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  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15







  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15


  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15


    14th EDITIONAugust 2014

    Season 2014 - 2015

    PUBLISHED BY: Backpackers Chile


    DESIGN: Mv


    10.000 copiesFREE DISTRIBUTION

    Ps v ths k t th tvs wh y shwith it instead of throwing it in the garbage.

    You not only help nature by recycling

    but you will also help us and other travellers.

    Free phone calls for reservaons within theBackpackers Chile network!

    RecommendedHOSTELS in Chile


  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15


    Index NorthArica Hostal Sunny Days 7

    La Serena Hostal El Punto 10 El Observatorio 11

    Central Coast

    Isla de Pascua Hareswiss Easter Island 52

    Valparaso Hostal Casa Aventura 14 Hostal Luna Sonrisa 15

    Isla Negra Eco Hostal La Conexin del Poeta 17

    Central Chile

    Sanago La Casa Roja Hostel 20 Hst R Amzs 21 Hst P E 52

    Pichilemu Pchm Sf Hst 23

    Talca Casa Chueca 25Los Montes L Mv 53Pelluhue Cs Cmm 53

    Chilln Via Chilln 27

    Lake District

    Malalcahuello Suizandina Mountain Lodge 29

    Pucn Hst L Tt 32 Hst Cs Sty 33 Rk Ry 35

    Valdivia Hst Bs Nv 37

    Puerto Octay Zt Am 39

    Puerto Varas Hst Cmss S 42 Hst Cs Az 43


    Ancud Hostal Mundo Nuevo 46

    Castro Pt Hst 47

    Cucao Hst Pt Cc 54


    Baha Murta Suizaike 49

    Puerto Guadal U Ds Tsc 49

    Villa OHiggins El Mosco 49

    Cohaique L Sms 55

    Puerto Natales Hostal Lili-Patagonico s 56

    Punta Arenas Hostal La Estancia 51

  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15


    Th hsts ths kt t fm mst hsts.Thy w y wh v t tv, s f cs

    xc w cts jst k y. Sm f s cm fmf cs th w, v Ch s ckcksf w c f s s w. Whtmks s t fm mst cs wh y c sty s thtwe love what we do, and that is why we opened our hostels.

    W c t ct ths k wh w c thtbackpackers staying at our own hostels would repeatedly give us

    v ts t th xcs th sm fw hsts w th cty. W t tch wth ch th, mt and the rest is history. Since then we have been joined by newhsts, t wys mt stct ty cts, whch swhy w v tht ths k y w th vy st hstsCh hs t .

    W wt t mk y f t hm. My f s c v tsf sf fm t s xcs ctcts wth th c cmmty, whch w mk y cvs vts mch m sccssf.Mst f s c s xcss sch s cm vc,kyk, hs, shts ts mch m. Thw s ts t sty Ssh t hv cscontact with the Mapuche culture etc. Most of us speak English,

    Gm / th s.Ech hst w hv ts mc. B m tht

    prices can vary considerably between the hostels included inthis book. For this reason you should expect these hostels willsmms t.

    Ps t s kw f y hv y sss y ctc s

    t v m sss. Ths w h s mv services for future backpackers.

    S fm f s, w ty h y jy y sty Ch. Amm wh y hm t t vy y kw wht great country Chile is!

    Welcome to Chile

  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15




    The city of eternal springTh cmt chs ct thss f vsts chy. A x, sf, ch st cty f 170,000 .A c t tk k fm y tvs.

    Th ss f Chch Bch c m th 20km tth f wth P. Py Lch t th sth f th ctyhs cty m k L Ls csbeach is popular at weekends.

    Smm tmts sm xc 28s c c wt ys v f w 10 s c.Th s sm s vty vy y f th y.

    Arica is a cross roads for visitors to Peru and Bolivia. It is anty t t th k P Nc Lc. A f v s (137,888h) wth L Ch(21.5 s,km) k t 4,500 mts v s v s ts

    fc t. S y vcs msty v 6,000mts hh th k sts w f f, hssctc scy, ms tkk ts abundant wildlife.

    Cvz f Ac ts ck 9,600 ys t th sh shths f Chch, wh m mmms f th 3,000 ys t ths f Eyt. Th Bv s ct

    f Twk (800BC t 800AD) h ks t s f Acwth w fm t ts thh th Az LtVys tht fm th cst vc y thgeogliphs rock art.

    Th Ms Ac S M Az hs xct st f m fm vmt cmmts chc t f th Az Vy ts th msm, th s f th fsv f tw fS Lz th Gfs At Rmz, Astc C Sm. L ts ck mscs ck1,000 to 1,400 years.


  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15




    Hostal Sunny Days

    Like to experiencefamily culture? Bt ccmm Cs t Bs Tm Your hosts, speak Spanish

    & Esh Rss KwNew Zealander & Beatriz aCh Kw

    All you can eat breakfastincluded

    Want me outto be yourself? L ms wth

    thms, c & y Cmm ktch/

    with cooking utensils,plates, etc.

    Cs t mkt, y st& the best beach in Arica

    Laundry service

    Secure vehicle parking Cable TV, stereo CD, bookexchange

    F hs Itt WF Tv fm,

    reference guide books Bikes or body board to rent Hot water 24 hours

    Sht Wk t Bch CtyCenter or take a Microbus No curfew Free Luggage Storage

    PRICES - Aug. 2014 / Aug. 2015( s = )

    1Apr- 30 Oct 1Nov- 30 Mar

    Single with bathroom $12.000 $15.000

    Room with bathroom $12.000 $13.000 Room with shared bathroom $10.000 pp $11.000 ppBed in a dormitory $ 9.000 pp $ 9.000 pp






    h o me

    Beatriz Carrasco & Ross MoorhouseC Tms Av 161Poblacin Chinchorro, Arica

    T: (+56) - 58 224 1038 [email protected]:

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    L S, th ct f Cm, Chs 4th , wsfounded in 1544 by Spaniard Juan Bohn and is the secondoldest city in Chile. It is characterised by stunning colonialchtct, mmts f scc


    Archaeological MuseumImssv cc f cs fm th Dt Iculture.

    CathedralHstc -cssc tht ts fm 1844.

    La Recova MarketMc mkt mst t c f L S.Y w ks f hc m f c, th sccmt st t m

    A t shts t thh th ct, ymy hv x st t th Plaza de Armas, th mc s wth ft th ct s m ts wtch th Ch cty f!

    The long and beauful beach promenade sttchs fmL S th wy t h sst tw f Cm is perfect for extended strolls and sunbathing. Dive into thewvs f th fsh Pcc Oc, jy thtk

    sunsets and spoil yourself in one of the delicious seafoodrestaurants.

    The magnificent cityand hospitable people

    of La Serenalook forward to WELCOMING YOU!

  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15




    Coquimboth vy tw cty f L S wth tChilean street life and its picturesque harbour. The unique

    Mm Css s th st vw v th .

    Th f xc t th wf Isla Damaswhere you can see penguins, sea lions and dolphins in theirnatural habitat.

    Th y sy Valle del Elqui, ss sy vwhm hs. Th y sh vst th ycvillage of Pisco Elqui ts fms Pisco dislleries.

    A ct stmc t t th MamallucaObservatory in Vicua, where you can watch stars andts mc tmsh vst th mscc Tololo Observatory.

    The astounding Laguna th A wthth t shs f th As.

    Th Fray Jorge N k wth ts sc mc cmt th Valle del Encanto wth tyhs.

    Ay, y mht t f t cvs sch shiking, horseback riding, cycling, water sportsetc.

    Hostal El Punto

    Hostal El Observatorio

  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15




    In our spacious and colour-f c ms, ct th s tm cty ct, y


    sts fm v thworld. Get in touch with ourChilean guests and discoverthe stunning region with lo-cal and bilingual guides.

    If you want to explore theHmt N.P. thx cvty: s tht tm w th thelp you if any assistance isneeded.

    Hostal El PuntoKatja & Jens NeelCalle Andrs Bello 979 - La Serena

    T.: (+56) - 51 222 8474 [email protected]

    PRICESOur delicious breakfast isalready in the price included!

    DORMITORY (4 beds)- $8.500 - 9.500

    SHARED BATH- Single $15.000 $20.000- Double $9.000 $11.500 pp- T $8.500 - $10.000

    PRIVATE BATH- S $17.000 - $37.000- D $10.000 - $18.500 - Triple $10.500 - $14.500 pp- C $8.750 - $12.500







    O fy c stprovides helpful touristfm f L S its surroundings

    Car and bicycle rental Cmft m & mswith private and sharedthms

    A vt ms wth c TV One well equipped Suiteavailable

    Ectc h f ym v

    Lovely sun terraces and quietbackyard corners

    Cft wth hmms

    Barbeque to use

    Lv m wth st, cTV csy c Secure on site parking Free Luggage storage F Itt Accss + WIFI Laundry service Book exchange

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    Bilingual full assistance Laundry and drying service Nc ms wth vt sh thm w

    Free equipped kitchen and c t ft tys s f

    Lv m wth st cable tv. car and bike rentalfull range of excursions

    PRICESIncluding breakfast

    DORMITORY (3 beds)$ 8.000 - $9.500

    ________________________SHARED BATHSingle $14.000 t $18.000Double $9.000 to $10.000 ppTriple $8.000 t $9.000

    ________________________APARTMENT WITHINDEPENDENT ACCESSPrivate bath and TV W Microwave cooker Refrigerator Utensils

    K Towels

    Single $14.000 to $25.000Double$10.000 to $15.000 ppTriple $9.000 to $15.000 pp

    Hostal El Observatorio is agreat new place to relax andf t hm. W ctvery near to the historic

    ct s st thbest area safe and near to allservices you need.

