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low cost, effective community relations Guerilla Communications OSBA Conferenc e 2008

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Presentation at Ohio School Board Association conference.


  • 1. GuerillaCommunications low cost, effective community relations

2. Founder and guru: Jay Conrad Leverson Less money. More time, energy, and imagination. Less transactional. More cooperation, involvement andpartnership. Less traditional. More focused on where your community is. 3. Some Guerilla MarketingSuccesses and Failures 4. Authentic substance not just sizzleConsistent sustain the narrativeConvenient go where they areAmazement surprise themInvolvement life-long learningCooperation real communities thrive 5. A rural/suburban district At the edge of wealthy suburbs 2300 studentsOver half of funding comes from state At the 20 mill floorMost communications expenses are viewed as an unnecessary luxury 6. Identify community expectations from its schoolsRespond quickly & effectively to misinformation Increase community engagement Identify a district message (narrative) Get out the good news about a quality districtIncrease 3rd party positive coverage 7. Parent internet surveyPrincipal-led focus groupsCommunity listening sessions Key Communicators 8. The importance of valueFinancial & academic accountability Open communicationsPromoting our successes and evidence of those successes 9. Overhaul of the district publication (Crestwood Comments)Overwhelming positive response tocommunity listening session A community driven CIP 10. A simplified Crestwood Comments focuseson academic & financial value3 regular features: Superintendent column focuses onaccomplishments of districtFinancial column by treasurer & business manager Pictures, graphs and charts to supportacademic and financial stories 11. 1. Free consultations, talks, demonstrations.2. Giveaway contest (free samples!)3. Post stories on local websites, web bulletin boards, and other online communities.4. Chalk the sidewalks in front of the schools.5. Use your vehicles.6. Marquees at schools, churches, businesses.7. RSS feeds from website. 12. 8. Pizza box flyers. Fast food tray liners.9. Library bookmarks.10. Cell phone ring tone (or voice)11. Coloring contest / placemats with localgroceries12. Browser ask local library, internet cafeand computer room to set your websiteas the default browser homepage (or atleast a link)13. Business cards with your websiteaddress and mini-message 13. 14. Key Communicators on steroids ask themto go viral (and re-think who they are).15. E-mail list development (follow the consentrules).16. Add message and website to the signatureof each email account in the district youuse.17. Use pay per click messages.18. Offer screensavers.19. Volunteers holding or wearing messagesigns (during pick-up?) 14. 20. Post your low budget videos onYouTube. 15. 21. Proclaim a celebratory day or week.22. Ask the local chamber to placemessages on their website.23. Create Facebook (or other)communities. Provide calls to action.24. Create a Blog. Regularly post items ofgeneral but related interest. Providecalls to action, and RSS feed.25. Offer ongoing suggestion box. 16. 1. Determine the narrative.2. Get organized. Develop a year-long plan and calendar.3. Budget. Plan the things that are CHEAP. Plan the things that are FREE. Use your cash where it counts.4. Engage message-bearers. Staff, parents, students, alums, community, buildings, signs, vehicles.5. Implement.6. Review and adapt.