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  • A F R I C A

    Based in Africa, Halliday Finch is a leading investigation and operational risk reduction consultancy. Delivering solid investigative results and strategic security solutions anywhere on the continent, we are an approved security vendor to the United Nations, multiple humanitarian NGOs, various Media Companies and several Fortune 100 Corporations. Our Investigations team have a proven track record of successful cases, ranging from Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) infringements, Cybercrime and Commercial Fraud. Furthermore, the Operations team have multiple successful deployments in over 20 countries over the African continent.

    Africa's Premier Investigation Firm and Security Consultancy

    All HF employees are signatories to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (1977) and the UK Bribery Act (2010)

  • Commercial Investigations


    I N V E S T I G AT I O N S

    Contact: Head of Investigations investigations@hallidayfinch.org

    Contact: Head of IPR ipr@hallidayfinch.org

    Contact: Head of Cybercrime cyber@hallidayfinch.org

    We oer a multitude of cyber services including: Cyber Incident or Threat Response Cybercrime Investigations Continuous Monitoring Solutions Vigilance Systems Cyber Security Risk Assessments Stress Testing Cyber Security & Threat Address Policy

    Counterfeit products are a massivegrowth industry in Africa, often faroutselling the original products. Onlyone party benets from counterfeitproducts and that is the counterfeiter.

    In whichever country we are operatingAIT investigations and enforcements,are always carried out togetherwith the relevant law enforcementagencies for maximum impact andthus a better return on investment for our clients. .

    Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Anti Illicit Trade (AIT) Investigations.

    No digital system is impervious to attack. If your information has a value, you will eventually be a victim of this type of crime. Combating cybercrime requires expertise and very specic skills. Halliday Finch will give your rm this capability. Our Cyber clients include governments, corporations and individuals, helping them to uncover potholes in their IT systems, trapping cyber attackers and investigating future threats.

    The Executive Chairman, Mr. Julius Ndegwa EBS, MBS, leads our team. His connections across the continent with law enforcement agencies are unequalled, allowing Halliday Finch to operate seamlessly in most countries in Africa. The combination of international and local investigators means our clients get the best of both worlds and thus reduce their risks and increase their chances of successful outcomes to investigations. Our Partnership Policing strategy allows us to add capacity to State agencies, either in a technical way in the case of cybercrime or by providing forensic auditors in the case of serious commercial fraud.

    Polygraph TestsHalliday Finch has the in-house capability to provide polygraph testing.The Polygraph test, physiological detection of deception or a 'lie detector test', is a superb investigative tool and Halliday Finch haveachieved extraordinary results in Africa.

    Contact: Head of Polygraph polygraph@hallidayfinch.org

  • Crisis Control Centre

    Health & Safety

    Halliday Finch runs a 24/7 Crisis Control Centre (CCC) to support all ongoing Halliday Finch operations and simultaneously to act as rst response to our clients urgent requirements. The team comprises of retired service personnel, all with a solid track record and operational experience.

    Health and safety is a right for all employees. Halliday Finch will assist your rm to implement cost eective, practical health and safety management systems. This is to ensure you have a greatly reduced risk prole and have a safer place for your employees to work.

    Our delivery of security support across Africa to international media houses is well known, in part due to our rapid deploy- ment capability. Our media clients include NBC News, Sky News and the BBC.

    Our eld production capabilities include: Aircraft Medical Support Vehicles Man Power High Level Introductions Local Command and Control

    Media Support Team (MST)

    Contact: Head of Operationsoperations@hallidayfinch.org

    Contact: Head of Health & Safetyhealthandsafety@hallidayfinch.org

    Operations & Risk TravelHalliday Finch provides an exclusive private protection service for clients travelling in Africa, oering discreet, t for purpose, risk reduction and journey management services.

    We regularly provide these services to: Global business leaders Billionaire philanthropists Ex and Current Heads of State US Members of Congress Ambassadors High profile celebrities

    We identify levels of vulnerability through task and risk analysis and then form a comprehensive solution, consummate with the risk.

