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<ul><li><p>OUTDOORLIVING</p><p></p><p>JUNE 2012VOLUME 8 ISSUE 6</p><p>FREE </p><p>PLUS</p><p>PREPPING FORPOOL SEASON</p><p>refi ned</p><p>Experts reveal their tips &amp;</p><p>TOP SHOPSHD_Cover_June2012-FIN.indd 1 5/15/12 3:52:28 PM</p></li><li><p>Made in Canada</p><p>Proceeds from this initiative are going to support SickKids Foundation. Help us change their world so they can change ours. To find out more, visit</p><p>Proud Supporter of:</p><p> </p><p>Spring has arrived early and summer is coming - along with its heat and </p><p>humidity. Summer suns UV rays fade carpets and furniture, and heat </p><p>penetrates through the poorest insulated part of your home your windows. </p><p>As you contemplate air-conditioning usage over the next three months </p><p>and rising energy costs you know steps are needed to keep your home </p><p>comfortable year round at minimal costs.</p><p>Recent surveys among 30 to 64-year-old homeowners show that 96 percent </p><p>of participants said that reducing energy consumption would influence their </p><p>decision to purchase a product. Living Green now makes more sense than </p><p>ever, not only for the environment, but for the impact on your wallet! Eclipse </p><p>Shutters are constructed with cellular louvers and frames, reducing the </p><p>transfer of heat/cold air through windows. (R-value = 3.4 with Dual Glazed </p><p>Low-E window.) Eclipse Shutters will never fade or turn yellow due to ultra-</p><p>violet light or exposure - guaranteed.</p><p>Transform ordinary windows into inspiring new highlights of the home with </p><p>Eclipse Shutters. Choose from a variety of options including three louver </p><p>sizes, five frame styles, four fashionable colours. </p><p>Energy Efficient Easy to Clean 25 Year Warranty </p><p>Did you know? You might be losing 25-50 percent of the energy you put into cooling your home through the windows! Eclipse Shutters are the perfect solution.</p><p></p><p>A Designers Touch Oakville: 905-847-7508 Milton: 905-878-1180 </p><p>Kingsway Carpet &amp; Blinds 100 The East Mall - Showroom Toronto: 416-253-0880 Peel / GTA: 905-277-4444</p><p>Quality Window Coverings Durham Region: 905-213-8389 Clarington: 905-697-4200 Ancaster/Hamilton: 905-304-8838</p><p>002-Eclipse 04-21-12.indd 2 5/14/12 4:04:12 PM</p></li><li><p>S P R I N G</p><p>FROM $1,098/sofa100% Top Grain Leather G3</p><p>FROM $1,098/Sofa100% Top Grain Leather G3</p><p>FROM $1,798/Sofa100% Top Grain Leather G4</p><p>FROM </p><p>$1,648/Sofa100% Full Grain Leather G4</p><p>FROM $2,098/Sectional100% Top Grain Leather G4</p><p>FROM $3,998/Sectional100% Top Grain Leather G4</p><p>FROM </p><p>$1,698/Chair100% Top Grain Leather G5</p><p>FROM $2,098/Sofa100% Full Grain Leather G5</p><p>FROM $2,248/Sofa100% Top Grain Leather G6</p><p> We use only 100% Top or Full Grain Leather. Delivery 4 -5 weeks We can customize most of our models to your speci cations.</p><p>&amp;lowestpricehighestquality</p><p>003-Choice Leather 05-19-12.indd 30 5/14/12 4:04:31 PM</p></li><li><p>Designers Walk is the ultimate destination to source products from leading international collections and design houses. </p><p>Please visit our distinctive Showrooms and Resource Centre. </p><p>Designers Walk is The Destination for Interior and Fashion Design.</p><p>04 Home Dcor anD renovations june 2012 </p><p>004-Designers Walk 05-19-12.indd 4 5/14/12 4:04:32 PM</p></li><li><p>7.5 x 10.5005-A Special Place 05-19-12.indd 999 5/14/12 4:04:34 PM</p></li><li><p>Cover feature</p><p>24</p><p>An insiders look at </p><p>Torontos top shops</p><p>In every issue 8 Editors Notebook 10 Contributors 12 Mailbag</p><p>volume 8 issue 6</p><p>juNE 2012contents</p><p>32</p><p>HD&amp;R features</p><p>14 Smart shopper Deep discounts and deals exclusively for our readers</p><p>17 Whats new This months product picks and where you can find them</p><p>24 Cover story Designer tips on where and how to shop like a pro</p><p>30 Quick