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Grundtvig Learning Partnership. GATE – Generations Ageing Together in Europe August 2012 - July 2014 LLP/AT-430/127/12. GATE – Generations Ageing Together in Europe. Partners Workers Educational Association WEA Northern Ireland (coordinator) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Grundtvig Learning Partnership

    GATE Generations Ageing Together in Europe

    August 2012 - July 2014


  • GATE Generations Ageing Together in EuropePartnersWorkers Educational Association WEA Northern Ireland (coordinator)Club Amici di Salvatore Quasimodo, Roccalumera ItalyIlustre Colegio Oficial de Qumicos de la Comunidad, Valenciana Spainbia-net Netzwerk Bildung im Alter, Graz AustriaUniversity of Leicester, UKU.I.L. Pensionati del Trentino, Italy

  • GATE Generations Ageing Together in EuropeProject Objectives 1

    To facilitate discussion and debate on active ageing - what does it mean? How can it be achieved? What role does education play?

    To explore and examine the role of government, health bodies and other stakeholders in active ageing strategies and how they can work together collaboratively.

    The exchange of knowledge, experiences and good practice in promoting active ageing strategies and engaging older people.

    To encourage and strengthen dialogue between the generations on active ageing.

  • GATE Generations Ageing Together in EuropeProject OutcomesProject LeafletProject Webpage Framework of Good PracticeGATE Guide

  • GATE Generations Ageing Together in EuropeProject Activities Project Meetings and discussion of -Active AgeingThe role of education in active ageing strategiesCollaborative working of key stakeholdersAge friendly environmentsIntergenerational approach to active ageingLife course approachEngaging the most vulnerable older peopleBarriers and Benefits

    Finding good practice in active ageing education among partners and wider through exchanging knowledge and critical reflection on current practice

    Internet Based ResearchCurrent Policies, Practices and ResearchLocal, Regional and European levelCan we learn anything from outside Europe?

    National Workshops/Local ActivitiesTo discuss the issues locally with all generationsLife course approach to ageing

  • Active Ageing LAPLAP has provided a range of programmeswhich help support active ageing -Physical Activity-Social interaction-Mentally stimulating

    Health and Well Being Programme: Active Lifestyles

    Planning for Retirement

  • Active Lifestyles ProgrammeEncourages older people to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes needed for mental, emotional, social and physical well being in later life.Takes a holistic, life course and community development based approach to promoting health and well being in later life and takes account of the rich diversity of older people in Northern Ireland and their social and community context. Looks at importance of diet, exercise, mental stimulation and social activity in promoting health and well being in later life.Aims to increase mobility and independence in later life.Raise awareness of and knowledge of age related illness and preventative measures.Raise awareness of the range of activities available locally in relation to health and well being.

  • Body Wisdom - DerryWorking with local Professional Dance Company Echo EchoProvides contemporary dance and movement courses for older peopleLearn about the body, how it moves & responds, how to deal with physical problems and working through thesePhysical Activity & Relaxation

  • Old Library Trust DerryHealth 4 Life Programme

    A Five Year Programme, Funded by the Big LotteryOpen to those aged 60+Programme includes:Gym and Spin for all AbilitiesLine DancingBocciaWalking ClubHealthy Eating and Cooking Foot Care ClinicGentle YogaThe Social HourMemory Club- Dementia Group

  • Belfast Healthy Ageing Strategic Partnership - HASP Belfast HASP is a partnership of key agencies providing a joined up approach to the delivery of services which promote the health, wellbeing and independence of older people in Belfast. The partnership is currently focussing on four key issues:joined up information and advicecommunity capacity buildingcombating social isolationhome support services or care and repair.

  • Tri Age - BelfastSpringfield Charitable Association - Lottery fundedThe overall aim is to enhance the quality of life, health and wellbeing of older people who live in west BelfastAimed at disadvantaged older people, who are isolated and considered hard to reach or those who have been diagnosed or at risk of developing dementia and other associated illnesses. Work towards removing barriers and will actively promote participation and engagement in community life.Develop a community support programme to promote independent living. Offer a range of programmes based around diet, exercise and stimulation and by providing in-centre and outreach advice services around benefits, home safety and heating, falls and accident prevention.

  • Engage with Age Hope ProjectTarget less active older people at risk of social isolationReducing isolation, increasing confidence and better access to improved social networks and relationships.Establish hubs for older peoples engagement in a range of activities in sheltered housing schemes and other locations.Improving older peoples quality of life, health and well-being through planning and taking part in meaningful and fulfilling activities.Stronger relationships developed between housing association residents, staff and local community by sharing resources and shared activities.Increased participation of volunteers in befriending and one to one support.


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