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Salutations Mr E and fellow classmates,Today I am going to talk about Halley Research Station.I will tell you why I chose this Station and some interesting facts.

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Why Did I Pick Halley Research Station?

I picked Halley Research Station For the Following Reasons:

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1.Halley Research station does lots of environmental studies such as sea level rise, climate change and understanding ozone depletion.

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2. Halley Research Station has a really cool design.

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Some interesting facts…

Halley Research Station was named after Edmund Halley who was the discoverer of Halleyscomet.

Edmund Halley

Halley’s comet

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What is Halley’s Latitude and Longitude?

Halley’s Longitude is 26 degrees celsius34 West and her Latitude is 75 degrees celsius 35 South.

When Was It Established?Halley Research station was established on the date of January the 15 1956 to the present. Four Halleys have been biult so far four of which where buired in snow!

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Where I s Halley Research Station Located?

Halley Research Station is located on the Brunt ice shelf which flows into Weddell Sea at the rate of 2 metres a day!

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I wonder how long do youthink it will take for the Brunt ice shelf to get close to another country?

Don’t you think that would be cool to see.

Literally cool.Get it!

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What Is It Like Living In Halley Research Station

Living at Halley Research Station is not like our lives it’s very different and here’s why.

At Halley You can’t go to the toilet as easy as it is here instead you have to bring a plastic bag and an empty bottle.Well what are you supposed to do?

Also at this station you of course would have to wear at least 11 to 12 layers of clothes or else you will freeze.

Most people love the grass and even just walking in the bush! But how could you do that in Antarctica there’s no grass, trees, roads you can’t even go to the shops wearing flip-flops.

You can’t even call your friends!!!

So you might become Lonely at times.

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But Living there is also good in it’s own ways:

Like you know how everyone says New York is the city that never sleeps . What about Antarctica? The Sun never Sets in Summer and in Winter the Sun Never Rises. So then if you go there and come back you can tell people I have seen the sun in the middle of the sky at midnight.

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In Conclusion,I chose Halley Research Station because of it’s design and it’s studies.Halley is an Antarctic Research Station and I hope you enjoyed listening to some Cool facts about this station..