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Gurps Caverns & Creatures.


  • Caverns and CreaturesA Fantasy Supplement for the Generic Universal Role-Playing System

    Written by Timothy Groves

    Additional material by Geoffrey Fagan, James Joseph Edwards, James Beattie, Jeffrey Bergeron, Robert Scott Demerchant, Walter Rousseau, Deanna Colwill, William Penney, Maxim Busse, Brad Glenn, Bryan Sagriff, Nicholas Busse

    Playtested by Jeffrey Bergeron, Walter Rousseau, Kaleb Earl, Maxim Busse,Nicholas Busse, William Penney, James Joseph Edwards, Deanna Colwill,Robert Scott Demerchant

    GURPS (The Generic Universal Role-Playing System) created and owned by Steve Jackson Games.

    Artwork by Timothy Groves using POVRay 3.5, TGIF and Image Magick



    The material within this document is the creation of the above-mentioned persons, and is meant for use with the GURPS system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not

    official and is not endorsed by Steve Jacson Games.


  • Introduction

    Steve Jackson Games makes the assertionthat with a copy of GURPS Lite1 and access tothe Internet, one could concievably play GURPSforever without spending a single penny.Unfortunately, this has not proven to be entirelytrue, especially in the field of Fantasy Role-Playing. GURPS Lite offers only one non-humanrace - Elves - and only a few spells. And the webresources for Fantasy are scant. A few monsters,a host of new spells that all require Magic orGrimoire to be useful, a nice equipment list ortwo...but not enough to truly carry a full Fantasygame. And while GURPS does interface nicelywith any other companys supplements, theresulting boggle is often confusing, and certain todissuade a newcomer.

    Having noted this, and realizing that itmakes it difficult for newcomers to the game toget started, I created this document. With a copyof Caverns and Creatures, plus a copy of GURPSLite make it truly possible to play Fantasy forever,for free.

    This having been said, however, it is worthpointing out that the resources in this documentare still rather slight. Less than fifty monsters,only about four hundred spells, and a tinyequipment list. If you wish to play GURPSFantasy, I strongly suggest acquiring GURPSBasic and GURPS Magic at the very least. Othergood books to acquire, as you warm to thesystem, include GURPS Bestiary, GURPSGrimoire, GURPS Magical Items, and GURPSUndead.

    Even with those books, however, thisdocument can still form an important part of thegame. You may decide that the magic systemdescribed in this book better suits your needs thanthe "official" GURPS Magic system. You mayfind that the monsters and equipment lists areexactly what you need. Or that the templatedcharacter system is precisely what is required forthe ex-AD&D junkie. Whatever use you find forthis document, even if its only to start a fire, Iwelcome you to it.

    1 GURPS Lite can be found on the World WideWeb at

    About GURPSSteve Jackson Games is committed to full

    support of the GURPS system. Their address isSJ Games, Box 18957, Austin, TX 78760. Pleaseinclude a self-addressed stamped envelope(SASE) any time you write them! Resources nowavailable include:

    Pyramid ( online magazine includes new rules andarticles for GURPS. It also covers all the hobbystop games - AD&D, Traveller, World ofDarkness, Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun andmany more - and other SJ Games releases such asIn Nomine, INWO, Car Wars, Toon, OgreMiniatures and more. And Pyramid subscribersalso have access to playtest files online, to see(and comment on) new books before theyrereleased.

    New supplements and adventures. GURPScontinues to grow, and SJ Games will be happy tolet you know whats new. A current catalog isavailable for an SASE. Or check out their Website (below).

    Errata. Everyone makes mistakes,including SJ Games, but they do their best to fixtheir errors. Up-to-date errata sheets for allGURPS releases are always available from SJGames; be sure to include an SASE with yourrequest. Or download them from the Web - seebelow.

    Q&A. SJ Games does their best to answerany game question accompanied by an SASE.However, they will be unable to answer anyrequest concerning this document. Direct suchrequests to

    Gamer input. SJ Games values yourcomments. They will consider them, not only fornew products, but also when they update existingbooks for later printings!

    Internet. Visit SJ Games on the WorldWide Web at for an onlinecatalog, errata and updates, and hundreds of pagesof information. They also have conferences onCompuserve and America Online. GURPS hasits own Usenet group, too:

    GURPSnet. Much of the online discussionof GURPS happens on this e-mail list. To join,send mail to with"subscribe GURPSnet-L" in the body, or pointyour World Wide Web browser

  • 4 Introduction

    Templated Character CreationMost players coming to GURPS from other

    Fantasy systems will be used to a fairlyregimented character creation system. A step fordetermining Attributes, a step for choosing yourcharacters race and profession, and so forth.GURPS lacks such a structure, allowing for totalfreedom to customize your character.