tips Hellen Buttigieg shares simple decluttering tips</p><p>50</p><p>006-007-TOC_June_SL.indd 6 5/15/12 5:03:08 PM</p></li><li><p>HD&amp;R inspiration</p><p>32 Designer touchYanic Simard shares his foolproof rules on the right height for lightfi xtures in every room</p><p>34 Style ndsOutdoor living products that will make your backyard pop</p><p>36 Designer tipsLisa Canning offers the ultimatein small-space decorating</p><p>50 TrendspottingTo teal or not to teal</p><p>On the cover</p><p>THE SHOP LIKEA PRO ISSuE2424</p><p>17</p><p>OutdOOr living </p><p></p><p>june 2012 volume 8 issue 6</p><p>FrEE </p><p>plus</p><p>prepping for pool season</p><p>refined</p><p>Experts reveal their tips &amp;</p><p>top shops</p><p>HD&amp;R renovation</p><p>38 Reno readyPeter Khatami takes a dip into the world of pools</p><p>40 RenoMarkThe renovation market in full bloom</p><p>44 Designer advice Glen Peloso on the importance of hiring a designer for your renovation</p><p>34</p><p>006-007-TOC_June_SL.indd 7 5/15/12 5:03:54 PM</p></li><li><p>Shopping made easy!Now, more than ever, finding just the right product or service at just the right price is an important part of any purchasing decision. When it comes to renovating or buying accessories, furniture or dcor items for your home, the dollars can really add up fast! </p><p>So where do you shop to get great deals and the best selection? For our cover story, we went to the source the experts. </p><p>Rather than blow hour-after-hour of precious weekend time visiting furniture stores and renovation shops, do some shopping online first. Compare the prices and details of similar pieces of furniture at 10 to 12 different stores in a matter of minutes, rather than hours, and call them if there are no prices listed and get estimates.</p><p>As convenient as it can be to shop online, its still important to be careful about buying goods and services solely on the basis of an image on the Internet or by referral. Try to inspect the actual item before you buy so you can see its overall finish and appearance and measure, measure, measure! Another benefit of examining items in person, avoiding exorbitant shipping fees and being able to negotiate. </p><p>Good luck in your hunt, and do let us know if youve found any new shops or services that you think we should add to our publication next year!</p><p>Cheers,</p><p>SUSAN LEGGE</p><p>EDITORSNOTEBOOK</p><p>INSIDE THIS ISSUE</p><p>Follow me on</p><p>Like us on Facebook(Search: Home and Dcor magazine)</p><p>EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, NATIONAL REAL</p><p>17Live like the French</p><p>50</p><p>38Everyone into the pool</p><p>Whats the teal-io?</p><p>Everyone into the pool</p><p>34Outdoor accessories that light up your backyard</p><p>Want more news on the home, decor and reno front? Check out our blog,</p><p>08 HOME DCOR AND RENOVATIONS JUNE 2012 </p><p>008-H&amp;D EditorsNOTE_JUNE.indd 8 5/15/12 5:32:42 PM</p></li><li><p>RebateManufacturers</p><p>Hunter Douglas is your first choice for style and innovation. Dont settle for anything less than our truly distinctive designs.</p><p>From May 1st to August 31st, 2012, ask us how you can receive a Hunter Douglas Manufacturers Rebate.</p><p>Theres no substitution for true beauty.</p><p>Scan with your smartphone</p><p>to view video.</p><p>15461 YONGE STREETAURORA</p><p>905-713-2862</p><p>1717 AVENUE ROADTORONTO</p><p>416-489-9990</p><p>3737 MAJOR MACKENZIE DRIVEVAUGHAN</p><p>416-998-9993</p><p>by CENTURIAN by CENTURIAN by CENTURIAN</p><p>june 2012 Home Dcor anD renovations 09</p><p>009-Hunter Douglas 05-19-12.indd 9 5/14/12 4:04:35 PM</p></li><li><p>Vice-President, National Real Estate </p><p>Jacqueline Hill</p><p>Editor-In-Chief, National Real Estate </p><p>Susan Legge</p><p>Sales Manager, Home Dcor and Renovations Condo Guide and GTA New Homes </p><p>Conni Robinson</p><p>Art Director Sarah Jang Daiana Garay (On Leave)</p><p>Managing Editor </p><p>Silvana Longo Sara Duck (On Leave)</p><p>Contributing