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Guerilla Marketing By Matt Hipkiss

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Guerilla Marketing. By Matt Hipkiss. What is Guerilla Marketing . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Guerilla MarketingBy Matt Hipkiss

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Guerilla marketing is a low cost advertising strategy. Guerilla marketing is normally found in public places such as the streets and buses. The objective of guerilla marketing is to get there company name out on the streets in unique ways.

What is Guerilla Marketing

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Examples of guerilla marketing

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Guerilla marketing could go back as early as 4000BC where the Egyptians used papyrus to make sales messages and wall posters. This was very early in marketing and has advanced a lot. Back then the idea was to inform people about their product. Now it is used to entertain people in unique way while also promoting their product.


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In 1984, Jay Conrad Levinson introduced the name guerilla marketing in his book. In the book he tries to get people to know about guerilla marketing as a new unique name to advertise. The name guerilla marketing was inspired by guerilla warfare.

The name

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This company have made a clever poster of a dog on the floor in a shopping centre. When you are on the top floor it looks like there are lots of flies on the dog when they are people on the ground floor. This is trying to tell you to get them off your dog.

Guerilla Marketing Strategies

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In this picture if trying to tell people to stop graffiting or else they could go to jail.

Guerilla Marketing Strategies

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