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By: Aamariah . Greek and Latin Roots. Title Ichnos Pro Mucus Galea Terrere Ling Therme Mini Vibrare Honest Venti Vespertilionis Tomos Tardum Uxoris Vivum Xiphos. Table Of Contents. Ichnos-to track, trace, footprints - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Greek and Latin Roots

Greek and Latin RootsBy: Aamariah Table Of Contents Title Ichnos Pro Mucus Galea Terrere Ling Therme Mini Vibrare Honest Venti Vespertilionis Tomos Tardum Uxoris VivumXiphos

ICHNOSIchnos-to track, trace, footprintsIchnology-the scientific study of the fossilized traces past animal activityThe ichnologist studied the animal footprint.

PhageinPhagein- To eatPharynx- a place located near the mouth(You use your mouth to EAT!)

PROPronucleus-the nucleus of sperm, eggs, pollen grainPrognosis-prediction of how a disease will affect a patientThe doctors prognosis was that my disease will cause me to lose memory.

MucusMucus- snotMucous- pertaining to snotFrogs that live in the bayou have mucus on their skin.

GALEAGalea-helmetGalactagogue-A stimulant of milk flow. You should were a galea when riding a bike.

TERRERETerrere-frighten, terrifyTerrestrial-living on land We were terrified of the ghost.

THERMETherme-heatTemperature-the temperature is when its hot or coldThe temperature is very hot .

LING limbus-the border of an organ or other body part.Limestone-sedimentary rock containing more then 50 percent calcium carbonateA limestone is a sedimentary rock

MINIMini-tiny, small, littleMinimize-to make smallerI will minimize this cup.

VIBRAREVibrate-to shakeVibrare-To shake, vibrate. My phone vibrates sometimes.

HONESTHonest to tell the truthTruthful-accurate,honestIm always honest to my mom.

VENTIVenti WindyBreezy-abounding,windyIt was very ventilated outside so it shook the flag.

vespertilionisVespertilionis Bat. Vespertilio-BatThere are different types of vespertilionis.

TomosTomos Cutting, sharptomeus One that cuts. A knife can be tomos.

TardumTardum Slow, tardyTardy.Delaying or delayed beyond the right or expected time; lateI have 3 tardies on my report card.


UXORIS-WIFEWife-A married woman considered in relation to her husbandMy mom is going to get married and become a uxoris.


vivum Alive, living.Alive -of a person, animal, or plant) Living, not dead.Im vibrant because Im living.


XIPHOS-SWORDSword-Military power, violence, or destruction: "not many perished by the sword".The Greek god and goddess use xiphons.