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1. The Presentation Was Called "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow." 2. The fragile, marshmallow-white girl stood up in front of the class. "I woke up one day tothe surprise of drool on my cheek and a bald patch on my head," she said.Although only 11, she gave her presentation using terms that only adults or medicalstudents would understand. "My project is about the autoimmune disorder I have:alopecia areata.Her classmates needed no explanation since it was obvious that the girl had lost hereyelashes, eyebrows, and hair. She frequently had to leave school for doctorappointments. Teasing was never an issue for her because people saw that she had notlet her condition affect her life; confidence was her key. Her peers frequently asked herwhy she chose not to wear a wig, and she would merely reply, "My hair may be shortenough to cause worry, but life is too short to allow it."That girl is me.ArganRain my problem with what I see as a miracle, and I'm over it Iwould recommend without hesitation to anyone experiencing problems like you andme.Good luck to everyone...