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gallery Vazrazdan invites you to visit painting exhibition of Grigor Velev from 19 March to 01 April 2013

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gallery Vazrazdan

invites you to visit painting exhibition


Grigor Velev

from 19 March to 01 April 2013

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“ Среща с Валентина ” 60/60 см.

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The new exhibition reveals the surreal

world of Grigor Velev – we can expectsurprise after surprise. The ordinary logic is replaced by something new, so beautiful and natural, that we accept this new truth and its possible existence in lifeas a dream, as a reverie... Animals and humans are objectified in unexpectedsituations, perspectives and events. The pictures of the animals are presented with such a good feeling that they do not differ from the human ones. Sometimes the roles are reversed and the man inferiors by quality and kindness to the creatures

  And we believe that the elephants can be red, green and blue.

Krasi Aleksieva, 2013

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“ Те идват ” 30/40 см.

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“ Обичам те ” 40/30 см.

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“ Пътуване ” 35/70 см.

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“ Обвързване ” 40/30 см.

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“ Малкият мислител ” 60/70 см.

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“ Пътят ” 70/50 см.

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2001-2006    Lecturer at "Design" in "Professional School

                     of Ceramics "- Elin Pelin Station2006 -2008   Designer architectural studio.2011 - 2012  Lecturer at  "Art and Design" in "Professional                             School of Ceramics "- Elin Pelin Station

Member of the UBA.

Education and Training

1994-1999 Higher Education: Art Academy-Sofia, specialty "Silicate Design”1984-1988 Secondary Education "School of Ceramics and Glass" -                               Elin Pelin Station, specialty "Technology of Glass"1976-1984 Basic Education: "Hristo Botev" School –Lesnovo  village

Exhibitions and events:

1993 Solo exhibition at restaurant "Panorama", Sofia1994 Solo exhibition - Cultural Centre "Krasno Selo" - Sofia1997 Solo Exhibition - "City Library"- Sofia2000 Solo Exhibition - Dimitrovgrad, Kazanlak2002 Solo Exhibition - "Iris" Gallery in the building of Interpred Sofia2009 Solo Exhibition –“Vazrazhdane” Gallery  Plovdiv2011 Solo Exhibition -–“Vazrazhdane” Gallery  Plovdiv2012 Participation in the collective exhibition in the third part of the project                             “Wake up your  walls”  at the City Center Sofia.2013 Participation in the collective exhibition in the project                         “Wake up your  walls” at the Sopharma Business Towers.

  He has paintings in Bulgaria, the USA, South Korea, Italy and France.

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“ Каубой ” 43/34 см.

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“ Той ” 60/80 см.

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“ Погледи ” 50/72 см.

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“ Без думи ” 28/35 см.

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We expect you in the exhibition hall of

gallery Vazrazdane or on our web address

Bulgaria, PlovdivOld town, 1 Stoyan Chalakov str.+359 32/63 53 39+359 889 822 640