    At the hostal we always havexct fm tLa Serena and surroundingsand also organize for you xcss: Is Dms,

    E Vy ttobservatories.Ay ss, wt t

    us or call Andreas - bilingualassistance.

    Hostal El ObservatorioAndres Olivares & Leslie PizarroCalle Andres Bello 1097-b - La Serena

    M: (+56) 9+7466 7433 / 9+7154 3950 [email protected]











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    Valparaso is unique; cty tht s c. Nv tto any plan, sacked by pirates, rocked by earthquake, thecty s fm th s hhzz m-cs tht hs th mt ms t ts

    sts th w v.

    Valparaso is a city in two parts. Below is the bustling workingt vsty tw. At wks ck h fmth ct t jy th hm htf, wth v mscand even the occasional poetry reading in bars unchanged ina century.

    Av 42 hs cs. Wth th hstc hh-cmss, Cs A Ccc UNESCOWorld heritage site. Oy 5 mts wk fm th ct,ths s t w, cf mst v-k.Everyone knows each other and street barbeques shared byhs cmm sht smm. H y w t s, s wkshs, s cfs. Tk wk f th ms vk th y t f th hhs vv stts.

    A wk th hs tks y t L Ss, Pablo Nerudastown house, while if you want a sea-view of Valparaso you cantake a boat trip around the bay or even hire a sea kayak.

    Next to Valparaso is its twin city, Via del Mar, whose

    chs, ks cs y 20 mts wy y s,wh y sh vs wh y c jy Chsfshst sf wh wtch hss cf shts th ch, v v m wcks.

    Further up the coast you can gallop on horseback acrosscountry, giant sand-dunes, wetlands and beach in anf y, wh t th sth, Is N s y

    of culture and beaches.

    Inland is wine country, wh th Cm ks f th st vws f Ch: th As stchas far as the eyes can see to the east, while to the west thecst s vs ys y c v s thships in Valparaso bay.

    Vs hs ct s ccs wth th th sth f Ch s w s wth S Mz.

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  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15




    PRICESIncluding breakfast

    Dormitory $9.000 pp

    Singles $18.000Doubles $12.500 ppTwin $12.500 pp


    S, , ms(3-4s) wth cks

    Sh thms Equipped kitchen for

    guests Itt ccss WF

    fcs B st Ifm t sf

    guided walks Organising tours like

    city walk, wine-tours,

    horseback riding Atmt ts f tm sty

    The hostel is located inCerro Concepcin, a tradi-

    hstc h-hood. It occupies the 1st and2 hstc hm, t t th of the 19th century with sky-high ceilings. Renovated into cmft ckckshostel, it features colorfully

    painted interiors with spa-cs mts, ms s m. It f-fers a fully equipped kitchenfor guests, internet access w.

    W fmy(Ch-Gm) skSsh, Gm E-sh. Wth ck geography and years of tourguide experience in Chile andSth Amc w ty t hy mk th mst f y

    Hostal Casa AventuraAlda Mrquez & Chrisan GntertPasaje Glvez 11 - Cerro Concepcin - Valparaso

    T.: (+56) - 32 275 [email protected]

    facebook: casaventuraskype: hostal.casaventura




    sty h. O st s y-mc vy hf wth ck tsm, s-ness and arts.

    HOW TO FIND USTk y c s (mc)

    that says ADUANA in frontf th s tm. A5 mts 10 cks thbus turns around the centralsquare PLAZA VICTORIA andcs th sm c- sm stc tPLAZA SOTOMAYOR. Gt t th sh s st block before this square.Now turn towards the hill-side and walk uphill on URRI-

    OLA Street to where ALVAROBESA branches to the right.Tk th sts th s- PASAJE GALVEZ. Th st th , m 11is our hostel.

  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15




    Luna Sonrisa is a bright,colourful, cosy yet spacioushostel in the heart of historicCerro Alegre. The house,built in around 1900 andnewly refurbished, has 4mt-hh cs. W hvs ms wthvt sh thmss w s cmft -mty ccmm. Th

    hst hs cmm swth w ccss, , fyequipped kitchen, book ex-change and laundry service.W s hv xy t-mt th t .

    Lorena and Janak are aCh-Bsh c. L-

    na is a baker specialising inhm whm c s tc. (h k-ery, Pan de Magia, is just ack th h). Ths msthat at our hostel you willenjoy one of the very bestbreakfasts during your visit

    t Ch, c c,wf hm m jmand fresh fruit.

    Janak is the author of theFootprint guide to Chile, soover breakfast he and ourfy st c h ywth y s y myhave about your travels,whth t hw t mkth mst f y m V-paraso, organising local vis-ts, tkk th CmN Pk, hs vs wy, whth

    y fm ty th ts f Ch, fmArica to Punta Arenas, both th m tst ts

    Hostal Luna SonrisaJanak JaniC Tmm 833 - C A - Vs

    T.: (+56) - 32 273 [email protected]

    PRICESIncluding breakfast


    - $9.500 pp

    Singles- $14.000 - $24.000 pp

    Doubles/Twins- $12.250 - $15.750 pp

    Apartment- Fm $52.500




    h ms thbeaten track.

    Between us we speakSpanish, English, French andGm.


    Take bus 612 going to theht Av. A (1ck fm th s st

    s m 1). Ask th vt y t Pz SLs (20 mts). Ejymc vws f th ctyfm th ht h s fth s! Fm th Pzwk 2 cks w Tm-m (s m 2). W th ht h s (833). Atvy tk tx(mch ck) t Tm-m, t Gs y S E-

    , C A (t5000 ss).

  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15




    Litoral de los PoetasPc f t s. Oy 1 h 45 mts wstf S / 1 h 15 mts fm V sth.Isla Negra is a town of 2,000 habitants located in the centralcst f Ch, th f Vs. It s sm cst

    tw kw f ts f wvs cky, wth vttypical of the central Chilean coast and architecture that willccmmt ss. Wth t x tmsh,Dst t s tsf, ws z wth th mof the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, by see a black rock in thes hs hm ct cft. P N s ths wh t fm f hs my ts 1937, k f st c t wt hs fms kCt G, sc hs th, s sc f sf my ts sts . Cty th cty s vst ytsts fm th w wh cm t s th t vst th mst f hs f th t P N,w cvt t msm mm, wh th ms f th t. Oth mj cs f th c th Q Cv ,c t, ,th my sh,

    , Cantalao viewpoint , the town of El Totoral, birdwatching wts, Vct H msm hs, Qty y 45 mts wh y c msm Ctcs , Rs tz m. T t fm S y c tk ths st Uvs S, sth xt tk stws Ct Cst c s T Bs Pm, t tdelivered straight to Isla Negra. If you are in Valparaiso, youc tk Ps fm Pm Bs tm Vs

    Is N w. V ss $ 3.500 $ 4.500 wss hh ss fm $ 4.500 t $ 6.000



  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15





    T.: (+56) - 35 2469 000M: (+56) 9+9409 7786

    [email protected]

    Ec Hst L Cx Pt s fmy tht wcmstvs fm v th w, ct f s t f Is N, jst ck fm th s cs t c ms (shs, tst ks, ch). Ohst Is N vts y t wth th sscof the poet Pablo Neruda. The place in which he would walk s, Ct, s jst sht stc fm thhst th, st c, y w hs c th mst f ssts th cst. Th chm fths c, sm yt mc w mv y t th vy c.A c f st, yscsm stty wh y w mch c.Ths s hv f fsh, t s,ts cs. W hv sc s cts wh w, my css, cm y cms y wks why' t th ch. Thy w th w t f c y t v t ck, my css,cy. W hv v ms, tw f whch hv svws w hv sh thm ch . A sct t f vyth fm vy.


    -Rk, Rxy, Bmsm, Msss, Bch Fw,Dm Cmy, Tmzc Cmy.Our services include:-Fy ktch -G wht BBQ - W f

    -Bkfst c -T c f y

    PRICES15 MAR-30 NOV Low Season 01 DIC-14 MAR Hight Season

    Single private room Single private romm- $15.000 - $18.000Garden view Double room Garden view Double room- $24.000 - $28.000Great ocean view Double room Great ocean view Double room- $29.000 - $33.000Garden view Triple room Garden view Triple room- $34.000 - $38.000Great ocean view Triple room Great ocean view Triple room- $42.000 - $45.000Great ocean view Cuadruple Great ocean view Cuadrupleroom room- $42.000 - $48.000Garden view Shared Garden view Shareddormitory for people dormitory for people

    - $10.000 pp - $15.000 pp

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    Mst tvs sty S jst h t th t tthe north or south. But this crazy and crowded city has lots to; ct, hsty, ht f m. Y w mch tjy ths cty ts ss f y jst tk th m.