    Our 'Pathnder' services include: 24/7 operational logistics support Life support Communication solutions Executive Protection Medical support Evacuation from hostile environments Armoured vehicles

    Contact: Head of Operationsoperations@hallidayfinch.org

    Contact: Head of Operationsmedia@hallidayfinch.org

    O P E R AT I O N S

    Detection of Listening DevicesWith the availability of cheap and easy to install listening devices, industrial espionage is becoming common place. To ensure the risks are reduced of your meetings being overheard, Halliday Finch provides a listening device detection service.

    Contact: Head of Sweepinginfo@hallidayfinch.org

  • A 37 year Police Vetran, Mr Ndegwas strategic skills and commitment to duty led to his appointment of Senior Duty Commissioner and Director of Operations in the Kenya Police Service, a post he held to his retirement. His connections in law enforcement, at a very senior level, are unequalled.

    Executive Chairman | Mr. Julius K. Ndegwa - EBS, MBS


    Sam is a graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and is a highly experienced strategic, operational and tactical security advisor. Following his service in the British Army, he gained extensive experience working in developing and complex economies on the continent. Sam founded Halliday Finch with a strict code of conduct, which forms the basis of the rm ethos.

    Chief Executive Ocer | Sam Mattock

    Nigel spent 27 years in the British Army completing his service as the Assistant Defence Adviser at the British High Commission in Nairobi. He is NEBOSH International Certicate in Occupational Health and Safety qualified and has implemented eective management systems to a variety of organisations.

    General Manager | Nigel Belshaw

    Advisor to the Board | Stephen Mallowah

    Stephen is a very accomplished lawyer and an advisor to the Halliday Finch board. In 2011 he was appointed to head up the newly formed Anti Counterfeit Agency (ACA) in Kenya, a post he held for three years. Now the region's leading agency, mandated to ght counterfeiting and defend intellectual property rights.

    Dennis served as a law enforcement ocer with Kenyas General Service Unit (GSU). He is trained in riot and crowd control, crisis intervention, tactical communication, surveillance and investigative procedures. Dennis has worked in the tourism industry as a logistics and security advisor. He has extensive experience working with the media and lm industry across the region.

    Senior Investigator | Dennis

    Simon is a seasoned security professional with extensive experience in both public and private sectors. Following a successful career in the UK Armed Forces he successfully delivered security reform on behalf of the UK government in a complex post conict zone. He has latterly operated as a director of a major security company within East Africa.

    Managing Director - Tanzania | Simon Roberts

    A F R I C A

    E-mail: stephenm@hallidayfinch.org

    E-mail: sam@hallidayfinch.orgE-mail: jndegwa@hallidayfinch.org

    E-mail: nigel@hallidayfinch.org

    E-mail: simonr@hallidayfinch.org

    Marius is a retired Police Ocer with 28 years solid investigative experience. He has an in depth knowledge and investigative technique in asset forfeiture, organised crime activities, cross border narcotics smuggling and commercial fraud / money laundering investigations.

    In his nal two years of police service Marius was appointed as the programme manager for Organised Crime and Clandestine Operations.

    Deputy Head of Investigations| Marius Stander

    E-mail: marius@hallidayfinch.org

    Norah is the Head of the Human Resources Department and has extensive experience in administration. She started off as a news reporter at Baraka FM then moved into the world of cellular.She is a co-founder of Uniglobe Volunteers International, an NGO that deals with promotion of Human rights and Good governance, Conservation, and Mitigation of HIV/AIDs & disease. http://www.uniglobevolunteers.org Norah Holds a Diploma in Mass Communication.

    Head of HR | Norah Kang'ara

    E-mail: dennis@hallidayfinch.orgE-mail: norah@hallidayfinch.org

    Harry is a certied public accountant (CPA) and holds a B.Comm from Strathmore University and has a wide and hands on experience in the eld of nance and accounting. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Business Administration at the University of Nairobi, majoring in nance. Prior to joining HF he worked as a consultant implementing and Training on ERPs and accounting systems.

    Finance Manager | Harry Gachuhi

    E-mail: harry@hallidayfinch.org

    Head of Operations Centre | Ernest Murunga

    Ernest served with the Kenyan Armed Forces (Air Force) where he underwent technical training and was awar