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  • 1. 1. Call for 2. Galvanize 3. Test Vision 4. Commit Real 5. Amplify & 6. Sustain Create A FUTURE 7. Change a Team & Knowhow Resources Align Performance New Culture OVERARCHING STATE GOAL Organization Change Process Voices for change step forward Change leaders explore current realities, develop Leaders call for learning. Leadership takes stands on people, culture, and designs. Elevate whats working. Progress reviews and metrics support accountability. Celebrate and understand successes. Compelling Vision visions, and strategize for Teams acquire needed Stop what isnt. Some awaken to needs W Model Adaptive L O change.This Storymap illustrates The Groves understanding of organi-zational tranformation and change how it starts and what can Outmoded people & skills. Managers agree on and communicate new priorities. Support new norms Interpert failures of a Future State thinking is challenged by Core team recruits allies and Teams take on most Leadershipbe done to support its success. circumstances resistors to the process. pressing issues. Change teams empowered IP RSH N F that Inspires & DE1. Call for Change and resourced to act. LEA ECTIO All change starts with awareness of needs. Its catalyzed A few articulate a desired future state. Larger organization engages in dialogue and learning about