Greek farms liein ________________ where the land is fertile.There, farmerscultivate citrus fruits,olives, wine grapesand tobacco. 8. Food in Greece! 9. Shipping and No part of Greece is Tourism more than ______________ from the sea. Greece has one of the largest _____________________ in the world. _______________, which has increased rapidly since the 1960s, is now one of Greeces most important industries. 10. The Colossus of The Colossus of Rhodes was a statueof the Greek god Helios, erected in theRhodescity of Rhodes on the Greek island ofRhodes between 292 and 280 BC.It is considered one of the originalSeven Wonders of the Ancient World.Before its destruction, the Colossus ofRhodes stood over 107ft high, makingit one of the tallest statues of theancient worldThe statue stood for only 56 years untilRhodes was hit by the 226 BCearthquake.The statue snapped at the knees andfell over on to the land. 11. The Colossus of Rhodes 12. About 70% ofThe People Greeces _________ million people live in urban areas. ________________, Greeces capital is home to around three million. Many Greeks have ________________ which means to move to other countries. 13. Ancient Greek civilizationGreeksreached its heightduring the mid-400sB.C.,________________.In this time frame, theGreek people madebig advancements indemocracy andphilosophy 14. Brain PopVideoAncient Greek Gods 15. More About Greek writers such asAncient Greece _________________ created plays that explored human thoughts and feelings. After the Golden Age, Greek civilization declined and came under foreign rule for 2,000 years They did not regain their freedom until _________. 16. Ticket To Leave3-2-1:3 important terms to remember.2 ideas or facts you would like to know more about.1 idea, process, or skill you think you havemastered.