    Such a total freedom, however, combinedwith the immense number of choices that GURPSoffers, can quickly and totally swamp newcomers.For the newer players, and those used to adifferent system, I offer a regimented system forcharacter creation.

    Each GURPS Caverns and Creaturescharacter is built on a total of one hundred andtwenty-five points. These make them verging onhero material, but not yet full-blown heroes. Forthe more usual 100-point GURPS game, a lowerpoint level is also available.

    125 points 100 pointsAttributes 60 points 50 pointsRace Package 0 points 0 pointsProfessional Package 25 points 25 pointsSkills 30 points 30 pointsQuirks -5 points -5 pointsFreebies 15 points 0 points

    Determining AttributesAttributes are determined in Caverns and

    Creatures in a semi-random format. TheAttributes Table lists combinations of Attributenumbers totalling sixty character points - fiftycharacter points for 100-point games. No resultsare possible less than an eight, as such resultswould eat into your characters availableDisadvantage pool. Roll 2 dice, and consult thefollowing table:

    Roll 125 points 100 points2 17, 9, 8, 8 16, 9, 9, 93 16, 11, 8, 8 16, 10, 8, 84 15, 12, 9, 9 15, 11, 9, 95 12, 12, 11, 11 12, 12, 11, 106 13, 12, 11, 10 13, 12, 10, 107 13, 12, 12, 9 13, 12, 11, 98 13, 11, 11, 11 13, 11, 11, 109 14, 12, 11, 8 14, 11, 11, 810 14, 13, 10, 8 14, 12, 10, 811 15, 10, 10, 10 15, 10, 10, 912 16, 10, 9, 9 16, 9, 9, 9

    Distribute the four Attribute numbersamong your characters Attributes as you see fit.Using the Attributes table found on page three ofGURPS Lite, record the point values for the fourattributes. These four point values should totalsixty.

    Of course, if you so desire, and your GameMaster is agreeable, you may simply spend sixtypoints to adjust your Attributes as you like. ,LP

    The Freebie PoolThe Freebie Pool, totalling fifteen points, is

    completely unallocated and can be used foranything. To gain more Freebie points, yourCharacter can take on some Disadvantages. Up totwenty points in Disadvantages may be selected.Add the point cost of the Disadvantage into yourFreebie pool. You can select more than twentypoints in Disadvantages if you like, but youreceive only twenty points regardless of howmany Disadvantages you select.

    Up to five points in Quirks may also betaken. This is above and beyond the total numberof Disadvantages taken, and is factored into theTemplate above. Game masters should insist thatall five Quirks be taken.

    Most Races have a selection of Skills thatthey are expected to know, else they must take theDisadvantage of Uneducated. This Disadvantageis worth -5 points, and may be required more thanonce.

    New AdvantagesBardic Magical Aptitude - 10 points

    This version of Magical Aptitude is fullydescribed in the section on Magic. It may only beselected by a Bard.Extra Mana - 2 points per level

    Your mana pool is higher than normal. Foreach level of Extra Mana you have, your manapool is increased by one. No more than fivelevels of this Advantage may be taken.Po wer Reserve - 1 point per level

    This Advantage grants ten extra points ofmana, that may be used to power spells. Unlikethe Advantage of Extra Mana, this mana does notrecharge. Ever. Once it is used up, it is goneforever. The GM may allow you to purchase thisAdvantage after character creation.

  • Introduction 5


    After either selecting or randomly creatingyour characters Attributes, you must select aplayer character Race. Race in this sense doesnot mean cacausian, negro or asian; it refers to thefantasy species that your character belongs to.

    Unlike in almost every other GURPSsupplement, all the Races in Caverns andCreatures total zero points. This is not to say thatthese Races are the only ones possible in aFantasy campaign; you could certainly feel free touse Races from other supplements. Just makesure that your GM has approved the Races inquestion.

    Each Race (except Humans and part-Humans) has an associated list of Racial Quirks.The cost of five of these Quirks has been factoredinto each Race. Therefore, the player must selectfive of these Racial Quirks for his character. Thisis above and beyond the five points in regularQuirks allowed for the character. Some of theRacial Quirks are listed as (-5); these areDisadvantages. One of these (-5) Disadvantagesmay be selected in place of all five Racial Quirks.

    DwarvesDwarves are people of the hills and

    mountains, and live both on and under the earth.They tend to be short and stocky, but do not feelat all self-conscious about it; to a Dwarf, a Dwarfis at exactly the right height, and most of the otherRaces are stretched too tall and thin. Their hairranges from red to brown, though never black,and their skin usually resembles well-workedleather. Dwarves gain a +1 bonus to their ST andHT Attributes, but due to their small size, suffer a-3 to their Hit Points.

