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  • 1. Gus and Grandpa and theTwo-Wheeled Bike

2. rickety-old and shaky rickety bridge / rickety fence 3. A rickety dock, and a staircase:wouldyouwant to walk on these? 4. An old rickety wagon, a bridge, & a house 5. rattling - making short knocking sounds cages rattling toys rattling 6. Instruments thatrattleare percussion instruments. 7. Rattling sounds(Click to play in Internet Explorer) rattling pots and pans rattling metal trash can shake & roll dice 8. prying - trying to open or move something by force using a crowbar oranother tool 9. Opening a crate, an oyster, and a glass bottle 10. impatiently - upset or annoyed about waiting Lets go already!! 11. Impatience means you have trouble waiting. What are they waiting for? 12. romp - move around playfully 13. Romping no matter what: hot or cold, wet or dry 14. defeated - to have lost or feel like you have lost 15. They weredefeatedby the day; theyre exhausted. 16. jubilant - feeling joyful and happy 17. jubilant = happy Why are they jubilant? 18. master - to know how to do something very well master VS novice 19. masterVSnovice 20. The End