Editors </p><p>Wayne Karl, Elisa Krovblit </p><p>Design Editor </p><p>Glen Peloso</p><p>Senior Account Executive </p><p>Suzana Zarovski</p><p>Senior Account Executive </p><p>Nina Downs</p><p>Sales Co-Ordinator </p><p>Antoinette Jackson </p><p>National Account Manager, Mediative </p><p>Andrea Berry</p><p>Production Manager </p><p>Bala Gnanapandithan</p><p>Graphic Designers </p><p>Daniel Mera, Caroline Wassef</p><p>Production Co-Ordinator </p><p>Greg Van Sluytman</p><p>Please recycle this magazine! Wall2Wall Media participates in the Partners In Growth Reforestation Program through St. Joseph Communications. To date, Partners in Growth has planted over two million trees in parks, recreation and conservation areas, and other </p><p>public spaces across Canada. Established in 1990, this program was started with Scouts Canada to help replenish the environment.</p><p>ADVERTISING Call 416.626.4200 for advertising rates and information.</p><p>CIRCuLATION Available monthly in select high-traffic street boxes, retailers, spas, banks, grocery stores, pharmacies, and selected financial institutions.</p><p>COPyRIGHT 2012 All rights reserved by Wall2Wall Media, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Reproduction in any form is prohibited. Contents of this publication are covered by Copyright and offenders will be prosecuted under the law.</p><p>TERMS Advertisers, Editorial Content and Home Dcor and Renovations are not responsible for typographical errors, mistakes or misprints. All prices are correct as of press time and are subject to change without notice. E. &amp; O. E.</p><p>EDITORIAL Submissions from interested parties will be considered. Please submit to the address below, to the attention of the editor-in-chief.</p><p>Wall2Wall Media is a trademark of yellow Pages Group Co. in Canada.</p><p>401 The West Mall, Suite 500 Etobicoke, Ontario M9C 5J5 t 416.626.4200 f 416.789.9554</p><p>PuBLISHED By</p><p>ourinsiders</p><p>In love with design and dcor, Elisa is a contributing editor at Home Dcor and Renovations. When not searching out some unusual solutions to her century homes reno projects, shes busy looking for whats hot and happening for every area of the home.</p><p>Elisa Krovblit</p><p>Glen Peloso, design editor at Home Dcor and Renovations and principal designer of Glen Peloso Interiors, has been designing spaces for commercial, corporate and residential clients for almost two decades. youll recognize Glen as the host of such television design shows as Restaurant Makeover, Take This House &amp; Sell It and Renovate My Wardrobe, to name a few, as well as from speaking engagements at home shows across Canada.</p><p>Glen Peloso DESIGN EDITOR</p><p>Recognized internationally as a pioneer in the professional organizing industry, Hellen Buttigieg is a Certified Professional Organizer, Life Coach, TV Personality, Author and Speaker. Her company, We Organize u, helps busy families clear their clutter and create a more relaxed home, a more productive workspace, and a more manageable, meaningful life. Her award-winning book, Organizing Outside the Box: Conquer Clutter Using Your Natural Learning Style has won endorsements from recognized experts in the field. </p><p>yanic is the principal designer of the Toronto Interior Design Group. Specializing in residential and commercial projects, Simard often applies his signature high/low and old/new combination design techniques in developing unique designs. Simard has created designs for clients in Toronto, Montreal and Miami, and appears as a regular guest expert on Citytvs CityLine. For more information, visit</p><p>Hellen Buttigieg</p><p>Yanic Simard</p><p>PROfESSIONAl ORGANIzER</p><p>DESIGNER</p><p>CONTRIbuTING EDITOR </p><p>Paul Golini Jr. is chair of the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) and can be found online on Twitter (, Facebook (, youtube ( and BILDs official blog (</p><p>Lisa Canning is a Toronto-based interior stylist with a penchant for