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Industrial Visit Assignment #2 Key Business Questions (GCSL) To develop Organisational Profile Group 68 Members: Chetan Jagtap Mahant Mishra Parth Shukla Sarvani Sharma

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Industry visit. How to attend a visit and interact with the management. How to ask relevant questions and extract information.


Page 1: Group68 IV GCSL Key Business Questions

Industrial Visit Assignment #2

Key Business Questions (GCSL)To develop Organisational Profile

Group 68


Chetan Jagtap

Mahant Mishra

Parth Shukla

Sarvani Sharma

Shashank Bhardwaj

Sheshadri Bhattacharya

Page 2: Group68 IV GCSL Key Business Questions

1. I am keen to know about the history of the organization. Could you please tell me when was theplant setup and a little bit more about the organization?

2. Could you also tell me about the mission and vision of yourcompany?

3. What do you think sets you apart from your competitors?4. What are the different products and the types of the specific

products that you manufacture?5. I am also curious about the total workforce of your company

and are female professionals also employed in your company? What, toyour best estimate, is the best breakdown of your workforce invarious segments?

6. How is the work divided amongst different departments here forefficient work management?

7. Takingthe huge production into consideration, are there shifts availablefor the workers?

8. What do you practice in the firm for employer retention?9. Keeping into the environment into consideration, how do you

manage the waste produced and have you considered keepingalternate sources of energy?

10. Do you consider only engineers for recruitment or do youhave diploma holders also in your workforce?

11. I was also wondering about what measures you are taking tokeep the changing needs of the customers into account?

12. I also want to know if you operate from differentgeographic locations, if yes, how you manage it effectively?

13. Could you also let me know how are the products delivered tothe customers?

14. Given that the machines fault sometimes, is there any rejection ofthe products you manufacture?

15. Also how many units of goods do you manufacture daily to ensurecontinuous supply to the customers?

16. Is there any set of guidelines provided to the employees toensurean ethical work culture?

17. What are the various challenges you face during production ofgoods?

18. Could you please tell me what is the market trend of thegoods that you are producing?

19. What is the shareholding arrangement in the company? What are thefiguresof the sales report and revenue reports of the past 5years?

20. Can you elaborate on the report from Service Level Agreement(SLA)? What is the proportion of diverse groupsin the company?What are the customer feedback ratings and comments?

21. What is the share of revenues earnedby each product andservices?

22. Where is the Head Office? Where is the manufacturing facility?What is the distributor network? Where are the dealers anddistributors, retail outlets, etc. situated?

Page 3: Group68 IV GCSL Key Business Questions

23. Has the firm taken up any personal development and counsellingactivities for its employees on a regular basis? Is there anyoutlined mechanism by which the grievances raised by the workers'union are addressed and resolved?

24. With as large a customer base as yours, what is the averagetimeframe within which the complaints and/or issues reported at thecustomer site are attended to and the time within which resolutionis provided?

25. Do you believe.that the dealers' network across the country isproportional to the customer count across regions? Are any additionalresources are often required to provide the support under theservice contracts?

26. Not just limiting myself to employee satisfaction, are there anytraining and development programs run by the company internallyfor its employees to keep them updated with the latesttechnologies and the newer ways of using the equipment and facilities?

27. What are the industry standards in terms of basic technicalknowledge required to operate the various equipment andwhether the workers in the company comply with thosestandards?

28. I would like to hear from you about the core competencies ofGCSL? What are the pros and cons of being a technology integrator,customer engagement & market technology and responsive teamwork?

29. Do you think GCSL has been a successful firm? If yes, thenwhat are the success factorsfor GCSL? How is the brand image,personal devolvement, work environment and performance influence asuccess for GCSL?

30. What proportion of GCSL resources go into foraying newcustomers? What are the methods adopted by GCSL to forgenew relationships and maintain existing relationships between suppliersand dealers?

31. GCSL has been synonymous with a certain standard of quality.How does GCSL ensurequalityof products supplied? Do the dealersoffer after sales services too in order to keep up with themission?

32. What sets GCSL apart from its competitors? How many players exist inthe current market? What is GCSL's USP as market leader?

33. How was the projected growth rate arrived at? What are thenew steps GCSL is undertaking in order to reach the target growthrate?

34. Which are some of GCSL's major competitors? What is current scenariowith respect to the competitors?

35. What have been the major operational improvements? How much monetarybenefits have they resulted in?