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www.h3c.com CN-190130-20190821-BR-SD-V4.0 2019 New H3C Group. All rights reserved. Disclaimer: Although H3C attempts to provide accurate information in this material, but does not guarantee that the contents of the material do not contain technical errors or misprints, thus shall not be liable for the inaccuracy of the information contained herein. H3C reserves the right to modify the contents of this material without notice or prompting H3C Beijing Headquarters Tower 1, LSH Center, 8 Guangshun South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing,China Zip Code: 100102 Hangzhou Headquarters No.466 Changhe Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China Zip Code: 310052 Shaping the Digital Future For a Better Life

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2019 New H3C Group. All rights reserved.
Disclaimer: Although H3C attempts to provide accurate information in this material, but does not guarantee that the contents of the material do not contain technical errors or misprints, thus shall not be liable for the inaccuracy of the information contained herein. H3C reserves the right to modify the contents of this material without notice or prompting
H3C Beijing Headquarters Tower 1, LSH Center, 8 Guangshun South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing,China Zip Code: 100102 Hangzhou Headquarters No.466 Changhe Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China Zip Code: 310052
Shaping the Digital Future For a Better Life
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spanning across computing, storage, networking, security and
related domains, and provide a comprehensive one-stop digital
platform that includes cloud computing, big data, digital
interconnectivity, information security, video surveillance,
Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, artificial intelligence
(AI) and 5G solutions, as well as end-to-end technical
services. We are also the exclusive provider of HPE servers,
storage and associated technical services in China.

Based in China, we have firmly oriented ourselves towards the
needs of our clients, supported by a deep foundation with more
than 30 years of operation. We provide scenario-based and
customized solutions to our customers, enabling digital
transformation in various industries that include, but not limited
to telecommunications, government, finance, utilities, energy,
healthcare, education, transport, Internet, and manufacturing.
We serve customers across the globe, and our products are
widely used in nearly 100 countries and regions. Our clients
include Vodafone, Telefónica, Swisscom, Coca-Cola,
DreamWorks Studios, SNCF, Samsung Electronics, and

“Shaping the Digital Future for a Better Life” is not only the
prospect for the new age of IT development, but is also the
corporate vision of H3C, a Digital Solutions leader in the age of
the digital economy. Looking forward into the future, we aim to
drive the development of the digital economy, and together with
clients and partners, to create a better life for all to enjoy.
H3C is an industry leader in the provision of Digital Solutions, and is committed to become the most trusted partner of our clients in their quest for business innovation and digital transformation.
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Digital Solutions
With the maturity and popularity of technologies such as AI, Big Data, Cloud, 5G, and IoT etc., digital technologies have been involved in every industry.
They have also accelerated the integration of all industries, offering unprecedented opportunity for all.
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In the new era of digital economy, digital
transformation cannot be accomplished overnight. It is
a long-term journey involving corporate culture,
organizational processes, business models, and
personnel capabilities. It is a series of operations that
focus on the future of digital economy, involve latest
digital technologies and empower businesses.
Technical Leadership of H3C
With the components of the Digital Infrastructure, Business empowerment Platform, Active
Security and Unified Operation&Maintenance modules collectively forming the Smart Digital
Platform, and by joining hands with ecosystem partners to co-innovate in Smart Applications,
H3C and its partners jointly help customers from all industries build digital brains in their
respective domains.
Cloud Computing
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Smart Digital Platforms
As an industry leader in in the provision of Digital Solutions, H3C provides customers with innovative
technologies and solutions adapting to the development of the digital economy, and is committed to become
the most trusted of our clients in their quest for business innovation and digital transformation.
In the "4 + N" model of the digital brain, the "4" focus on H3C's Smart Digital Platforms, including Digital
Infrastructure, Business Empowerment Platform, Active Security and Unified O&M Services necessary for
digital transformation.
Digital Infrastructure: evolving to embedded intelligence
Integrating computing power and algorithms enables all infrastructure to have a complete set of AI
service capabilities (including data, computing power and algorithms), which makes the equipment
operation intelligent and provides the system with multiple AI capabilities.
Business Empowerment Platform: a core engine for digital transformation
It comprises two parts: the ABC converged platform including AI operating systems (A), big data (B),
and cloud computing (C), and the digital middleware which accelerates business digitization, data
commercialization, and application intelligentization. Based on technical architectures of continuous
convergence and development, the business empowerment platform provides core platform
capabilities and supports enterprises' innovation in digital businesses.
