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Would you like to know more about green or cloud computing, take at look at this slide show from Jon @ Devision, your IT supply and support specialists.


  • 1. Welcome to Devision The IT Supply & Support Specialists Presented by Jon Evans
  • 3. Devision : 1 Minute Summary We provided outsourced IT supply & support services specialising in Energy Conserving High Performance Green Computing to the businesses community. We CONNECT we supply internet connections for businesses, typically used for internet & email access, VPN (Virtual Private Network) access, VOIP (calls over the internet) or CCTV access We PROTECT we supply & consult on network protection (firewalls, routers, modems etc.) & software based products that remove or intercept viruses, malware or spyware We SUPPLY we supply computers, servers, laptops, monitors, small printers, software (Inc. Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec etc.) and consultancy We SUPPORT we provide managed or adhoc onsite and remote support to businesses We RECYCLE we offer a businesses focused IT data destruction and disposal service
  • 4. Devision : Introduction to Green Computing Introducing Green Computing What are the benefits of Green Computing What is Green Computing in real life
  • 5. Devision : Introducing Green Computing? Green computing, refers to environmentally sustainable computing or IT. Source :
  • 6. Devision : Benefits of Green Computing Feel Good factors If you feel passionate about conserving energy - yes If you wish to contribute to reducing carbon emissions yes Financial factors If you wish to improve your margins by reducing power consumption yes If you wish to potentially reduce IT spend - yes
  • 7. Devision : Green Computing in Real Life Computer Solutions Multi-seat Computing = 8 users working from one workstation Dumb Terminals = Server orientated processing power with low end computers Server Solutions Server Virtualisation = multiple server environments with in one server chassis Cloud Computing reduce the requirement for in house IT equipment and host all applications and data online
  • 8. Devision : Introducing Cloud Computer Introducing Cloud Computing Is Cloud Computer for me? Cloud Computing in real life
  • 9. Devision : What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, like electricity. Source
  • 10. Devision : Is Cloud Computing for me? Feel Good factors If you feel passionate about conserving energy - yes Financial factors If you wish to potentially reduce IT spend yes If you want to rent applications instead of outright purchase - yes Safety factors if you want to automate the requirement to back up to an out of premise secure location - yes
  • 11. Devision : Cloud Computing in Real Life Cloud Computing solutions includes Hosted MS exchange Google MS SkyDrive MS Hotmail
  • 12. Devision : Introducing Very PC UK Manufactured Runs at 60% of the power of a traditional PC Reduced Carbon Footprint Only manufacturer accredited by the Carbon trust Cost effective PVC and hazardous materials free
  • 13. Devision : Thank you for your time


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