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Greenman International is keeping you up to date with the latest in Environmental Cleaning applications for both Commercial and Home Use. All Greenman products are Botanically Blended and Carcinogen Free yet equal to or better than the High end Petro Chemicals currently on offer.


  • We all know how beautiful, important and yet fragile the environment is and would like to do our best to preserve it for future generations. But unfortunately, since the Industrial revolution and the introduction of mass produced synthetic chemicals, it has been and still is under constant threat of irreparable damage from our day-to-day cleaning activities.

    Most conventional cleaning products are made with synthetic chemicals with one sole purpose in mind: to clean as

    effectively and cheaply as possible, with no regard for any possible future implications for the environment. Granted,

    these products generally perform to the standard required, but unfortunately once these products are done clean-

    ing they find their way into the environment through various channels, whether intentional or otherwise. Here they

    wreak havoc on aquatic ecosystems by destroying various micro-organisms or disrupting natural biological process-

    es that these ecosystems require to sustain their fauna and flora populations. Not only do these chemicals have this

    initial effect on ecosystems but then, because they were not made to biodegrade, they persist for extended periods

    of time in the environment before slowly degrading into less harmful, or sometimes more harmful, constituents that

    can continue to destroy ecosystems.

    Equally as alarming are the potential health hazards of cleaning products

    for individuals who use them on a daily basis as well as for those who make

    use of the living and work spaces which have become saturated with these

    compounds. Conventional cleaning products are riddled with

    chemicals that are known carcinogens and have

    been found to cause various health

    complications such as birth-defects

    when individuals are exposed to small

    quantities over prolonged periods. The

    following are but a few of the worst

    offenders: Butyl, Phenol, Chlorine, Petroleum Distillates, Nitric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Dioxane and Ethylene Oxide.

    Nature knows best

    compounds. Conventional cleaning products are riddled with

    chemicals that are known carcinogens and have

    for individuals who use them on a daily basis as well as for those who make

    use of the living and work spaces which have become saturated with these

  • Besides these chemicals that are hazardous on a more subtle level, by slowly and silently jeopardizing our health,

    there are those that are overtly and immediately toxic. One only has to read the warning labels on conventional

    household cleaning products to know how dangerous they can be. Many of the chemicals in cleaning products

    can cause permanent blindness if they come into contact with ones eyes, they will cause severe rashes and other

    adverse skin reactions as well as respiratory problems if the correct protective gloves and clothing is not worn while

    using them. And did you know that mixing bleach and ammonia, a common practice employed by domestic staff to

    keep white fabrics free of stains, creates chlorine gas, one of the deadly gasses used for the trench warfare during

    World War 1?

    Greenman is a company with a vision.A vision where sparkling floors, shiny bathrooms and grease free and hygienic kitchens do not come at the expense

    of the environment and your health. We have developed several ranges of commercial and household cleaning

    products that are able to do just that, and without breaking the bank.

    Greenman - Corporate & Hospitality is our latest range of commercial cleaning products developed specifically for the Hospitality and Corporate cleaning industry with special consideration to practicality, ease of use, and naturally, cost savings.

    All Greenman products are made using the latest in Colloidal technology which, simply put, creates particles known as Micelles that are specifically designed to capture dirt and grime and hold them in suspension until

    exposed to air, sunlight or water purification processes at which point the Micelles will degrade and release their

    cargo. And no, these amazing particles are not synthetic.

    They are made using a special combination of natural plant oils and extracts which are then blended and put through various processes to create these amazing ecological products. Because of this great new technol-

    ogy, Greenman cleaning products not only clean as well or, more often than not, better than conventional synthetic

    cleaning chemicals but will also leave surfaces cleaner for longer.

  • Because of our Ingredients and manufacturing processes, all Greenman products are completely Eco-Friendly and Readily Biodegradable, in fact any of the Greenman products will act as a fertilizer when disposed of in the garden, How is this possible, you ask ? Well, because all Greenman products are made from

    plants and because the captured dirt and grime from households and hospitality businesses are generally organic

    in nature (e.g. plant oils, vegetable matter, sand, dust, earth alkali metals etc.). When the used product is left in

    soil or water while exposed to the elements, it quickly biodegrades into its natural plant-based constituents and

    also releases the captured biodegradable and often beneficial particles into the surrounding area, which can be

    reacquired as nutrients by plants.

    As for the health implications of Greenman cleaning products: there are none! Greenman products are completely

    non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-explosive and non-flammable. Greenman ecological cleaning products

    do not give off any gases, fumes, or unpleasant odours and are free of any known carcinogens and also do not

    contain any of the known harmful cleaning agents such as Dioxane and Ethylene Oxide. Actually, after extended

    use of the Greenman products without gloves (as you wont need them) you will find that the skin on your hands

    has become softer.

    Lastly, and perhaps most importantly to some, the Greenman range is extremely competitively priced. One of

    our first clients to try the new Greenman range reported a cleaning expenses saving of 38% within 2 months. Usually when one thinks of ecological cleaning products one expects a heavy price tags well. Not so with Greenman

    Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products. Our range is as economical, and often more economical, to use as any of the

    leading hospitality and corporate cleaners available today. And by using our Greenman Dispenser system, which

    operates with our specifically formulated concentrated versions of the Greenman eco-friendly cleaning product

    range, businesses will achieve even greater efficiency and reduced product wastage.




    HeavyDutyDegreaser-Dilutes1:9upto1:100 Multi-SurfaceCleaner(NaturalCitrus) -Dilutes1:30upto1:50 WashroomCleaner(NaturalLavender) -Dilutes1:10upto1:50 NaturalAnti-BacterialSanitiser-Dilutes1:30 NaturalLaundryDetergent&StainRemover

    The Greenman Eco-Friendly Cleaning range is highly

    concentratedandpackagedin1,5and25Litres.The1litreUnits are packaged for your convenience in a Bettix bottle

    that eliminates any wastage or mess in the dilution process

    which is a massive cost saver and benefit for smaller sites

    that do not require a Greenman dosing unit.

    Refer to MSDS for any further information.,






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