Guest Blogging Mastery: How to Get More Traffic, Email Subscribers and Backlinks

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<p> 1. :1 BRIDGE!SCHOOLCAD| '. I In I059 2. Blogging from scratch is hard. Sure,the technology is easier than ever before.But suddenly.everyone is a media company. So how will you rank highly here? Google 3. Rank Highly on Google With These Two Things: TRAFFIC E3 CUSTOMERSYou want customers.You know starting a blog is hard.What do you do? Many startups turn to other distribution press coverage on blogs you care about.Except every other startup.small business.and online entrepreneur is competing for the same media outlet's attention. Journalists receive 25 to 30 emails per day requesting press coverage.Journalists also delete 25 to 30 emails per day without ever reading them. So how do You stand out in the Sea.of Sameness? 4. BLOGGINGGuest blogging attracts large and targeted audiences to your business. Increase your traffic,email subscribers,and paying customers by getting published on sites like The Huffington Post.Entrepreneur,and The Next Web. I did exactly that.The Next Web article landed over a hundred leads alone. 5. Gjiest iilloggiiiig can iimlnetiiateiyV irnyiact your trafc lay putting you in i'yonlio; i[ an existing audience. . V ,_ ~ __ N . ,.1 - . I A N "w " w rg . N _ " . .. T. . /1.H ~_ H _ K I'. V_ . ~5 N ._ -_ L T T .-~ _ _ _ ' -vxa- b i ; ~ N K _.- I / N. T_ . '- 6. Guesl blogging has | ong'~lerm llenefils.ll generates lmeklinks.Baeklinks are a signil'ie: ml contributor to Google ranks your "(l)SilL. ..WoconiIn addition,you craft your own story.A 5_'_'___', , _' Em ' L.A journalist may unintentionally misconstrue your i ; ,__, ... _., n. "~j 031 message.As a journalist friend told me:t 1pf. i[abclpiil3||11n: :m? _ KL_r 1I was sent a request to write about an app that5%? !" 5:-J"| '5|| ll'i5T0 Q: l]l0|1iflloffered negative reinforcement to its user to__ ,V age __encourage weight loss.The intention was to have 031,, -l. u. 43-cssf _J--| -""" me write something about it being funny or aamvrv at __; _"; _,, _l, ._g; Ju; ' 4:" s i . .g ' lhelpful.but when I checked out the 2.171) myself.I MilT-Sfound that it was a really destructive way to lose "3-: A-l _, N_ A 3?= =._--can-= =:. =-isweight. "Despite what you may have heard,not all press is good press.Hiring a PR agency can cost thousands of dollar.while guest blogging is free. It just takes effort. 7. Guest blogging hasnt been all the roses of traction and the butteries of growth from the start for me. when I first pitched an Editor of a popular site. ..I was I afraid I was going to get rejected.I wouldforever be branded a loser. It was so new to me.I couldn't bear the thought of something going wrong. To my surprise.the Editor was quite receptive. The biggest challenge people face when it comes to guest blogging is not their talent,ability to write.their company.0 F R O N or lack of audience. It's their own fear of rejection that holds them back.So how do you approach guest blogging? I have a systematic formula that will get you from cold email to published in front of a large audience of potential customers.Here's how. .. 8. Step 1: Create a Customer PersonaBefore you can hit a target you have to know where to aim.Who wants your product?Where do they live?What do they do for work?What is their financial bracket?What are the reading?Would this person be more inclined to check out Time or Bloomberg?Identify or hypothesize a customer persona or two who would love your product. Determine what blogs they read using audience intelligence tools.qualitative customer development interviews.or simply searching on Google for your topic. 9. Sl: iejfi : t.i; ie $; .p; .1?Z3l. LLli. l.7.1For guest blogging to be need to go where your target market is.Based on your previous research.create a list of places where you want to guest post. For example:Site ulaqory topic:How to Iuhmil intact:Shlilnllli Suful Ankle : .a'puc. .-. .-ing wring,3o: "pub-i-:1rq. -.. -..' , v.. . - -' i- i N -. = Pubi shrd l"'. ,cl tn c: "rL"-i -: 'ii: ;i, .r_; 't_ tecnrlology web desigmweb development,N.' _ -'. _;. - t;' ;-1 -.13:1!digital marketing lot at media rrt.1'kL-ting,conlerl mane: -ting Alma Pub mod http/ Nwlw aanvtncr-nnomnvemwvccnlcnl-ma marketing Content marketing.Rc'. it-orsnia marketing,Social Mud . i.Revicws :Mike Pm- Lhcd htIp'l/ d yma(Ei(l'I. u3|'l'Gl! Elle-limo-W! lil! ~Sl'IV-pu set-publishing wnt ngpook rmrlicting Mine Pub- -J-ea httaIr. ww. n:i'cissus. rrte. '20'l4I12l22/mix 'isro( writing bookwritmg, freeIant&gt;n9.bociiI"i.' ' She 4 Eating "2 :,, ;_ _-- JJ- i ~ v wr4inq. l'ee| a'icing wntingeu tirg. n~search. ltee. -Ia r"p -23- .&gt; i.-_-V . _ r. , mg.n '- Lowpnoriry Your prospect list should look much like a CRM: - A comprehensive list of places you want to write for - With the ability to track your communication with the siteGetting published can will require lots of follow-ups at first. 10. Step 3: Find Your ContactsDifferent sites have different rules for how to pitch them.Here are two common ways to discover how: TRY THIS FIRST TRY THIS SECONDLook for a "contact" page or contribute" page.Look Search the site name + write for us".For example.for at the top headings or at the bottom footer of the http: /lwww. socialmediaexplorer. com/ . I searched Social websites.Media Explorer write for us" and found thishttp: Ilwww. socialmediaexplorer. comlhow-to-pitch-smel.You could also try Social Media Explorer contribute"Make sure to take note of their policies on how to pitch.what to pitch,and anything else. tt. .lr*l_iri_tia-iHome Freelancing Marketing Blogglng SeIlPubIishIngWrite for Us:Contributor GuidelinesThink:for your intarlst in writing for The Write UfllOchre you submit,ploau run through this dtocldlst.Have you. .. 11. Step 4: Create Awesome ContentAny blog worth publishing on wants highquality content. And in a world where everyone is a blogger,it's more important than ever to create content that provides value to your audience. Here are two resources I created: Reaii I-. ly Top Ciii: t.erit EtIat_: =~giE*E: (link In view l. ji IN | I'I&gt;III rm i.1IliI. 'I. i/ /{are 50/:22/zZ. S''a&amp;4hs| "iii IIIPJIIIIIIHlIIIiI| |lli 12. You could pitch an idea or title before sending an entire post to your preferred destination.Personally.I have better reception when I send over a complete draft instead. I recommend experimenting though.and of course following the guidelines of each site. Here's an example of an email I've sent to an editor: Guest post on C2243 - writing habit for content creation - - 9 6- '1 32" Min Flshbeln <i> Jan 27 o.'a ram:~ Hifjllwould Tm Interustiid h a guest blog post on content wining)I'm Mike.rm tn-. - 5-. -Iloublishud author of over hall a dozen books including How to Write A Book in 10 Days123 Quick TIM for Fast Non- Fiction Sell-Putaiiahing and have had my writing Iu; i'. uri: -d on I-Iulfington PosL Ertr: -pnariuur.Business Insider.and Convince and ConiiisrtI would love to guest post about making writing a habit.overcoming writers block.writing last: -r.i: -tc Below is a link to a draft do post III}-3d 6 Steps to Developing 1 Daily writing Habit 'rm:.-_. ~:oc:.c9</i></p>