    Top desnaons in SanagoPz Ams: th ht f S. Y w th Cth,th M Pst Oc, th Ms At Pcm.Cerro San Cristobal: If you have good luck, and the day is clear,y c jy wf vw f S.

    Cerro Santa Lucia:historical site, and across the street one ofth st st f ts (hc mkt).Ms Bs Ats: ct f Ss mstchm ks P Fst. Ths msm hs mt cc f Fch, It, Dtch Chs s w s sc xhts fm vss.

    Barrio Bellavista: hm t wth ts f s, s stts. Y s P Ns hs LChsc (msm) Ch s z hc.B Bs: f hstc hh, wth cfhouses and hidden plazas. The wide variety of pubs andstts v ths hm tch.Mc Ct: cf mkt wth sf vts,t t hv mss f Chs wy f f t cs.

    Pueblo Los Dominicos:Ch hc mkt, t fth chst, t cty f th mst shsct.Pz : t ht f c tmsh, wth ths cfs th m s. Th s s thtUvs Ctc sc L Btt.

    Providencia:shops and vegetarian restaurants during the day,

    t ks f ts s s t ht.St c (tsm f) Mt M. M.

    SURROUNDINGSS s t st t f xcss sch s:Cajn del Maipo:canyon of the Maipo riverValparaso:historic harborVia del Mar: beaches, casinoVineyards:Concha y Toro, Undurraga, Cousio MaculSki resorts:L Pv, E C, V Nv, Ls, PNaonal Parks: L Cm, H Lc

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    WINERY TOURSG hw t s t m S tst of the best wines in the world!

    Concha y Toro WineryO f th mst w kw ws Ch, s fth st cmm s c wy c S. Its sy t t th fm Pt At swyst s ts. Fy xcst, xct w t tst f wy.Tours in English and Spanish start at:My Sy fm 10,00m 5,

    Cousio Macul WineryTh st wy Ch, s y th ffmy. Tst t w vst thst w c Ch, cstct 1872. As t w c th ctst

    between past and present.Tours in English and Spanish start at:My Fy: 11,00 m, 12,00 m, 3,00 m 4,00 mSty: 11,00 m, 12,00

    SKI TOUR - Valle NevadoD th sk ss (J Stm) sk ss v y

    fm L Cs Rj t th st sk st Sth Amc. Av sk sw sss v. J tmf th st v tst, mt, cths ckt! hp://

    CAJN DEL MAIPOThs f vy s t tw hs wy fm S(sthst c) s th M v. Pfctcs f t sts. Sm tws vs k SAlfonso, San Gabriel, El Volcn, Baos Morales and Baos deC ts t stt:

    Trekking Horseback riding Kyk css R

    Mountain Biking Trips Canopy Relaxing in the hot springs

  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15





    La Casa Roja has everythinga backpacker is looking for

    mch m! SwmmPool, Bars, Outdoor Jacuzzi,H mts f cmm- sc, L ms wthhigh ceilings. Located in thefm stcc sct fS wth shtwalking distance to public

    tst, s, shs stts. Y mz y th ty f thsst cs m-

    ss y th fcs thtwv st f y. Cmand enjoy your stay in San- scz shexperiences and stories withother backpackers!


    Oy 35 mts fm tht At, th cs Ctt w tky t Ls Hs Mtst (L 1). - Fm thwk 4 cks wy fm thcentre to Av. Brasil and turnht, 4 cks y w

    La Casa Roja opposite theSh t st.Fm th s tm y

    tk th Mt t R-c st (L 1), wk 4blocks up Maturana street orAv. Brasil.

    La Casa Roja Hostel


    PRIVATEbath (incl. breakfast)- Single: $22.000- D: $26.000 (m)

    SHAREDbath (incl. breakfast)- D: $22.000 (m)- T: $30.000 (m)

    SHARED DORMITORYfor 8 people- $7.500 pp






    Swmm wth BBQ v msc hts Outdoor Jacuzzi Nms Cmm As F Itt W F Safe and Personal Lockers H Fy E Ktch Beauty Salon No Curfew and 24 hoursc

    Outdoor Movies Dms ms Book Exchange C TV-Rm Spanish Courses

    Luggage Storage Tourist Info and Travel Agency Hot showers 24 hours Ts t: Sk Cts, Ws,P, Gk

    Table tennis W sk Ssh, Esh,Gm, Fch, It

    Cckt cc t W cct Ds, Esand Credit Cards

    Internaonal Backpacker HostelC Ass 2113, B Bs-S

    T.: (+56) 2 2696 4241

    [email protected]: la-casa-roja

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    Wcm t cfHst R Amzs thst c f S, PzItalia, within a few steps of themst fms mks f thcty. Wth sf fmy tms-h, hst cmsthe elegance of original archi-

    tct wth m cm-ft. Y c mt shwith other travelers during t hmm k-fst t th f cmfylounge area, while enjoyingan espresso, a pot of tea or aPisco Sour. You can plan your

    t s m y m f sth mcvs hc st.W sk sh, tsand french, and will be happyt h y wth s vc f vs S its surroundings, or for your

    travel in all Chile.

    Hostal R o Amazonas

    PRICESincluding breakfast

    DormitoryAll with Private Bathroom

    - Single: $25.000 pp

    - Double: $40.000- Triple: $52.000- Quadruple: $65.000

    Fabian Ron ProaoAv. Vicua Mackenna 47 - Plaza ItaliaMt B ( 1)

    Nxt f mssyT.: (+56) 2 2635 [email protected]: HstRAmzs


    Fsh c, t chct, ht mk.

    Fresh bread Hmm jm,

    cheese. Yogurt and fresh fruits of theseason, cereals.






    How to get there:From Metro Baquedano,

    plaza Italia, walk one blockon the right side of VicuaMackenna avenue, we arext f mssy.

    From Airport: Take thebus centropuerto, exit s tm Pj-

    t tk cty thmt ct Lsmcs xt Baquedano station.

    From Bus terminal: Takecty th mt Uv-s S st c Ls mcs

    xt B st.

  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15




    Pchm s sm v th sxth sy sm hs wth ts f fsts ck schs th Pcc Oc.

    Pchm ws th rst high class beach resort in Chile(1900) ssss th ctys st cs whch ws ctyrestored in 2009 and is now the cultural center of the village.As Rss, th f f Pchm wt t ct c k Fcs y Cty Btz Chs cst.Th wvs c xtmy t L P cy wf w t Pt Ls wh th wclass surf events are held such as the tow in world Cup or the

    Cm Pt Ls.

    Pchm s ty th surng capitalbut is also a greatc t cc ths sts k windsurf, kite surf, Kayak,long bike rides, shingetc.

    A y f sf, jst t , y c t tt f Pchms sv stts. Pchm s hs w vty f htf cvs sch s s c scs.


    Rural route: you can leave the coast for a while and go inland on t tht cs th st ks ck ck sws Ch, th y P th msm f Cs.

    You can stroll along the beach on horseback, enjoy the hotbath of seawater in front to the beach or walking around in theAs Rss Pk wth cts Pm ts. Sc 1988.

    For wine lovers, th sv ws Pchm,where you can taste great Chilean wines.

    Pchm s th hs fm S tw fm SFernando.

    Pchm s th sf ct f Ch wth 3 w css wvs s t s f wsf kt sf. Ths s ths w c t v h. W wt sts t f thsm fm tht w ft th c f hst.

  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15





    Pchm s th ct fsurf in Chile, with three worldclass waves it is an ideal des- f ws kts, ss t s f c tht cmscoastal life with country life.For this reason we decided tosty sh ths mc x-

    perience with you. Our hostel Pchm s ct I- ch, wth xc-t ct c jst5 mts fm wtw th s tm right in front of the waves.

    Pichilemu SurfBed & Breakfast:

    It hs cmft vtms, th shms whch wth ct h, t cmfy s, s vws,

    cabinets and lockers, a deli-cious and healthy breakfastc, w , stt,s, c, c ,garden, terraces with breath-tk vws f th PccOcean, book exchange, freeks, f cks f -c mt, s -mt wt st ts.

    O s s thss-therapy tubs with hot seawt wth f tmt45 C degrees which are thefct cs s

    day and a delicious dinner inour Restaurant with pastas,sh sf fsh htfm th s .

    Pichilemu Surf HostalNatalia Lira & Marcel Janssen167-164 E Dz st / PmPchm - Sxth R

    M: (+56) 9+9270 9555 (+56) 9+7492 6848

    [email protected]: chmsst


    B&B(Bkfst c tPt Hs Rstt )

    Double Rooms- $20.000 ppk ss (US$40)

    - $18.000 ss (US$36)

    Triple Rooms- $18.000 k ss (US$36)

    - $16.000 ppss (US$32)

    Single Rooms- $35.000 k ss (US$70)

    - $30.000 ss (US$60)

    Shared Room$12.000 pp thht th y (US$24)

  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15




    Th f mt cs t Tc s kw. Ith N Pks St Tzs Vchs y c (mstth ths) mt cwys, st t ty,and bathe in hot springs; with sunshine virtually guaranteed!

