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Tips on note taking


  • 1. Guidelines forWriting YourThesis PaperPart Two-NoteTakingMrs. LigoLibrary Media SpecialistBayshore Middle School

2. Note taking 3. Note taking Note taking is an important skill to develop. While you are reading take careful notes. Organize your thoughts by creating severalmain ideas or topic sentences for eachparagraph. Common knowledge information does nothave to be cited. 4. Note takingWhat questions to you have about yoursubject Focus on answering the questions-What?Why? When?How? Where? 5. Tools to Use 3 x 5 Note CardsNote takingWeb Tools (such as EasyBib or NoodleTools) Idea/mind mapping strategies 6. Organize Your IdeasResearch TopicAnswerGaines; Ace Your Research Paper (p21)Note taking 7. SummarizingParaphrasingQuotationsNote taking 8. QuotationsNote taking Quotations are original phrases orpassages from a book, article, poem etc. Use quotes for persuasion or to point outspecific facts Do not overuse quotes- only 10% of yourpaper should include direct quotes. 9. A paraphrase isNote takingYour own rendition of essential informationand ideas presented in a new 10. Note taking4 Steps to Effective Paraphrasing1. Reread the original passage until youunderstand its full meaning2. Set the original aside and without lookingat it write a paraphrase3. Check your original with the paraphrase tomake sure your information is accurate butdo not copy word for word4. Record the source & page numbers onyour notecard1. 11. Creating Note CardsWhite House Ghosts- SightingsSilverman Haunted Places inAmerica, 1994HeadingPgs.1-4PageNumberOne factAuthor,Article orBook Title & DateNote takingAbraham Lincoln was often seenin the White House. CraceCoolidge, the wife of Pres.Coolidge saw him at the window 12. Creating an OutlineIntroduction/Thesis StatementI. History of the Haunted PlaceA. LocationB. Time period (ie Civil War)II. GhostsA. Who reappearedB. What are their activitiesIII. EventsA. What event may have led up to thehauntingIV. SightingsA. When were the sightingsB. Who saw the ghostV. ConclusionNote takingFirst TopicSupportingideas 13. Final Draft Write, Reflect, ReviseNote taking Write again, Reflect again, Revise again 14. BibliographyNote TakingBentley, Nancy. Don't Be a Copycat!: Write a Great Report withoutPlagiarizing. Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow Elementary, 2008. Print.Gaines, Ann. Ace Your Research Paper. Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow, 2009.Print."Purdue OWL: Paraphrase Exercises." Purdue University Online Writing Lab(OWL). Web. 07 Feb. 2012..Revisions. Digital image. Click 2 Apr. 2010. Web. 11 Feb. 2012..Silverman, Jacob. "How Agent Orange Worked" 04 November2008. 11 February 2012.Terban, Marvin. Ready! Set! Research! New York: Scholastic, 2007. Print.