Active Security: AI-driven information protection
The innovation of “active security + AI” comprehensively upgrades the abilities of "full-stack risk
perception, security intention analysis, and cloud-network-terminal collaboration". The products include
AI firewalls, situation awareness systems, classified protection 2.0 solutions, cloud security solutions,
and data security solutions.
Unified O & M Services: full-stack smart guarantee for IT environment
It integrates the operation status data of software and hardware at all levels, establishes a smart,
comprehensive, efficient security system, and automates collaborative management from an overall
perspective, so as to improve the O&M efficiency and reduce labor costs.
Six Capabilities in Smart Digital Platforms
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United O&M Services
Visual display can be
faults can be traceable,
problems can be
capabilities can be
introduced for intelligent
H3C Big Data
Engine for Resource and Data Service Operation University Big Data
Government Administration Big Data
Public Security, Transportation, Finance, etc.
Big Data Engine Big Data Solution
Data Integration
C lo
u d
Container Microservice HA Cluster
Storage Virtualization
Network Virtualization
With the aim of "Application-Driven, Interconnection of Everything", H3C Application-Driven Networking Solution
(AD-NET) provides a proactive, adaptive and versatile network to achieve two capabilities: massive connection of
things based on the Internet of Things (IoT), and network reconstruction based on the Software Defined Network
(SDN). It creates a sustainable and massively-connected ecosystem to support the traditional industrial chain for digital
transformation, and provides a reliable and nimble network infrastructure for digital transformation of the society.
AD-NET solution has great benefits in the following
aspects. The first is perception. The network will
collect the intention of the front-end application or the
intention of the machine. The second is analysis.
AI-based analysis platform will correlate the data
collected by the front-end through a series of
algorithms with the controller to form a complete
solution for analysis and decision-making, then
automatically deliver and optimize the network.

AD-NET Controller to realize intelligent control,
operation and maintenance of the network, reducing
the costs for customers.
architecture with AI technologies, which can predict
network issues, perceive potential security threats,
illegal access devices and anomalies of IoT devices. It
can also instruct the controller to make automatic
corrections. With the help of the Analyzer, AD-NET
can greatly improve the efficiency of operations and
maintenance, effectively respond to attacks, and
adapt to the changes of data traffic.
H3C proposes an innovative and business-oriented
loop to the intelligent network, namely perception,
analysis, action, optimization and compliance. In the
course of digital transformation, more abundant
sensing methods, smarter analysis, more effective
actions, more agile optimization strategies, and better
compliance mechanisms will be used to support
customer business innovation and revenue
Routing Switching NFV Security 5G WLAN IoT
Delivery Telemetry
AD-NET Center
Controller Analyzer
Government/Public Sector/Manufacturing/Finance/Energy/Education/Carrier/Internet
AD-NET Architecture
Intent Feedback
17 18
S7500X Series S7500E Series S6520X Series S5560X Series S5560S Series
IE Series
Industrial Switches
MSR3610-I MSR3610-IE
Virtual Gateway
NGFW F1000 Series
Bastion Host A2000
ACG Manager NFV Manager DLP Manager
Database Audit D2000
service system
Open unified API interface ubiquitous
network platform
Wireless solutions for cities
Intelligent O&M Value added service Open platform
H3C's Wireless Product
H3C Wireless LAN
High-end Access Controller series AC Gateway and AC Card series
High-end AP products 802.11ax / 11ac wave2 series
New Generation IoT AP 3-radio indoor/outdoor series
Mid-low end economical AP products 802.11 wave2 WA55 and WA53 series/Wall-jack
WA6628 WA6622
WA560 WA6630X
21 22
H3C Servers
Business transformation
Consultation and planning Development and test Deployment and implementation O&M and optimization
Consultation on digital architecture
Full lifecycle service of data center
Support platform of digital transformation management
Industrial application and integration IT O&M and operation
Scenario-based architecture Agility Management model transformation O&M model transformation
O&M of data centerPlanning and consultation of data center
Interconnectivity Cloud Computing Big Data Security
Design of data center Implementation of data center Verification of data center
Infrastructure support service Key business support service
Self-designed Terminal Layer
Oasis private cloud
Oasis public cloud
Wristband: IN Series
Outdoor IG Series
T1000 Series R2000 Series R4000 Series R5000 Series R6000 Series
Entry Level File & Print
Info. Processing Infra. Application
Distributed Computing
23 24
Source Technology Innovation Award”
core award of “Top Cloud Connect Awards” in
Cloud Connect China
the solutions certification of trusted cloud and
open source cloud.
of global SPECvirt virtualization test.