    It s mst t tk th t th M Rv t thcst f Cstc. Y c s jy wth ChHuasos, join in the cueca dance, or pay a visit to a vineyard orcolonial village.

    The Descabezado Grande TrekThs st v v y tk s thh vsth ch fst, th cmy f ts tth v v. Y w cm y ht ss hwtf, whch s sctc s th vw fm th smmtf th vc t 3830 m, wh y w s th ct with ice.

    Horse TrekkingIf you would like to have one of the best experiences of yourf, t m s hs ck f sv ys, whhy cmm wth thc Ch cwyt th mts. Y w sh th f, k mt t yth cm , j th ss sts.

    At Cs Chc y w t f, t fm tths my th cvs hks th . Wk fw t m y.

  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15





    Casa Chueca


    BED & BREAKFASTwith shared bathroom $12.500 PP

    SINGLEwith privatebathroom $44.000

    DOUBLEwith private bathroom $24.500 pp

    TRIPLEwith private bathroom $22.000 pp

    Kathrein Sple & Franz SchubertMx Cs 143V A s/ - At Lcy - Tc

    Tel: (+56) 71 197 0097M: (+56) 9+9419 [email protected]/cs-chcfck: Cs-Chc-Tt-L-Chk-Lm

    sky: E-cmt1




    Y w hmy

    sths Cs Chc the peaceful countryside on theLircay river just outside Talca.

    O fcs c swmm wth sych, , ym, k x-ch, cm w, -ms th ms.

    W vty f -t m s, mtbiking in the area or to avineyard, water sports, horseriding, organized excursions,Spanish and Salsa courses,msss, x ss-sions and provide free infor-m f y fth t.Fthm w crental and provide our owncars for this purpose.

    O f s my v-t, t smms wcannot resist a barbecue at

    cm th sts...W sk Esh, Dtsch,Chileno, Portugus, Svenskaand Francais.

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    CHILLN, f th mst cts tws th wh cty,s tw tw vs, th N th Ch, th mm ch th s, s th s thM (th m s f Ch).

    Th cty ws f m th f cts ; fct, Chs f Chs st tws, sv fms cs cm ts th c f th, f stc th fm Ch Ic, B OHs Rm, C A, fmsCh st, t m t tw...Th tw tsf s stt 399kmsth f S.

    TOURIST ATTRACTIONSThe cathedral is an architectural work featuring eleven parabolic arcsf vy vs. Its cstc ws 1941, thtc thk f 1939, whch st th stc f thold church.Am th twthy wks f chtct c ctth Ch f S J Ds, wh B OHs wschristened, the Monastery of San Francisco, the Siqueiros Monastery, th Fcsc Msm. A f ths cstt th ct historic heritage of the city as whole.Th C F mkts s wth vst, th fm fms w, s t s mst cmt vsc f Ch hc wk, whs th vs tty t sm cmhsv sc f tycstmc shs f th .Th st f Tms Ch s stt y 80 kmts fm

    th cty. It s t tst st, whch s tsf f th fmst wt sts sts th t. Its sts th st sk st th wh f Sth Amc.I t ths, th vst c m f vcc thmss f t th, tth wth xs mt sst th vcty f th G Ht Tms Ch.

    Other tourist aracons include:

    - Qchm, sm v th vcty f Ch, fms f tsy- Ccc, th sc st cty Ch, mtt

    regional business centre- Lt, tw s s c m, whch s

    sccy f tsm... and last but not least:- St Lj, wh c f sctc wtfs,

    tw 20 30 mts hht...

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    Via Chilln is located onthe route that connects

    Bulnes and Tres Esquinas(kmt #7). Cm enjoy the peace and quiet ofvineyards that surround Vinaits Guesthouse. Four doublems, 2 m tmtsfor 4-6 people, 1 twin-bed-m, vt thms swmm v t mk y styc cmft.

    Guests can also enjoy ex-cellent service, good food c wssurrounded and the beauty

    f vys. Tssand guided visits to vine-ys thh th WRoute are also available.

    Rudolf RueschMailbox: Casilla 70 - Bulnes

    Tel.:(fm )(+56) 42 2197 1573(fm c h)(+56) 42 197 1573(fm )(+56) 42 297 2406

    M:(+56) 9+9225 9787 - 9+ 7498 [email protected]

    Vina Chilln


    Breakfast Lunch WF Tourist info Ch wcm Swmm Tours of Vinyards Ts f W Dinner


    Dormitory (summer)

    Include breakfast- $13.000

    Single - $30.500Double - $19.000 ppTriple - $17.500 ppCuadruple - $16.000 pp





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    Situated in the Northern part of the Conguillo area, theC-Mch ctys (Usc Bsf Rsv)s s t w f t cvs:

    - Hk th Ncs-Mch N Rsv, C- Thc N Pks, cm Lm, L-my (ts Nv Ct), Thc S Nv v-cs, ckcty sk ( sk sm), hs, mt k jst x f th thnearby hot springs.

    - Lmy (2.865 m..s..) s f th fw vcs tht

    v th sk mt c cm sk w.Fm th smmt y c s fw th 14 vcswth s f 250 km.

    - Rht fm th st f Sz Mt L, hkf t ths c m t Mch NPk ts Vc Lmy. Ts mk, s thtyou can easily hike without a guide. On your excursions, youc ms w vty f s - c th cwhch s s hks S Nv Vc th t C Ac ts. Th , s cth Mky Pzz T, whch t s Chs t vs f m th 1,000 ys.

    - Sk ss jst 20 km wy fm Sz, wh sksdelight in the quality of real powder snow. Untouched slopeswith virgin snow are easily accessible, we assure that your ski

    t swsh xcs w f xc!

    F m fm hts,

    we invite you to visit our






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    Dear Guest,Suizandina lies in theht f th vs fVolcanoes Araucarias and Na-

    Pks R c A-cana Andina and is your idealMountain Lodge to explore they mjsc As jst tenjoy the tranquility and peacef th c. F m th 13ys, w hv c cmft ccmm,European standard services anda cozy Swiss restaurant with freshdaily-prepared food and a varietyf hmm ccs. Y cchoose between single to quad- ms wth vt th-m mty ms wth

    kitchen in our Guesthouse; sin-, t ms wthvt thm th MHouse; the fully equipped VistaHms c cm-ground. Get your day started with mst ySwss t kfst.

    Suizandina Mountain Lodge

    PRICESbreakfast included- Fm $18.000Credit and debit cards are ac-cepted. Tax discount if paying

    cash in USD, EUR or CHF orother discounts if paying cashin Chilean pesos.

    Ivana Franz Mayer & Sergio Prez MenaresMx: Cs 44, C CcCm Itc km 83, IX R

    T.: (+56) 45 197 3725M: (+56) 9+9884 [email protected]

    A y xcs thmts, hsck -ing with our own horses or

    a relaxing bath in the nearbyhot springs, you can enjoy as mss czywellness also an exquisitey m, jst f Swss scsk Rs, K, F Rc stt.

    W sk Ssh, Esh,Gm, Fch, It fcourse Schwiitzerdtsch!

    HOW TO FIND USBy car: Tk th t

    t Cc - Lmy

    t km 83, th y w s thentrance to Suizandina.By bus from Temuco:Take an

    Erbuc or BioBio bus to Curacau- Lmy. Th s vsfm Tm R Tmccvc ct. Gt th s tkm 83 ht f th v f

    Malalcahuello.By bus from Sanago:Take aTs s t Cc. Thchange to a local bus to Mala-ch - Lmy. Gt th s t km 83 ht fthe village of Malalcahuello.

    ADDITIONAL SERVICES Dt fm t:xcss, mt k,tkk, sk ts cm

    Horseback riding and ridingclasses

    Wss, hysthy,

    msss Transfer service Sts mt t(ks, swshs, sks, tc)

    F Itt WF Ct h Laundry service Luggage storage Book exchange Pst c svc Car rental Cm & RV Pk




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    Cs f th mst mtt y vcs Ch,ths s fct c t hw t v hmy wtht, s, mst mtty wth st. Th

    quaint city of Pucon in the Lake District is one of the best placesf t cvs Ch. Lct t th st fL Vc, t s s y ks, mts,wtfs, vs ks, t th hhht s th smkVc vc whch s vs fm mst vywh.

    We invite you to come and enjoy:

    Cm th cv Vc vc s thboiling lava.

    Tkk thh v fsts scv th mcAc ts th Hh Vc NParks.

    R th w Tc v c t wthe gentle Liucura river.

    Cycling through lovely countryside.

    Rx ht ss, v y mht.

    Discover the wilderness on horseback.

    Smm ch ys swmm & cc ks fwater sports.

    Skiing, snowboarding or hiking on snowshoes.

    Cy, hy s cy (Z- s).

    Sty Ssh m t Ch thMapuche Culture.

    Sv Mt cts, Bhst msty t sss t v tv h mths sthc v chmc tts w tctvmt.




  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15



    How to reach Pucn:By plane: between Dec. and Feb. there are several directhts fm S t Pc. D th st f th y thst t s Tmc, wh y c tk s, tsfor taxi to Pucon.