    Dwarves tend to be dour and gruff,standoffish, and rather surly. They hav e a strongdislike of the various Goblin-kin, and will avoiddealing with them if possible. They are fond offood and drink, and love music, especially thedrums. Dwarves are long-lived; a Dwarf isconsidered mature at 50, and makes ageingchecks at 150, 210 and 270.

    Dwarves are very dense; they sink ratherthan float, and as such cannot learn the SwimmingSkill. They can carry larger amounts ofequipment than normal, as though their ST wasthree levels higher, and gain a +2 on all SkillLevels involving mining or metalsmithing,

    including the Armoury Skill. However, theysuffer a -2 to their Move score due to their shortlegs, and a -3 on all ranged attacks due to theirnearsightedness. Enemies attempting to hit aDwarf suffer a -1 to their attack rolls, due to theDwarf s smaller size.

    Dwarves are strongly matriarchal. EachDwarven Tribe is ruled by a High Mother,typically (though not always) the eldest female ofthe Tribe. Of the various Dwarven Gods, onlyone (the God of Battle) allows male priests.Inheritence is traced strictly through the motherslines; Dwarves do pair-bond, but have no strictformality of marriage. Often, ones mother is theonly parent one can be certain of. But whilewomen rule the civil government, the men are incharge of the military. Each Tribe will elect aDuke to lead them in battle; if a threat to aDwarven nation is great enough, the Council ofMothers may decide to elect a King. The King isselected from among the Dukes.

    The Dwarves have dev eloped a short swordknown as an ahril, specifically for fighting in veryclose quarters. This weapon has elaboratequillons and a heavy pommel, forcing the centerof gravity further back on the sword. Thisweapon has a reach of C,1 rather than 1, butsuffers a -1 to Parry. For a Dwarf, the skill to usean ahril is a Physical/Average skill, defaulting toDX-5; for any other race, it is a Physical/Hardskill, defaulting to DX-6. Ahril and Short Sworddefault to each other at -3. The ahril has a basecost of 5 gp.

    Dwarves have a complex language based ondrumbeats, that they use for long-rangecommunications through the tunnels. This is aMental/Hard Language, but for anyone withDwarven as a Native Language, it becomesMental/Average. Musical Ability adds to skillwith this language.

    Dwarves are expected to have learned anumber of skills; either the Armoury, Blacksmithor Mining Skill, and either the Axe/Mace, ShortSword, Ahril, Crossbow or Brawling Skill. If aDwarf has not learned any of the Skills fromeither of these two packages, they are consideredto be Uneducated (-5 points, -1 to ReactionRolls). If a Dwarf has not learned any of theSkills listed above at all, they must take theUneducated Disadvantage twice.

    Height for a male Dwarf is 43 inches, plus2d, and weight is 120#, plus 6d. Subtract twoinches and fifteen pounds for a female Dwarf.

  • 6 Races

    Add ten pounds for every point of ST above 12;subtract ten pounds for every point of ST below10.

    Racial Quirks: Dislikes Goblins;Intolerance: Goblins (-5), Likes ale, beer andmead; Distrusts Elves; Mild Agoraphobia (fearof open spaces); Agoraphobia (-5); SomewhatGreedy; Argumentative; Dislikes rangedweapons; Dislikes travelling by water; CantSleep above ground; Refuses to eat pig.

    StereotypesElves - "Scrawny little buggers, but dont

    knock em. They can be skilled warriors. Butwhile I can respect em, I dont trust em, and Idont like em."

    Gnomes - "Skilled folk. Theres a lot tolike in em, but they sure dont take life seriously.Instead, they waste their time on all thingsnonsensical."

    Half-Elves - "These poor buggers are reallycaught in the middle. Elven snottiness keeps emout of that side, and Human prejudice keeps emout of there. Not that I like em any better."

    Half-Ogres - "Real big and real dumb.Best use for these boys is holding up walls, excepttheyd forget why they were doin it and wanderaw ay."

    Half-Orks - "Not tough enough to surviveamong the Orks, not nice enough to surviveamong Humans. But theyre more than toughenough to handle Humans, and a lot nicer thanOrks."

    Hobbits - "Now these folk really know howto lay a table, and they can pack it away betterthan even a Dwarf. But count your silverwareafter youve hosted one for dinner."

    Human - "Theres those as figure thatHumans are the scum of the world. Id say thatwhile their nasties can be as bad as anything else,their true heroes are almost as good as us."

    ElvesElves are tall, thin, pale people, usually

    blonde to brown-haired, with blue or green eyes.A very few are black-haired, with deeper-tonedskin. They hav e long, sweeping, pointed ears,upswept eyebrows and almond-shaped eyes.Though their hair is frequently very long, no Elfis capable of growing any facial hair whatsoever.

    Elves reside in small villages, deep inforests or on top of mountains. Their villages areusually one with nature, sometimes being builthigh up in the treetops. They are organized into...


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