chic, contemporary, personalized interiors.A graduate of Ryerson universitys acclaimed School of Fashion, Lisa brought her flair for textiles and colour as she transitioned into designing homes on HGTVs Marriage under Construction. For the past seven years Lisa Canning Interiors has been specializing in modern interiors for both commercial and residential spaces throughout the GTA. Visit</p><p>Paul Golini Jr</p><p>Lisa Canning</p><p>CHAIR Of buIlDING INDuSTRy AND lAND DEVElOPMENT ASSOCIATION (bIlD)</p><p>DESIGNER</p><p>10 HOME DCOR AND RENOVATIONS JuNE 2012 </p><p>010-June-Contributors_SL.indd 10 5/15/12 5:04:07 PM</p></li><li><p>Join us at any one of our four area showrooms:</p><p>Mississauga1825 Dundas St. E.[905] 629-7060</p><p>Toronto35 Arrow Rd.[416] 743-1530</p><p>Scarborough1355 Kennedy Rd.[416] 751-9853</p><p>Brampton258 Queen St. E.[905] 456-1046</p><p>STylE VAlUE QUAliTy</p><p>011-Arrow 05-19-12.indd 999 5/14/12 4:04:37 PM</p></li><li><p>mailbag</p><p>Winners must e-mail or call 416.626.4212 and arrange to pick up their prize at our head office before the end of the month of June 2012.</p><p>Dcor enthusiastI always love picking up the Home Decor &amp; Renovations magazine as there are always such great innovative ideas and products that can be purchased locally. I was particularly pleased to read the article on creating an outdoor oasis. With such short summers, the way the designer portrayed how to create a backyard oasis was excellent and so easy to do. Thank you for another great read!</p><p>Sincerely,</p><p>melanie griffith</p><p>Reneera is the winner of the PBTeen area rug.</p><p>congratulations!</p><p>inspireD reaDer</p><p>Dear HD&amp;R</p><p>First of all, I have to say thank you so much for a fabulous magazine. Every month I look forward to the new issue. They have given me so many inspirations for decorating my home. May 2012 issue was simply superb. Thank you team for making such a beautiful magazine for free.</p><p>reneera</p><p>moveD to actionI want to thank you for the great ideas provided in the May issue article, Get Organized in the Bedroom written by Yanic Simard. I was inspired to create a closet on wheels for storage under my bed, plus vertical storage on my closet walls. This left me with an empty dresser which I have now put up for sale. Not only is my bedroom organized but I will soon have extra money in the bank.</p><p>Thanks again!.</p><p>linda skarott</p><p>may winner</p><p>Home Dcor anD renovations c/o mailbag 401 The West mall, Suite 500 Etobicoke, ON, m9C 5J5</p><p>FaX Us c/o mailbag 416.789.9554 </p><p>email Us c/o mailbag </p><p>write to us All Mailbag letters are subject to editing for clarity and length</p><p>tHis montHs give-away is a tavaris HanDleset.</p><p>Clean lines and smooth polished surfaces, this stylish handleset is equipped with the best residential security. Valued at $200, the design will work with a range of home fashion styles.</p><p>No purchase necessary. Give-away open to Ontario residents of legal age. This give-away runs from May 19 to June 14. Odds of being chosen depend on the number of letters received. One letter per reader. Prize is not redeemable for cash and is non-transferable. </p><p>write and win! Let us know what you think of this months issue of HD&amp;R. The winner will bring home an elegant Tavaris Handleset with SmartKey technology from Weiser. </p><p>june 2012</p><p>12 Home Dcor anD renovations JuNE 2012 </p><p>012-Mailbag-June_SL.indd 12 5/15/12 5:04:16 PM</p></li><li><p>78 Signet Drive, TorontoHwy 400 &amp; Finch Avenue</p><p>416.749.7111</p><p>563 Queensway East, MississaugaQueensway &amp; Cawthra Road</p><p>905.949.8453</p><p>Express Yourself with X-Tile.With over 1 million square feet of the most exceptional and sought-after design trends the world over, X-Tile Canada is sure to have whatever you need to express your unique individual style. Ceramics, porcelain, natural stone, glass, mosaics, metal and more... whatever y...</p></li></ul>