    By bus: th sv s cms, .. Ts, JAC,Pm, Jt S & L Az fm S JAC fmPt M, ss thh Os & Vv. Th sv schs cs. Fm S th t sts 10hs. (msty ht ss), fm Pt. M. 5 hs.

    By car:Fm S t Pc th 790 kms y 9 hs. 30 kms Tmc, F, y t sttws Vc, th 25 kms t Pc th sccsouthern Lake shore road.

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    t v y t fm- t xcss Pucn and your further tripthrough Chile.

    W hy t vy wth fm tcycle routes in the area.

    If you are interested inLEARNING SPANISH whiley vs Pc, w hy t y s-cial package that includes ac-cm csss wthexperienced teachers.

    Hostal La TeteraKa Sple & Franz SchubertC G U 580 - Pc

    T.: (+56) 45 246 4126M: (+56) 9+9837 1440 [email protected]:

    LA TETERA s sm, chm-ing Guesthouse with cozy

    ms wth vt shth. H y w cm-ft s, ct h,c thms vm wh y c wtch mv fm vx DVD cc. W t ktch s. Ochilly days you will appreciateth ct h ym th wm c!

    In our tea lounge you canchs fm w scf ts, c th thcmt t wth m, -

    jy c tstour delicious cake. You are alsowcm t s k x-change in several languages.

    O m ts c w kfst. Wspeak Spanish, English, Dutch Gm hy

    M fm s chck t

    PRICESincluding breakfast Mar 1 - Dec 14 Dec 15 - Feb 28D sh th () $ 28.000 $ 38.000D vt th () $ 34.000 $ 46.000

    S sh th $ 23.000 $ 31.000Single private bath $ 29.000 $ 40.000









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    M fm s chck t

    and fresh fruit sets you onyour way to explore all that

    Pucnhs t .In winter you will enjoy ourwood re stove.

    W k fw t syou at CASA SATYAwhere youcan relieve your body andsoul on your next journey toths f .

    Hostel Casa Satya

    CASA SATYA HOSTEL is atwo storey wooden housewith a lovely view of theVillarrica Volcano, locatedin a quiet street aroundthe corner fm th Turbustm, sh 5mts wk t th ct.

    I ths cm wcmc w y msfor one to four peoplewith private or sharedthm, c centralheang. O fms Swissbreakfast, with homemadebreads, grain coee, ms,

    Chahat Chrisna PassavantCalle Blanco Encalada 190 - Pucn(50 mts. fm Ts Tm)

    T.: (+56) 45 244 4093M: (+56) 9+8521 71 [email protected]: casa.satya





    anish.Our services include:

    Fy ktch G wth BBQ Pvt k Cmfy v m wth TV Itt WiFi for free Ly svc Bikes for rent Transfer fm t th

    airport Mt wksh

    m f 10 t 40 G tripsto the Hot

    Ss N Pks.

    Aer your outdoor

    adventures youll love our:

    Thc, sts x Massages

    Shts, Rk Sauna Yoga and other classes

    PRICES Public Holidays&including breakfast Mar 1 - Dec 14 Dec 15 - Mar 14

    S vt th $ 30.000 $ 38.000D vt th () $ 18.000 $ 22.000T vt th () $ 15.000 $ 18.000

    4 Bm v. th () $ 14.000 $ 15.500

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    Oy fw kmts st f th tst ct f Pc yc th x ctys f ths . As ths s hm t th Mchs, Chs st v thc, th s t t scv t th ts. I thsm v f Ch t s ss t vst hcsys, th c mkt, t t t f.

    F th m vts , ths s cvs sch scm th Vc (2800), L (3700) Qt(2400) vcs w vty f wt st my cystc vs ks (kyk, , sh, ysh).Th Vc Hh N Pks, wth th tyf th Mky Pzz t fsts (Ac Ac) whch v 1000 ys , mct cs t sht long walks.

    Th t vcc cvty th As Mts hs tth xstc f ms ht ss thht ths .Sm f thm m m, ths m sc, t any case very good for relaxing. You can get there on foot, bybicycle, on horseback or by organized tours.


    Tk Bss (c f P Stt Uy Stt)

    tw Ch t t th chch P Bj.Ask f Mt Mz. Bss v Pc vy hf h.Tx svc t th fm v st.



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    Ruka Rayen is located about20 km ts f Pc t th

    foot of the volcano Quetrupil-ln and between the riversP (fms kyk v) Tc (fms v) s f y wt t vthe crowd in Pucon, Ruka Ray-en is the right place for yourvc. Fm h y ccm th th y vc-s (Qt, Vc L) ch th tw ks (Hh,Vc). Y c s tour bicycles and kayaks to ex-plore the surrounding areas. A

    rainy day lets you enjoy one ofthe several nearby hot springs.A t cmt y y w y . Th vtyof our food includes vegetar- shs t"As" (c) th ty-c Mch hs ("Rk").

    W sk Ssh, Esh Gm.

    Addional benetsBicycle and kayak rental

    Fishing rods are available atno charge Guided tour to thevolcano Quetropillan Pick-up

    svc fm Pc CmLaundry service Internet isavailable at no charge

    How to nd us Tk th s (V Ry)

    fm Pc (y t t thcorner of Palguin and UruguayStreets; it leaves about everytwty mts) twsCh t ht

    th chch PBj (t th v tht ywant to go to Ruka Rayen andm hm 15 mtsf v). Fm th fwth s Rk Ry ts

    y 1,2 km wk ( v s c t ck y ).

    Ruka RayenPeter Krinnerkm.25, P Bj, Cm Itc

    M: (+56) 9+9711 [email protected]

    PRICESAll including breakfast

    except camping and the Cabin

    Double with shared bath- $14.000 pp

    Double with private bath- $17.000 pp

    Camping- $5.000 pp

    Cabin fully equipped for 4people (1 double bed and 2single beds)- $40.000 per night




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    Vv s cty f t ty. Its ct th sth fCh, st th mct scy th C-C,Valdivia, Cau-Cau and Cruces rivers. At present, these channelsy mtt v c cvs f thcity. Los Ros region is placed at the heart of the Valdivianfst. Ghc cmc vsty f ths s w f fsts tyc f th Vv fstc. Ths c f vy sm , wth 150km s f Vv. Tst c svcs ths th th m ss: St Ls

    (Sv Lks) th mt C s As;Vv-C th cst mt C Cst th L Rc k s, cc th sfm th C t th s. Ech f ths th tstss sts t , wth ts ct,stmy hc, shw v xss f ty. Ay, ch s cts stv sm f c fst ty, sy

    accessible through the network of public and private protectedareas that can be visited on foot, horseback, by boat, bike c. Th Vv-C s xts thcoastline, the Valdivia River estuary and Corral Bay, spreadingt tws th cst f L U M cmms tws th mt C Cst whth st cs f th Vv Cst Rfst m. Thsth ss cct t Vv y network of scenic roads, including a coastal route that passesthh th m chs cts thcst. Cct t ths t, cmx twk f vts sss thh th Vv Rv sty, fctaccess to the Cruces River Natural Sanctuary, Mancera Island,S Rm Ps th ts f tst f wttsm.





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    Bs Nv Hst s hh ty ccmmright in the centre of Valdi-v, fw sts fm th v

    m. Its f fadventurers and those whok tv thh m.Bs Nv Hst s tf sf-c t, -ty f th Assc f F-st Es f th NvFst, -t cv sc-

    ty z tht wks fth csv sst- mmt f vforests. The work achieved inthe previous years throughtechnical consultancies tosm sc fst ws th fst cts c-

    c th fs fthm t stt tsm s-ness venture related to thev fst.

    The Hostel building wascstct 1939 my falerce, laurel, lingue, raul andk w, t m fw.

    Its hs tht s-vived the biggest earthquakeever recorded.

    Its cstct st t tribute to the greatest sourceof pride in the South of Chile,

    Bosque Nativo Hostel

    Fresia 290, esquina Janequeo Valdivia Regin de Los Ros T.: (+56) 63 2433782

    [email protected]

    Our services include:

    F kfst D m ktchavailable to use

    Sf c 20 s F Itt cc

    W- ccss C TV

    L st cks Ly svc Dy Cmft cmm s

    wh sts c mt Tv m Tst Ifm

    in the presence of visitorsfm v th w.

    Hw t s Fm ths st, y c tka cab and it will leave you

    outside the Hostel in lessth 4 mts. Thy shch y xmtyCLP $ 800.

    PRICESMar 31 - Sep 31 Oct 01 - Apr 01




    Single: $17.000 Single:$19.000Doble: $23.000 Doble: $26.000Triple: $28.000 Triple: $30.000quadruple: $35.000 quadruple: $40.000

    Single: $14.000 Single:$17.000Doble: $20.000 Doble: $22.000

    Triple: $26.000 Triple: $28.000quadruple: $32.000 quadruple: $35.000

    Single: $9.000 Single: $10.000

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    The picturesque town of Puerto Octay is situated in aprotected bay, on the north shore of Lake Llanquihue. It can sy ch fm Pt M, Pt Vs, Fand Osorno.

