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  • November 2012 V is i t us a t www .e-gr id .net Page 1

    GRID.pdf GRID.pdf

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    November 2012 CHAPTER MEETINGS

    SPECTRUM - 10/30 | Strategic Reuse: Bringing Fundamental Efficiencies in Automotive EE Engineering - open source ... [more]

    SCV-GOLD - 10/30 | Game of Laser Tag & The Sports Page - friendly game and social time afterward ... [more]

    Oregon Section - 10/30 | Software Defined Networking, OpenFlow, ARCCN - Webinar: development platform, functionality ... [more]

    SCV-TMC - 11/1 | Demystifying Strategy: Getting to the Heart of the Problem - context, direction, getting unity, practical tools, tips ... [more]

    SCV-Mag - 11/5 | Spin Caloritronics - physics, spin-dependent effects, dynamics, actuation ... [more]

    SCV-PACE - 11/6 | Career Networking Dinner - casual dinner, networking, like-minded folks, career opportunities ... [more]

    SCV-CIS - 11/7 | Opportunities and Challenges in Performance and Resource Management in the Cloud – optimization ... [more]

    ComSoc - 11/8 | LTE-Advanced Modems Coming to Life - Webinar: simulation, implementation, testing, verification ... [more]

    SCV-MTT - 11/8 | Active Components for Advanced Commercial Satellite Systems - size/mass, power, noise figure, output ... [more]

    SCV-RAS - 11/8 | Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM): Problem, Basic Implementation, Traps, and Tricks ... [more]

    SCV-APS - 11/8 | Antenna Testing in Less Than One Second: Very- Near-Field Techniques for Far-Field Measurements - demo ... [more]

    SCV-EDS - 11/13 | Analog Technologies: Status & Opportunities - roadmap, devices, design, embedded NVMs, packaging ... [more]

    SCV-CNSV - 11/13 | Object Storage Coming of Age: Big Data and Lots of Users -mobile, file sharing, OpenStack Swift ... [more]

    SCV-EMC - 11/13 | Reference Technologies for Precision Navigation and Control in Space - drag-free sensor, UV LEDs, mission ... [more]

    SCV-Nano - 11/13 | NanoMEMS - nanometer-scale, inertial sensing, biomedicine, communications, pitfalls ... [more]

    SCV-CS - 11/14 | Crime.Com - Post-Modern Criminal Behavior - digital crime, activities, modus operandi, techniques ... [more]

    SCV-CPMT - 11/14 | Cost Versus Reliability Tradeoffs for Stacked Devices - density, packaging, 3D, expenses, KGD ... [more]

    OEB-Life - 11/14 | Fuel Cells, Hydrogen and the California Carbon Mandate - thermodynamics, H2, efficiency, CO2 emissions ... [more]

    SCV-PV - 11/14 | Field Applications of I-V Curve Tracers in the Solar PV Industry - ownership, characterization, data analysis ... [more]

    SCV-ComSoc - 11/14 | Technologies for Location Determination in Indoor and Urban Environments -accuracy, test results ... [more]

    OEB-IAS - 11/15 | Transformer Failure Due to Circuit Breaker Induced Switching Transients - types, severity, retrofits ... [more]

    SCV-SSC - 11/15 | Designing VLSI Interconnects with Monolithically Integrated Silicon-Photonics - modeling, sensitivities ... [more]

    SCV-CNSV - 11/16 | Solutions to the Software Patent Problem - 1-day conference, the problem, discussion of solutions ... [more]

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    Professional Skills Classes page 6 Career Development

    Santa Clara University Grad School of Engineering Winter Open University [more] - Early-morning, evening, Saturday classes


    Oct 30-Nov 1: ARM TechCon Conference and Expo - Santa Clara Convention Center [more]

    Nov 4-7 : 45th Annual Asilomar Conf on Signals, Systems, and Computers - Pacific Grove [more]

    Nov 11-15: 38th Int'l Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis - Phoenix Convention Center [more]

    Nov 27-28: Server Design Summit 2012 - Santa Clara Convention Center [more]

    Dec 3-7: IEEE Global Communications Conference (GlobeCom) - Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim [more]