H3C CAS (Cloud Automation System) got the
highest [email protected] with 26 tiles testing by
SPEC virt_sc ® 2013
used to measure performance of virtualized
platforms. These benchmark suites are targeted
Lead Award”
Competence Certification
In 2017, nearly 100 projects, including the full range AP with
802.11ac Wave2, IoT AP, Comware software platform, and oasis
platform of H3C passed the test of China Telecommunication
Technology Labs.
Best Practices
universities, enterprises, and important activities:
Build nearly 60 wireless cities
Help Shandong University, Huazhong University of Science and
Technology, and Hong Kong University to build smart campus
Promote Tencent IT infrastructure upgrading
Provide network service support for the 4th Internet Security
Conference, World Internet Conference, and G20 Hangzhou
finance, government, enterprises, and so on.
vBRAS is widely deployed in Jiangsu Telecom, Shanghai
Telecom, Zhejiang Telecom, Fujian Telecom, and Guangdong
continuity, and operating in a Safe business environment (collectively, referred to as STARS), thus ultimately
facilitating their successful Digital Transformation.
for use by hardware vendors, virtualization
software vendors, application software vendors,
datacenter managers, and academic researchers.
Best Practices
actively promote digital transformation:
(CNOOC), China State Construction Engineering
Corporation (CSCEC), Elephant Melted Media, and
other enterprises to complete cloud construction.
Provide digital transformation services for
agriculture in provinces and cities such as Shanxi;
provide digital transformation practices for
institutions of higher learning, such as Tianjin
state-and-ministry-level e-government cloud, 19
district-level e-government cloud in China.
25 26
[2018] Selected as 2017-2018 Excellent Data Product and Application Solution Case
[2017] H3C Data Engine won the 2017 China Informatization Best Data Product Award
[2017] 2017 New Energy Internet Big Data Corporate Award
[2016] Top 50 China Big Data Enterprises
Business Capability
Big data platform products of H3C took the lead in passing the big data system test of China
National Information Technology Standardization Network.
Best Practices
Provide big data services to important institutions, industries and colleges and universities in
China: support big data construction of the Ministry of Public Security, China Earthquake
Networks Center (CENC), State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People’s
Republic of China (SAIC), Tianjin Public Security, Hebei Public Security, Anhui Provincial Tax
Service, State Administration of Taxation, Henan e-government, Tsinghua University, East China
University of Political Science and Law, etc.
iTech2017 Annual Star Product Plan
[2016] Multi-service security gateway of H3C SecPath
M9000 series won the 2016 Next Generation Firewall
Technology Lead Award
and China Unicom for 9 consecutive years.
Provide security services for all walks of life and participate
in national-level important activities: Nanjing University,
Nankai University, CPIC, e-government cloud of Sichuan
Province, the integration of national railway computer
network and data communication network, and the security
of the G20 summit.
H3C has participated in the informatization construction of major industries for more than
30 years. It has a deep understanding and precise judgment on the business development
trend and digital transformation needs of major industries. With its strong technology
research and development capabilities as well as innovation abilities, H3C integrates
advanced technologies such as cloud computing, big data, IoT, AI, and edge computing into
major industry scenarios and innovations. It provides end-to-end digital products, services,
and solutions according to the different application needs of customers.
At present, H3C is committed to becoming the most trusted partner for customer business
innovation and digital transformation, providing one-stop comprehensive digital platform
solutions to help customers fully enhance their digital levels and share the new future of
digital economy.
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29 30
Industry Leadership of H3C As a leader of digital solutions, H3C has contributed to digital transformation across all sectors, including finance, manufacturing, Internet, transportation, education, and carrier etc.
H3C offers 5000+ mission critical servers SDN Data center network (400+ switches)
China Construction Bank (CCB)
H3C offers Cloud platform 3500+ servers and virtualization (10K+ VMs)
NetsUnion Clearing Corporation (NUCC)
China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC)
H3C offers 50K SDN switches 20K+ servers and virtualization into 800K+ VMs Global Tier 1 partner in overseas expansion
H3C offers All Campus network with up to 4000 equipment All computing and storage equipment
Beijing Daxing International Airport
Long term Cooperation with
H3C offers One-stop Cloud-infrastructure practices Cloud platform ICT infrastructure (10981 cores)
Sichuan Government Cloud
H3C offers New generation campus solution–AD-Campus 2000+ switches & 10000+ 802.11ac Wireless APs Solo WLAN supplier in Qingdao Campus
Shandong University
H3C offers ICT infrastructure for smart factories SDN AD-Campus solution Product network including IoT
module & industrial switches
and Storage in 8000+
Bestseller Fashion Group
H3C offers High-end IPS (consecutive purchase) 10+years online bank security record since 2008 Covering all data centers since 2007 ICBC’s solo IPS/IDS supplier
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)
Innovative 1+N+N+1 mode,
exemplifying other
government clouds
offline store visitors Service guarantee in sales promotion
such as 11-11 event
distance education.