    Fm th tw, y hv sctc vws f th Cc,Os P vcs, whch t f VctPz Rss N Pk. Th ss ysh fm th hs ks Rc Llanquihue, through to the lush rainforests of the Andes.Ths f vmt vs ts f myt cvs sch s wk, hk, mt,hs , mt-k, s, sh c.Fthm, th t wy f f thtkscy c v s f w, photography.

    We invite you to come and discoverthis exceptional part of Chi le!

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    Zapato Amarillo

    PRICES incl. breakfastDormitory- $13.000 Double shared bath- $17.000 ppDouble Private bath

    - $20.000 ppFamily room (4 pax.)- $45.000

    Scooter ren


    ... explore ourspectacular surroundings

    in a dierent way!

    - Mountain Bike andCar Rental

    - Single or mul-daymountain bike andtrekking excursions

    - For more









    Sm cht wth ss fand wooden interior, set in alandscape of extraordinarybeauty, where the discern- tv my csyc t st ft, sv v-wm hm-m swss -cious Chilean fare.

    W cmft & m ms wth vt &shared bath, clean kitchen forsts, tt, WF, maps ofthe area & trails, spacious gar-den, car parking and of coursev ms sch s fshsm shs, f stws, s-

    ads and vegetarian food, eve-rything pet feu, as well ashm-m Pt Octycheese fondue.

    GETTING THERE:- 2.5 Km fm Pt Octy

    on the way to Osorno.

    - Bus from Osorno(stm) vy 20 m.

    - Bus from PuertoMontm t08:25h/10:55h/13:25h/15:55h & 17:55h whichpass through Puerto Varas


    Nadia Muoz & Armin DbendorferMx Cs 87Rt U-55 km 2.5 s/, Sct L GtPuerto Octay

    T.: (+56 ) 64 2210 [email protected] - [email protected]: S 40 57 02.88 W 72 53 03.35

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    What s up in Puerto Varas?Bf k ft tw th shs f L Lh( f th st ks Sth Amc) wth fct vwsf th Os, Cc T Vcs fm thbeaches of Puerto Varas.

    Th st st t th Lk Dstct f:Tkk, Hk, Cm Os Vc, R, C,Cy, Fy Fsh, Hsck R m!

    Us Pt. Vs s y Bs Cm y c tk vsyts k t vst th Wtfs th Vct PzRss N Pk, cm Vc Os t thc , s Cscs & Pt Octy my thf cs.You can do these trips easily on your own, and be back byevening.

    G Hsts k Cmss S Cs Az w f y Pt Vs. H y w c sms (vy wth v msc) fct stts,Itt cs, c cty f, smy fct c t xand to get organized.

    I Smm, Pt Vs hsts ts f cvs k vmsc th z th Dy f th Kch tc. Th s

    hc mkt wh ss cm fm v Ch.

    Here is the gate to Patagonia and the beginning of thefamous Carretera Austral

    Its t cssy t sty Pt M, cs y ct vy s cc (t th At, Ch, S th mj cs) cty fm Pt Vs wthtms!Th ss s w y fm h cty t thNAVIMAG t wh y c t th t t PATAGONIA

    Shule buses between Puerto Mon and Puerto Varasevery 5 minutes.

    (About $800 Pesos Chilenos - just 20 min / 15 km.)

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    01 Hospedaje COMPASS DEL SUR02 Hospedaje CASA AZUL03 Hst04 Smc L

    05 Smc St Is06 Cf Mms07 Garage - Bar08 E Bmt - Rst B09 Restaurant Mediterrneo10 Tckt c - Ts Ch, Jc Bss11 Pm Bs ETM - Tm

    12 Cz S - Tm13 T Bs - Tm14 Tourist Info15 Laundry16 Bss t Es, Pth (Wtfs)

    Money Exchange and Internet Services17 Bss t Lh F

    18 PLAZA19 Restaurant La Olla

  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15





    Th Hst wth mxt fChilean & Scandinavian air.F m th Hst Pt Vs! As m s-

    sts, Cmsss mss st wth s integrated service, which wehv v sts -Tv-s fm v th W ever since we opened in 1999.

    We speak English, Deutsch,Svenska & Espaol

    Our house is well located in anold colonial neighbourhood on achm stt wth cs-sc Gm c hss, ht s th Phk,t st y 5 m-

    ts wk fm wtw, thk th s sts.

    The spacious bedrooms(sh & vt thms)

    are furnished with very com-fortable double box spring beds.A spacious living and dining areawth tt vsy x, csy wcm- mc. Th hs hs vy , sc fcm f vt k-

    ing for our guests.Our guests have free use ofour enormous kitchen and itsfully equipped fcs. Om ts wys c good lling breakfast! withhome made whole-wheatbread & jam, toast, cheese, sa-

    m t sth Ch- hm. Y c s extras like: muesli with yoghurt& fresh fruit, porridge, eggs,juice & real coee.

    W s hhy cm-m mst f th m-tant travel guide books andwsts, t f cs mstmtt f s w wys th fck fm ststhmsvs.

    PRICES - incl. breakfastShared & private bathrooms

    Between$9.000 - $27.000 pp- D ss & m(s, , t, - sh m f mx7 ss)

    Campingt fm $7.000

    Credit cards accepted.

    Malin Nilsson & Mauricio OsorioC K 467 Pt Vs

    T.: (+56) 65 2232 044

    [email protected]

    Hostel Compass del Sur


    Transfer Airport &Navimag port

    Convenient RENT A CAR, allcar categories.

    Bike rental Secure private parking; alsospace for motor homes

    Laundry service

    Free Luggage storage Book exchange Internet access + WI-FI Children welcome Good Tips & Travel Infofor your own trips throughthe Lake District and otherRegions in Chile.

    Some of our own excur-

    sions:- Trekking on the volcanoesOsorno & Calbuco

    - Shts t th PC, Ch Is

    - Sightseeing around theLh Lk

    Book through Compassother Outdoor Acvies like:R, kyk, hs ck

    , cm, cy, LkCrossing to Bariloche fer-yt Nvm t PtNatales, etc.

  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15





    Cozy and warm, becauseall rooms are central heated!

    G s msss,shared and private bath-

    ms, D ms,tw ms, s m mty. Us f fully equipped kitchen andcmft v m. W Rent a Car.Just come over to our placeand we will help you with

    any queson like. Canoe,kyk, , wtfs, v-canoes, trekking, penguins,hsck , ks, sh-, wth y s kLk-css Nvm.

    We oer you our owntours, with our pick up truckwe show you the most beau-ful places in our area. Also,we do boat trips for sight-seeing and shing. For moredetails please have a look inour homepage.

    W cmm y:

    Footprint, Moon Handbook,Reise know how, Lonely Plan-et, Rough Guide, Guide duRoutard ect.

    Hostel Casa Azul


    D m ss

    - Fm $8.000 t $15.500

    - Bt kfst $3.500

    Manzanal 66 corner RosarioB & Bkfst - Zmm mt Fhstck

    T.: (+56) 65 [email protected]

    W,... wht sh w syabout our house. Travelersfm v th w cmfor years to Casa Azul, they

    stay, the love it, they enjoy it, msty thy sty than they planned.

    Casa Azul is not a hotel, it is hm wh y c -ty x,... F th mcof our garden, big terrace,...hmmcks, Bs ts,

    Js sh,... ts fgreen,... lots of peace!In the inside of the house

    vyth s m f -v w ts f ts,w mk y sty hm-s f.




    a n d d on ' t wo

    r r y,






    - Wh wht (It), y c k c t, hm m ms,s, chs, hm, yht,jm, jc, tc.

    - 5 m. wk t th Ctand to the shores of thegrand lake Llanquihue with f vw css tVulcan Osorno.

    - Safe car park, Motorcyclescan park inside!

    - Free luggage storage.- Laundry Service.- Airport transfer Service.- Free Computer with fastInternet.

    - Free Wi.- Camera backup service.- Movie nights :) on an wide

    TV screen.- Book exchange, Backgam-mon, Cards, etc.

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    Th s f Ch s ch wth mvs ys sy chs. T th wst s th w Pcc

    wth ts sf t th st m f ctssm ss. O c ys y hv ftsc vws f thvcs th m tht sm t s t f th s.I Ch y c jy s ss f cm.



    Ancud is the base for several day trips along the east and westcst. Lc sh shsh stts sv tshs fm th s.

    PUIHUIL PENGUIN AND SEA LION COLONYPs st s s s, hs c s th f sc ch f Ph.

    PENNSULA LACUYSm s t sh vs st chs.Fms v xt t th wtft wh thy v fm whtth s th . CAULIN BIRD SANCTUARYA w vty f s s st ths y. I wtm

    ms cm fm th th f Ch t ths t c. CHEPU RIVERBt ts, hk sh th m cvs thsarea of splendid beauty. Across the river is the northern partf th N Pk f Ch.


    Cst, f wy c f th W, s th th st cty Ch s chctz y ts t Pt hsst sts v th s Chs st wchurch.Ejy th mc chtmt f ts , stmy,sc ts. A t twy t my tst cs k th UNESCO chchsof Chonchi, Chelln, Dalcahue and Nercn. Along the seaside

    th L hc f th h wh fm th t ss cm s th c.



