hack your reality go from couch to 100km

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Lets accept it You are all lazy, You love pizza, You hate to exercise, You love playing Video Games, You have friends that live on twitter & Facebook, Reality Sucks.... Imagine if You could use all this like a machete to hack into Reality and transform into the next version of yourself You 2.0 That's something what I did A combination of advance wearable technology, big data, motivators, gaming, social media, apps and youtube videos changed my Life! I went from barely crawling out of my bed to 100km ultra endurance events, skydiving & mountain climbing here are the hacks which made it possible... this was my talk at the goa project 2014


Hack Your Reality Go From Couch To 100km

So to test if his HACK really works I got 32 crazy folks (8 teams) to signup. Including my wife.. Most of these folks had barely got of their couch.