Achievements: 2,300 universities, over 200 campus clouds in colleges and universities,
over 1 million online APs, 600 bureaus of education.
promote medical justice and medical development.
Achievements: No.1 for six consecutive years, 60% of Grade-A tertiary hospitals in China,
over 100,000 smart AP deployment.
Achievements: No.1 server and network provider, No.1 in infrastructure design capabilities
of financial industry data centers, over 90% of financial customers.
industry and build a fully intelligent transportation
100 city intelligent transportation systems.
Power Utility
promote the development of “smart energy” in all
aspects through the deep integration of energy
and information, thus completely changing the
distribution, transportation, and consumption
Achievements: No.1 in information collection of
State Grid and China Southern Power Grid, over
70% of China’s Top 50 coal group/gas customers
in Sinopec network framework.
China, including China State Construction
Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), China
Corporation, Brilliance Auto, China First Heavy
Industries (CFHI), Zoomlion, Gome, Haier,
Midea, Wanda Group, etc.
H3C has continuously promoted the transformation and
upgrading of customers in various industries, which in turn
promotes the development of the new economy.
These industries concern various sectors related to economic
development and people’s livelihoods.
Inject “Driving Force” into the Internet industry with strong technology, accelerate the formation of emerging industries, and promote the realization of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”.
Achievements: connect 1 million servers, 80% of internet companies in China, over 200 big data centers.
With the strong support of digitalization, service providers will become the core of the IoT, sharing societal innovation and connecting the wisdom of people.
Achievements: mainstream supplier of client servers, storage and networking, mainstream supplier of Data Center Ethernet switch, wireless LAN, and Firewall products.
Help governments at all levels to greatly improve the administrative management efficiency so as to strengthen the governance by information, benefit people by information and develop industries by information.
Achievements: 70% of ministries and state-level and province-level agencies, 37.2% market share of e-government cloud, 9 projects in the macro-economic management information system.
H3C actively joins outstanding international organizations and cooperates with global
partners to help digital transformation across all walks of life and promote the development of
digital economy.
Since its establishment, H3C has obtained international qualification certifications in
many aspects, indicating that it possesses the industry-leading professional levels and
abilitie s and can continue to providing the driving force for digital transformation in all
walks of life.
TL9000 Quality MGMT System Certificate Compliance
solutions, promotes upgrading and transformation across all sectors, facilitating the progress of social
economy and people’s livelihood in a comprehensive way, and shaping a happy life for everyone.
Cultivate Professionals
Industrial upgrading, driven by the “new economy”, is developing vigorously. By virtue of its
advanced digital technologies and years of accumulation, H3C integrates its own resource
advantages and leads the industrial upgrading with scientific and technological innovations,
revitalizing the industry.
H3C implements the green concept of energy conservation and environmental protection in a
comprehensive way, builds a new IT ecosphere with innovative technologies, and shapes a
new environmentally-friendly IT ecosystem.
Research and development of forward-looking technologies and innovative talents are the
key drivers of digital transformation. H3C trains and delivers innovative IT technical personnel
for enterprises, establishes talent think tanks, and constantly improves the platform of
network technology education and training as well as system for talent and knowledge
H3C will persist in fulfilling its social responsibility, cooperate with the government, enterprises,
schools, and non-profit organizations in all aspects, promote collaboration, innovation and
public welfare and help solve social problems, making contributions to the sustainable
development of society.
support services in many of the major conferences, events, competitions, scientific research,
and exploration, and super engineering around the world, such as the 2014 World Cup in
Brazil, the 2014 APEC Meeting, and 2017 Belt and Road International Cooperation Summit
Forum, in which H3C has played an important role.
Sustainable Development of Environment
Protection for Major Events
Promote Industrial Upgrading
Benefit the Public
H3C regards corporate social responsibility as an important task in enterprise development.
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