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    Is ct 58 km f Cst, t th th f Cc. Thsf t s v th scts; Ch, Ay Mt. Its cmt s wt m. It hs ch vtyof Flora and Fauna. It is a great place to enjoy pure nature andadventure.

    H y c my cvs k sh, tkk, wfsv, hsck , kyk m.

    Th s f Ch fm th m vss th s unique feel. This can be seen in its architecture. The UNESCOht w chchs t t fm ths th m. Th myths s fm t f th fof the island people.

    W v th fm; y v th vt.Vst th mc s wth wtht . F m

    fm cm t Hst M Nv Ac Pt Hst Cst.

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    Right on the seafront, everym hs t vw fthe bay of Ancud. Our hos-

    t s jst tw mt wkfm th m s. Hs-tal Mundo Nuevo has a largegarden area with hot-tubandchildren playground, seaviewtc, csy v m, very well equipped kitchens ct h. Bkfstcs hmm ,yoghurt and fresh fruit.

    W c h y wth -t fm ms

    for biking and hiking tours.W s hv k x-ch, tt WIFI, -dry service, parking and solarheated showers.

    In Hostal Mundo Nuevo we ts ts t thpenguin and sea lion colonies,whale and bird watching, visitsto the wooden churches, seakayaking and culinary trips.


    Fm th w Cz Ss tm wk w Ls C-vada to the sea, then turn right.

    Th Q s tms ts tw (25 mtswk), t y c tk ccv ($400 s) tx ($2.000).

    Hostal Mundo Nuevo

    PRICESincluding breakfast

    Dormitory (6 beds)- $11.000 - $13.000

    Double shared bathroom- $14.000 pp - $17.000 pp

    Doubleprivate bathroom- $18.000 - $21.500

    Triple room private bathroom- $14.350 - $16.350

    Quadruple room privatebathroom- $12.000 - $13.500

    Marn SicherAv. Sv A (Cst) 748 - Ac

    T.: (+56) 65 2628 [email protected]

    fck: mv.hstsky: m.v








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    Adventure and stylein Chilo

    Th fms Pts Gm wtft s sck- wth t hss sts c ts. O fths chm -ws s hm t Pt Hst,ct jst 15 mts wk

    (1.5 km) fm th m s.Th fc stprepare you for the absolutelyst cmty -vt t. Is 8ms, vt mty,ch wth vt thms ct h.

    Two of the double-bedms hv cs wthspectacular views over the. Th s ysvc f s f Winternet. The kitchen is well

    Palafito HostelPaula AlmenaraC Est Rm 1210Pts Gm - Cst

    T.: (+56) 65 2531 [email protected]





    equipped for any culinaryv th cmmareas will keep you well en-tertained with books and ms. Evy mts ss t jy t

    kfst wth hmmwhm jm,fsh ft, yht, ,c, mk jc. Ask thfy st t hsckriding and all the excursionsavailable.






    Prices: -including breakfast Low season High seasonDormitory (4 s) $ 13.000 $ 15.000Double rooms $ 18.000 $ 21.000 Single rooms $ 26.000 $ 30.000Double rooms/ balcony$ 23.500 $ 27.500 Triple room /balcony $ 17.300 $ 20.000 Family room $ 56.000 $ 60.000

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    NORTHERN PATAGONIA, Aysn regionW v 1.200 km fm th v c t thSth Ic F, th Ct Ast s xtm -vt wth mssv vty f wf sctc vwsv vcs, s, ks, cky mts cs.

    COYHAIQUEis at the half-way point of the Carretera Aus-t s th m ccss f hts, s ccs boats. Day-trips will allow you to visit glaciers, rain forest,vs, ks c mts.LAGO GENERAL CARRERA isthe biggest lake of Chile.Baha Murta(th sh) Puerto Guadal(sthsh) tws y ths ts k. Y cscv hhhts sch s m cvs, cs jyctys f th t tck hsts.VILLA OHIGGINS is the end of Carretera Austral, surroundedy Sth Ic F. Fm h y c t A (ECht) css L OHs thh mz2-3 ys tkk.You can reach Aysn region by plane or bus, by boat to Puer-

    t Chcc fm A (Rt 40) v Ftf,Bmc Ch Chc (m csss).

    TIPS:Th y ss Ct Ast cc wthth tws. Tv wth csh (ATMs f cs y Cyh.I Cch Ch Chc y sm ct cs cct).

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    Eco Hostel - DESTINO NO TURSTICO - Puerto GuadalCm L L M km.1,5

    M: (+56) 9+8756 [email protected]

    For eco conscious travellers. This is a bright and colourful ecohostel located in the countryside and with the lake in front. It is ancc jct t sst f (wth s shws, cs ck, cms tts....). H y mht , xcand get inspired with new ideas over recycling, renewable, organicct, mct....W 1,5 Km fm tw, th "Cm L L M" .Chck w f s fm.Prices: Dorm $12.000 pp, Twin room $14.000 pp,Camping $5.500 . (wth ktch f sts cms)

    SUIZAIKE Lago General CarreraR t Pt Schz Km 4.5 Sct L C

    M: (+56) 9+[email protected]:// 46 28 'W 72 40,175 971

    Fm Cyh: 209 kmts. Fm Bh Mt: 4 ms,c Pt Schz cty. Mst k y vhc wk 15 t20 mts, fw th s tht s mk thcs (Th tstf s m thh ch). Ths s PARADISE, sts fc t, mk t c t st, x t wyvyth. It hs WONDERFUL VIEW f Lk G C.Iss th vmt hmy wth th vmt, w thht th y. Pcts / ms v: B,Fsh, Es, Mk, Oc vts, Sm, Rst ms,hm, Rs, Rs sc Mch.

    Prices: Breakfast included - Cabinone to two people: $45.000 -

    Three people: $70.000 - Lodging House:a Bed: $20.000 pp; TwoBeds: $25.000 pp - Services and Acvies: Visit to the Bathswth G; S; Fsh; Hf y wks m; Rt fKyk, S D; Wtch Wf

    HOSTERIA Y ALBERGUE EL MOSCO Villa OHigginsT.: (+56) 67 243 1819

    [email protected]

    Located in Villa OHiggins, end of the Austral Road and gate ofSth Ct Ic F (X R Ays).Cmft czy, ktch v, ms f t 6 ss, f tt, w-,ms, s th f, ks xch, s ht t.

    Prices: Dorms: $9.000 pp, Camping(c hst svcs):$5.000 pp, Breakfast; $ 3.000 . As S D mswth vt sh thm (s cs w st).

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    About Southern PatagoniaIn few words, we would like to introduce you to one of thest tch s th: Ch Pt, f wh vts scvs s cmm. Thssthmst f Ch ks t thss f smss, y t t th Dk S. It s fw mts vys c y chs s f ss wth mt vt.

    Punta Arenas, the capital of the Magellanes region, sitss th Stt f M t t f xmty54 sth. J. By scv ths c th BswckPs th 17th Cty m t Pt As(Sy Pt).Th cty f Pt As ws f Dcm 18th 1848 w t ct f cmmc, ct scty tht s ts c v th .Pt As s cty th xs f Ch A


  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15






    including breakfast

    SHARED BATHROOM- Single - $20.000- Double or Twin- $19.000 pp- Triple- $15.000 pp- Dormitory - $12.500 pp

    PRIVATE BATHROOM- Double or Twin- $24.000 pp19% TAX sct y yin foreign currency, for touristwtht mt scin Chile ONLY.Lw ss (A 30th t S-tm 30th) U t 30% OFFAll credit cards are accepted.

    HOW TO FIND USFm th t, tk tx

    ($8.000 x.) mstsf ($3.000 /, t svc) t th

    driver to take you to ourhst; f thm kw address. If you arrive by busy c tk tx ($1.500x.) jst wk h ( ty tks fw mts).Y hv t sk f #765OHs st., tw C-lon Av. and Ignacio CarreraPinto st.

    L Estcs vt ts-f svc t/fm ywhis also always available.

    Hostal La Estancia

    Hostal La Estancia is situat- t h-hood in downtown PuntaArenas. This old house was

    built in 1920 and recently re-st t v mv fc-s f sts.

    If you are looking for ac wth t sf ccmm, cm-ft cmm s c tmsh, -

    st, hthy kfst,f tt ccss (PC &WIFI), k xch, c-TV y m, ktchfcs, st,laundry service, updatedt fm mchm, y hv f th

    right place.

    AROUND LA ESTANCIAA fw mts wk fm

    h y c th mstts cs tw,sch s msms, th stpubs, bars and restaurants,s cms t ywh Pt, c cs, s-mkts, t cm- sts, ms, Bks & ATMs, tc

    Tips, info and bookings for

    N Pks NtReserves, boat-trips to gla-ciers and ice hiking, trekkingccts, T F, ysh, hsck ,wh-wtch, Nvm c fyts, m-tain biking, kayaking and zo-

    diac tours, Penguin colonies(smm y), c f, m




    Carmen Prez y Alejandro SotoC B OHs 765 - Pt As

    T.: (+56) 61 2249 [email protected]

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    Recommended Hostels



    Tiare Tuki & Peter NaefCks By s/, H R - Est IsT.: (+56) 32 2552 221Mobile:(+56)[email protected]

    Bf cmft cs m y th ws

    Pt T, Swss mmt wth hs R N wf.Lct wth 20 mts wk stc fm H Rtw ct, th cst, ss th ms f Th.

