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Celebrate our fine feathered friends with these haiku poems by Edward Weiss


Copyright 2006 by Edward Weiss All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the publisher. Published by Wisteria Press, 2560 C Street, San Diego, California 92102.www.wisteriapress.com

Printed in the United States of America ISBN 1-4276-0935-7 First Edition

Bird Haikuby Edward Weiss

FOREWORD POETRY AND NATURE. Two things that naturally go together. If you're looking for nature poems that really get it, so to speak, look no further than haiku! Why? Because haiku is especially suited for describing nature. For example, take a look at these two nature poems by the author: Nature Poem #1 Egrets move through the marsh... morning clouds Here we have "egrets" as our subject. Beautiful birds that most people either have seen in a picture or are familiar with. In just 7 words a picture is created. And not just any picture but a complete scene! First we have the phrase "egrets move through the marsh." Nothing special in itself. But, when we combine this with the fragment "morning clouds," we get a picture of place and time - a sense of something happening. What economy and word pruning this is! Nature poems by western writers may contain hundreds of words but For sheer size and power, nothing beats the haiku! Here's another example of a nature poem: Nature Poem #2 Winter shoreline -sandpipers dart into the water In this nature poem we have the fragment first instead of the phrase. The fragment is like the background of a paintingit sets the mood of the poem. The words "winter shoreline" conjure an image of a quiet beach perhaps. Or it could be something else entirely. This is the beauty of haiku. It doesn't tell you so much as show you what is happening. Interpretation is left to the reader's imagination. Enjoy the book Edward Weiss

Quiet spring morning Carefully cleaning each feather A scrub jay

Gray forest -Deep inside the cedar A hornbill

Marsh grass Surrounds the egret Spring rain

Autumn fog -Sitting on the porch light A house finch

Clear fall skies -The slow steady wingbeat Of a heron

Ducks skitter Across the lake Winter light

Sunrise -Golden eagles soar On the thermals

Quiet forest -A piece of straw falls Off the robins nest

Stifling July heat -A wren hops From rock to rock

Beside an iris -The buzz Of hummingbird wings

Ducks move Through the marsh Morning light

Arctic sunlight An emperor penguin Heads towards the sea

Summer evening -Slowly opening its eyes A heron chick

Thunderclap -Robins vanish In the brambles

Puffins breed Along the shore Northern light

Cold drizzle -A purple martin Peeks from the nestbox

Southern inlet -Pelicans scoop up Fish

Deep winters cold -Penguins huddle On the ice

Misty day -A nuthatch Hops down the tree

Still spring morning -The fragile white shell Of robin's eggs

Forest floor -Patches of sunlight Drape the grouse

Forest mist -Beside the redwood Two bluejays

Quail scavenge For bits of corn Early autumn

Cold snap -Cardinals search For seeds

Approaching rain -Hiding seeds in the tree A nuthatch

Snowstorm -A piece of fruit In the robin's beak

March wind -Wrens peck At a millet strip

Orioles feast On soaked raisins Winter's end

November light -A crow crisps A red leaf

Red berries Hang over the blackbird Autumn light

Nightfall -From the spruce tree Robin calls

Cloudburst -A toucan Opens its beak

Cold April morn -Through the mist A pair of geese

Summer showers -Between rain-soaked leaves A hyacinth macaw

Dawn So quiet against the snow An arctic tern

Crows gather Inside a balsam fir Winter air

Hot summer day -On the thinnest of twigs A hummingbird

Sundown -A flock of swallows Circle the roost

Winter landscape -By the pumpkin patch Two ravens

Spring woodland -Between pine branches The bulky nest of a grackle

So red against The ground A summer tanager

Misty fall day -A northern cardinal Whistles

Fall sky -Inside the hollyhock A hummingbird

A yellow warbler Fly's into deep brush Spring rain

Winter woods -A flock of waxwings Strip fruit off the tree

Afternoon heat -A kingfisher Plunges into water

Cool morning lake -The long red legs Of an ibis

Summer forest -A red-eyed vireo Takes flight

Dead of winter -In the frost covered oak A crow's nest

Winter silence -Snow falls On an oriole's nest

On the ash tree Unseen for hours A woodpecker

Summer storm -Drinking from a shallow stream Sparrows

The familiar sound Of distant crows November rain

Spring moon -The soft song Of newly born birds

Cold January night Out of the Sitka spruce Bird song!

Still autumn night Looming in the tree A great horned owl

Summer rain -A blackbird sings Sporadically

A pelican Grooms its wings Morning stillness

August moonlight -On the spruce branch A sparrow holds tight

Cool fall day -A wedge of geese Vanish behind clouds

Wet gray branches Surround the robin Winter thaw

Afternoon silence -Broad green leaves Hide the finch

Frigid December -Beside dry oak leaves A red-winged blackbird

Arctic dusk Barely noticeable on the tree A snowy owl

Summer showers Inside the rose bush Sparrows

Morning light By the honeysuckle A ruby-throated hummingbird

Summer showers Inside the rose bush Sparrows

Rainy spring day A house finch At the feeder

The deep black plumage Of an ostrich Evening light

Autumn clouds Slowly preening itself on the pine An oriole

Summer meadow -Landing on the deer's back A magpie

Fall sunrise -The raspy call Of a scrub jay

Cold gray sky -Crows gather Under the pine

Still afternoon -A goldfinch Rustles in the weeds

Winter sky -The wide ranging circles Of a red tailed hawk

Silent wetlands -An avocet swings its bill Back and forth

Still morning -Loons wade through Reeds

Autumn chill -Grebes sunbathe On the lake

Fall afternoon -The sound of a woodpecker Tapping

Evening stillness -A blue grosbeak Surveys the field

Dry forest floor -A wood thrush Scatters leaves

Dusk -Pursuing insects for hours A nighthawk

Drenching spring rain -A shrike Shakes its feathers

Nightfall -White-throated swifts Enter the roost

January snowfall -A cardinal moves Up the branch

Forest pond -Diving in feet first An osprey

Quiet fall night -The delicate whoosh Of owl wings

Ducks paddle Towards the swamp Calm afternoon

Mid-morning hush Now and then Birdsong

Tepid summer breeze -A cuckoo Motionless on the branch

Sitting in the pine Perfectly camouflaged A barred owl

Woodpecker taps Echo through the trees Autumn woods

February sky -A golden eagle Spirals out of sight

First light -The faint sound Of waking sparrows

Bright autumn sun -Tundra swans Sleep on the lake

Sunset -A flock of snow geese Descend on the marsh

Silent morning -A great egret Steps towards the stream

Summer drizzle -A blue-footed booby Comes ashore

Clear April sky -Chasing fish underwater A cormorant

Daybreak -Yodeling on the lake A common loon

Spring breeze -Rustling in the thicket A wood thrush

Winter wind -A crow drifts From pine to pine

A turnstone Flips over shore rocks Summer sea

Midnight -Unheard in the forest Sleeping birds

December rain -Nesting in the tree cavity A screech owl

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