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  • 1. Big Data & its Business Applications-or- How to Monetize DataH@cking MedicineJoshua Rosenthal, PhDA Production of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center 10.22-23.11

2. 1) Start with the MoneyNote: Payer (money) buying intervention (provider) 3. Engineers Guide to Multiples1x Rev 4x Rev 8x Rev- Ja Ja Binks + Good fights + Existential crisesof free agency vs.- Teddy Bears determinism wrappedin a fairy tale 4. Specifically, learn why they are wrongperformance-driven consumerism,following financial services & e- Sounds good, makes sense (Nice hair, good Problem:saying this for 20 yearsHack: then make a biz from it 5. 3) Know the BodiesHealth Care, Where Good Ideas Go to Die 6. Perverse Incentive - ASupply-driven markets:Note: v cf. Dartmouth Atlas for Unwarranted Variation 7. Perverse Incentive - BPayers have Money and Aggregate (Read w/ accent)Note:Medicare $ > Employer $Employer populations = tougher outcomes (3-year turn) Cf. Medicare reimbursement rates 8. Illusion Track how fat you are! Only $1.99!Note: 9. ... but you are probably not profitableIf P < EHC x DWS, then 501c3501c3: Non-profit 10. ... but you are probably doing bad things 11. to make money& do goodin Health Care 12. 5) Start... with the money: _______... where they make profit: _______... with a real biz problem: _______... with the (publicly available) data: _______-Then ask: Does this hose people? A: quality > than quantity (supply driven)? B: customer/patient satisfaction? 13. Data & Biz ProblemsPackage in work group1) List of Data Sources & Context2) Connections between Data and Biz Needs: A Mad Libs Approach(Psst... Know a good accelerometer app developer? Please ping me.) 14. How to Monetize Data -Summary-1) Start with the Money3) Know the Bodies4) Do Good and Make Money5) Start