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Group Translator by ICamp Prepared by: Maria Aldea Patricia Mihaila Corina Ionita Diana Poenarita April 28,2014

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Group Translatorby ICamp

Prepared by: Maria Aldea Patricia Mihaila Corina Ionita Diana PoenaritaApril 28,2014

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• Contents • 1.Executive summary • 1.1 The Problem• 1.2 The Solution• 1.3 The Product• 1.4 Market• 1.5 Strategy• 1.6 Competitive Edge• 1.7 The Mission• 1.8 The objectives• 1.9 Keys to success

Group Translator by ICamp

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ICamp Team Members:

Group Translator by ICamp

Maria Aldea

Diana Poenarita

Patricia Mihaila

Corina Ionita

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The problem

We live in a world where we can express ourselves easily with words, drawings or even by hand signs. But from expressing ourselves to getting to know a different person is a long way. Of course, it would be easier if everyone talked the same language, but on the other side we think that the world would lose that sparkle that makes every single human being special. We are created to explore, to expand our borders and to learn as we get through life. In our search for new adventures, we travel to unknown places to meet new people.

Group Translator by ICamp

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The Solution

Our application makes everything more simple, without stealing the magic of getting to know new people, new countries, new ways of life. Finding the best translators and bringing to light new opportunities, we aim to make the world a more accessible place, helping people at the same time to develop their inner selves, their imagination and their will to travel, living new experiences with every new day.

Group Translate by ICamp

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Group Translator by ICamp

The Product

Group Translator is an app which makes communication easier than it looks. The communication between two or more persons involves the fact that the persons must speak the same language or, in other case, like speaking different languages, they should use a dictionary to understand what each other says, but this wouldn’t be very comfortable for them at all. Group Translator is the best solution which can help someone get rid of this inconvenient. Group Translator is a chatting app which allows the user to send messages to everyone who uses the app and translates the sent messages into the receiver’s established language.

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The strength of our application is the ease we can translate with, in every language. Customers are all the people who don’t understand different languages and who need a modality to speak easily with other persons from other countries.

Group Translator by ICamp

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Group Translator by ICamp

First of all, a positive mindset about the future is the key to start a new company. What do we intend to do? Firstly, we will use the power of technology to spread our application everywere. But as well we believe in the power of sharing, so pliants, friends and voice will make our application even more known.We intend to be perseverant and to work hard, always coming up with new ideas.

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Competitive EdgeAs humans, we are hungry for competition. We are always reaching for the top and , even though this is not about winning as much as it's about helping others, we all hope in the back of our heads for victory. We are building the road to a better comunication by keeping in mind that, in order to win, we have to work hard and be perseverant in what we do. We think that the key to a successful company/application is always coming up with new ideas, new ways for an easier access. We also think that having good top translators is our secret weapon.

Group Translator by ICamp

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The Mission

• We are starting this journey with open hearts and wise minds. The road may be full of rocks that could make us give up, but we are ready to make the world a better place. By communicating, people can develop a more wise sense of what a peaceful world should be like. We think that words can change the world. This is the grow of the number of our customers that we are expecting, in the near future.

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We don't believe in the necessity to start wars in order to receive power, as much as we refuse to think that physical power is the way to lead something in life. Wars and disasters , mental health issues and family problems, all are starting from unspoken ideas, feelings and problems. Keeping our inner voice hidden is not the answer. We need to grow, to develop, to explore. We have created technology that makes everything in our place, but we still haven't created something that will help us as a human being and, overall, the whole world in the fight to a peaceful place.

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ObjectivesOur objectives are to capture as many eager to know the world outside the home country and to enable easy communication between countries, without resorting to a common language like English...

This is the grow of the number of our customers that we are expecting, in the near future.

Group Translator by ICamp

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Our company’s keys to success

Reaching success is not our first goal. We think that success is something that automatically comes if you are a good stable company. Our first goal is to make sure that all our clients are pleased. Listening to client's needs is a very important step in reaching the top of the "mountain". We call it "mountain" because as we work with pleasure, dedication and positivity we slowly climbing it to. succes So, in conclusion, we think that succes will come by itself if we keep on working hard but with pleasure and dedication, always keeping in mind our client's needs.

Group Translator by ICamp