    5 mts t th tw ct y c.It ws wth wf s vw mz

    ssts whch c s fm y tc.A t kfst t stt y y, y c svc, w,

    tsfs t fm th t sh s t th tw

    included in the price.Th ws sk ssh, sh, fch, m.

    Pt T s vt ts c ssst y y sty wth y s ( t c, ckts f c shws,hk, mtk, hs , v, tc.)

    Prices: D m 130 s; S m 90 s; T m 170 s.

    PATIO EUROPEO BED & BREAKFASTSanago - ChileMonika Potratz & Claudio de la JaraAv. C N 847, 7501221 Pvc

    T.: (+56) 2 28483139M: (+56) 9+97309077 (+56) 9+91580267

    [email protected]


    Hst P E s th w m f th fm HstP Sz, w wth w ws. Its ct c, fy vmt, wy ct ms f cshst y ts ws, mks th hst fct c ts th ht t cs th ht f BItalia, in the Providencia district, well known for be an

    m ct t f S.Rooms with shared bathroomD Rm: $30.000(tw s)D Rm: $30.000( )D Rm: $30.000(k )

    Rooms with private bathroomQ Rm: $65.000T Rm: $55.000D Rm: $45.000D m: $40.000(tw s)D Rm: $35.000(w/k )S Rm: $29.000

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    HOSTAL LA MARAVILLALos Montes/Camino a Vilches

    Marion Bischler & Ursina BrangerPc 323 Lt BM: (+56) [email protected]

    Hst L Mv s w cstct sths ct 45 kmfm Tc t th As, y 20 km wy fm th Nk

    Ats Lcy/ Vchs.It cs 4 my, csy ms wth th w thm tc w c wth tw ms, v thm. W sk sh,m ssh. W k fw t wcm y.Marion & Ursina


    $38.000 m, kfst$52.000 m, hf $30.000 s s, kfst$37.000 s s, hf $8.000

    $45.000 c wth tw ms, v thm

    .CABAAS CAMPOMAR PelluhueCatalina Planella & Daniel Peters

    T.: (+56) 73 2541 000M: (+56) 9+98884802 - 9+8894 [email protected]

    Between Pelluhue and Curanipe in the Maule Region, we 15 czy cc cs. F f 2-8 wth t c vw; ktch, h, ht-wt,TV, tc, BBQ, swmm , y, k ,s y s v fst. Ct s wth

    chmy, Itt TV. Esh sk. Ny NParks, rivers and beaches. To get here, visit our website orctct Ct D. W w hy t sv y our special place.

    Prices:- Lw Ss (-v) fm $32.000 (2 x).- Hh Ss (j-f) fm $50.000.

    - Sc c f ckcks $13.000.- O kfst $4.000.




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    Recommended Hostels


    HOSTEL PALAFITO CUCAOParque Nacional Chilo, CucaoAndrs Salinero

    Tel.: +56 (65) 297 1164M: +56 (9) 8403 [email protected]

    Hst Pt Cc s ct th cmm f Chch,sm 50 km fm Cst, Ch Is, 200 m fm thN Pk f Ch.

    O Hst hs 9 f ms fc th k, wthvt thm, ct h, ktch, Itt,W, tcs v vw t Lk Cc.

    T c y x sty ctm f th

    t, w t hv tvss th ms m svc.Hst Pt Cc Pt T wk tth, wthtst fm f th t xcss, tkk hs wth s.Prices: -including breakfast Low season High seasonSingle $ 38.000 $ 40.000Doble twin $ 24.000 pp $ 25.000 pp

    Dorm (6 beds) $ 13.000 /cm $ 15.000 /cmDoble matrimonial $ 24.000 pp $ 25.000 ppDoble matrimonial $ 24.000 pp $ 25.000 pp(+ 2 camas) (+$8.000/cm) (+$10.000/cm)


    Adela Caln & Helmut GenkingerR: Tmc-Cc, Fj 16000 km 5 tM: (+56) [email protected]

    Qt, , t: czy, m, t, cmftt ts wth ct-h, t shws fs vw t th cv Lm-Vc. Dcs fsh mms wth ch-s scs A wts t kw advance, if you want to eat with us dinner. If so, please let us knowt ts y t k, ct t. Lts f fmsand personal organized all.incl. tours, ALL YEAR round to:Ck (v wh Ct-ccss s cs), Gmtcsthm ss, Pcc chs+B-Lk, Bkf.$4500/person For pickup-service, call us ahead.

    Prices:Apartment Cunco 2 beds $27.000 tmt.Apartment Llaima2 beds $31.000 tmt.Apartment Temuco4 beds $49.000 tmt.Backpacker6 beds $12.000 per bed.If y sty y ht w w ch $4.000 CLP xt tmt

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    HOSTEL LAS SALAMANDRASKm 2 camino al aeropuerto Coyhaique

    Maria SanhuezaT.: (+56) 67 [email protected]

    Th Hst Sms s sc c sty ccmmst t, w s t 2 kmts fm th ctf Cyh. Th m s scs , cty

    ht wt ht y th smm. Fcs fsts c ktch, TV, Cmt / Ly , f WIFIand use of our log-heated hot-tub. There is a large decking areats, c ty f sc f x. W hvs, , tw, t f- ms, sm wth vt sm wth sh shw/WC fcs, s stsf-ct c (th C), whch hs tw ms,ck th fcs, c s t sx . Abeds are provided with generous, freshly laundered bedding.

    Prices: including breakfastSingle bunk in four-person dormitory$14.000Twin / Double room$35.000Triple room$45.000Cabin (sleeps up to six)$60.000


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    Recommended Hostels



    Puerto Natales - Patagonia ChilenaNadia Kotlaversky & Ivn lvarezCalle Arturo Prat 479

    T.: (+56) 61 241 [email protected] Ptcs/174071715987108lilipatagonicos.hostal

    W ms wth sh vt thms: s , , tw s, t ms. Th ms ht,hv TV, W-F hs m. W f kfstt th y wth, y c jy sc f jms, cs,mk, yt, cks, , , c, ccsy smxts. T h y ms y w hv cm w; sck

    ; t cyc; B & Rstt; hm cm; cmtswth f tt; cm, cm mt mtfor rent; laundry service; parking; regular buses to Torres delP fm th hst, ss t E Cft, Ush PtArenas. You can also use our lounge of reading and service of bookxch, ktch csty f (y c v thxt wh y tkk). W hv y fm ff t Ts P th cvty, s ts,

    w z tks, xs ts Pt. W vy fy st, cm t sty L Ptcs.

    Prices: All prices include breakfast, Internet and towels. Rts t c tx (f tx )

    HIGH SEASON RATES 2014/15(December 1 to March 30)

    Rooms with private bathroomS m: $21.000D : $32.000D m + : $37.000Tw m: $32.000

    Rooms with shared bathroomS m: $16.000Double bed: $22.000Double bed+xt :$30.000Tw m: $22.000T m: $30.000Bm 3 B: $9.000 ppBm 6 B: $8.000 pp

    LOW SEASON RATES 2014(March 31 to November 30)

    Rooms with private bathroomS m: $20.000D m: $29.000D m + : $32.000Tw m: $29.000

    Rooms with shared bathroomS m: $15.000D m: $22.000+ : $25.000+ tw s (k-th): $32.000T m: $25.000Bm 3 B: $9.000 ppBm 6 B: $8.000 pp

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    Meet the peopleTvs tst Ch ts

    sh f hsts s th Mtth c. At ths cs yt ctct wth t s schs shm, c cwys, shhs,s fms, th ysmy sty t th hst tk ftheir excursions.

    Welcome KidsChileans are known for their love for

    ch. Hwv, ccmm xcs s t wys jstt th sc mts f th ystcstms. Wcm Ks s t s ty ct. It s th t shw fms

    wh tv, whch ccmmor tour operator tries to focus on youngersts th scc mts.

    FairChile One tourist one treeEvery tourist leaves his trace, either in the

    fm f CO2 mss f tst, sof energy, waste, or the social change

    wth cty cs y tsm. Hstsc wth FCh fsv ts t cmst thCO2 footprint caused by their guests.Ths m s st y th Chvmt.

    Accessible TourismHostels and tour operators using the

    Accss Tsm c st thtsm cts hv sc s thvcs. Wth y h w t hw t mv. Hwv, stvs wcm t ths cs.

    Dt fm t ths th ms Spanish at:

    Emotive TourismThe following icons classify hostels and excursions, notwith stars as common but with characteriscs, which will

    provide a dierent experience while traveling in Chile. Livethe emoons of vising tradional groups; look for theideal place for your whole family; dont forget your CO2oset; help us create a kind of tourism in Chile accessible foreverybody including those with special needs.

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    20142015 back packe rs ch i l eFINDUSON:

  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15


  • 8/10/2019 Guia Backpackers 2014 15



    La Serena



    Punta Arenas



    ValdiviaPuerto OctayPuerto Varas



    Isla de Pascua

    Puerto Guadal

    Puerto Natales



    Villa O Higgins-

    h l