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GRUNDTVIG PROJECT 2012 Fifth mobility

GRUNDTVIG PROJECT 2012Fifth mobilitySjviks Folkhgskola SwedenThis time we met in icy Sweden!

We met at Gunvors for the first night.Remember the raspberries?

Lots of hard work during the week.

But working is fun, right?

We did a great work with the agenda!

Enough paper work! Seeing our students was one thing

... adventures with Bosse another!

Who was tap dancing on the ice?

Come on! The ice is 40 cm:s thick!

Looking at the cracks. Or..?

Shall we cross the lake?

Sharing his experiences.

Inside the hut. Cosy, right?

Swedish beach.

Queens of the ice!

The Mad Hatters!

On our way to Stockholm.

FIKA at Vetekatten.

FIKA = happy faces.

The Spanish Knights

and the Turkish collegues!

No comment.

Time to see some old traditional houses.

Guided tour around the old buildings at Skansen.

Dark but cosy.

Happy troupers in the cold.

In the fake town quarters.

Glderen takes over the tour.

Luckily there was a real caf in the fake town.

Nice and warm.

Project talk and gossip a great mix!

New and interesting contacts.

The final dessert.

Home sick?

See you all in May!

Well, all except Messi perhaps