    Dec 4-7: Printed Electronics USA Conference - Santa Clara Convention Center [more]

    Dec 4-7: Android Developer Conference (AnDevCon) - Hyatt Regency Burlingame [more]

    Dec 12-14: 3-D Architectures for IC Integration and Packaging - Sofitel Hotel, Redwood City [more]

    IEEE Chapter Seminar

    Nov 16: Solutions to the Software Patent Problem - 1-day conference, the problem, discussion of solutions ... at Santa Clara University, 8:30AM – 5:30 PM [more]

    Career Development Professional Skills Courses [more] - Consulting Skills for Engineers - 5 Habits of Intentional Leadership - Communicating Across Cultures - Project Management: A Team Approach - Emotional Intelligence … and more

  • November 2012 V is i t us a t w w w . e - G R I D . n e t Page 2

    Your Networking Partner ®

    November 2012 • Volume 59 • Number 11

    IEEE-SFBAC ©2012

    IEEE GRID is the monthly newsmagazine of the San Francisco Bay Area Council of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. As a medium for news for technologists, managers and professors, the editorial objectives of IEEE GRID are to inform readers of newsworthy IEEE activities sponsored by local IEEE units (Chapters, Affinity Groups) taking place in and around the Bay Area; to publicize locally sponsored conferences and seminars; to publish paid advertising for conferences, workshops, symposia and classes coming to the Bay Area; and advertise services provided by local firms and entrepreneurs. IEEE GRID is published as the GRID Online Edition

    residing at, in a handy printable GRID.pdf edition at the end of each month, and also as the e-GRID sent by email twice each month to more than 24,000 Bay Area members and other professionals.

    Editor: Paul Wesling IEEE GRID PO Box 2110 Cupertino CA 95015-2110 Tel: 408 331-0114 / 510 500-0106 / 415 367-7323 Fax: 408 904-6997 Email: edi [email protected]

    From the Editor

    Education is changing – especially for us working engineers! Did you read the TIME Magazine cover feature on these changes? The online version is posted here.

    New university partnerships (Coursera, EdX, Udacity) and formats (MOOCs, flipped classes) are fermenting and experimenting. Within a few years, many undergrad and graduate courses will be MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), open to tens of thousands – and learning/ comprehension will be significantly improved. For working engineers, though, the best news is that these courses will be funded by our companies, specifically for us to use. Here at last is a way for us to keep up with new technologies and tools, and to re-train for changes in careers that most of us experience.

    Watch the GRID over the next few months: our Education Chapter is now planning a series of meetings (and maybe a seminar) where these trends will be explored, and the methods will be demonstrated to you, for your evaluation and awareness. I think there’s a MOOC in your future!

    Best regards,


    NOTE: This PDF version of the IEEE GRID – the GRID.pdf – is a monthly publication and is issued a few days before the first of the month. It is not updated after that. Please refer to the Online edition and Interactive Calendar for the latest information.

    DIRECTORS Santa Clara Valley

    Ed Aoki Ram Sivaraman

    (Alt: Kim Parnell)

    Oakland East Bay Brent McHale Bill DeHope

    San Francisco Michael Butler

    Shirin Tabatabai

    OFFICERS Chair: Shirin Tabatabai

    Secretary: Ed Aoki/Brian Berg Treasurer: Brad McHale

    IEEE-SFBAC PO Box 2110

    Cupertino, CA 95015-2110

    IEEE GRID CHAPTER MEETINGS (continued) SCV-CSS - 11/28 | The Passage through Resonance of a Coupled Mechanical Oscillator - part 1: capture, escape ... [more]

    SCV-IT - 11/28 | Introduction to Reed-Solomon and BCH Codes - comprehensive view, time and frequency domains, decoding ... [more]

    SCV-CIS - 12/5 | Disturbance Accommodating Adaptive Control with Application to Wind Turbines - new theories, fidelity... [more]

    SCV-EMC - 12/11 | EMI/EMC Filter Technical Presentation - custom filters, interference, techniques ... [more]

    SCV-CSS - 12/12 | The Passage through Resonance of a Coupled Mechanical Oscillator - part 2: modeling, analysis, results ... [more]

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