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About the Restore

Audience Delineation

Executive Summary

Situation Breakdown & Central Core of Difficulty

The central core of difficulty for Habitat for Humanity is in regards to the lack of volunteers for the relocation of the Habitat for Humanity ReStore of Bulloch County. Without a sufficient amount of volunteers on the day of the relocation, Habitat for Humanity will be unable to complete the move efficiently and in a timely manner.



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Data Analysis


Goals & ObjectivesGoal: The goal of this campaign is to increase the number of volunteers participating in the Habitat for Humanity Restore relocation by raising awareness within the Bulloch County community and the Georgia Southern student body.

Objectives: To increase awareness by 15% among the community regarding Spikes ReStore move by February 9, 2016. To increase awareness by 15% among the students regarding Spikes ReStore move by February 9, 2016. To recruit 50 or more community volunteers for Spikes ReStore by January 1, 2016To recruit 50 or more student volunteers for Spikes ReStore by January 1, 2016

Strategies & Tactics (Students)Strategy One: Inform the Georgia Southern student body about the volunteer opportunities with Habitat for Humanity and Spikes ReStore relocation. Tactics:Create and pass out fliers around campus to advertise the need for volunteers at Spikes ReStore relocation.Send Habitat for Humanity executives to speak at on campus chapter meetings such as sororities or fraternities.Post yard signs in central traffic areas around campus with facts about Habitat for Humanity volunteer opportunities.Strategy Two: Seek to increase student volunteers through the use of effective communication.Tactics:Use social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to reach out to the student community.Communicate with the Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement about volunteer opportunities being added to the MyInvolvement weekly email blast. Collaborate with Georgia Southern chapter to set up a sign-up booth for Spikes ReStore relocation at Russell Union or RAC fields on game nights (possibly passing out slices of pizza to draw attention).

Strategies & Tactics (Community)Strategy One: Seek to increase community volunteers through marketing and advertising techniques. Tactics:Create fliers to post in local businesses around the community. Purchase newspaper ad space in Statesboro Herald one week before move date.Strategy Two: Educate the community about the volunteer opportunities with Habitat for Humanity and Spikes ReStore relocation.Tactics:Continue to implement newsletter (weekly instead of monthly)Set up booths at local recreational parks on game nights and local farmers market.


Social Media Analysis

Social Media Rubric

Social Media CalendarPost #1: Jan 4 Habitat for Humanity will be relocating Spikes ReStore on February 9, 2015. We will need many volunteers to successfully move everything! If you or anyone you know would be interested in volunteering please contact Linda Christy at (912)-764-5777, or comment below. Have a blessed day!

Post #2: Jan 11 We need about 100 volunteers, and 15 large trucks for the relocation! Do you or a friend have a large truck that we could borrow? Without the proper equipment, it will be very tough to get everything moved in time! Comment below to let us know you are interested in helping out, or donating! God Bless!

Post #3: Jan 18 Do you know any local businesses that might want to help sponsor the relocation? If so, contact Linda Christy at (912)-764-5777! Have a lovely day!

Post #4: Jan 25 Does your club or organization need service hours? Comment below for more information about how to get involved with the Habitat for Humanity relocation.

Post #5: Feb 1 Dont forget about the Habitat for Humanity relocation on February 9, 2015! Linda Christy at (912)-764-5777

Post #6: Feb 5 -We still need more volunteers to help the move go smoothly! It is so close! Have you contacted the volunteer coordinator about volunteering at the relocation yet? Linda Christy at (912)-764-5777

Post #7: Feb 8 Its finally here! Tomorrow is the official start to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore Relocation! We hope to see you all there to lend a hand!

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