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A great community newspaper serving Halls and Fountain City


  • By Betty BeanRon Babka, owner of Sternenlit

    Farms in Corryton, was one of the last speakers during the August

    TVA board meetings public forum.

    Although the audience had gotten restless after more than

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    VOL. 51 NO. 36 A great community newspaper September 3, 2012



    Coff ee BreakGet to know Halls Senior

    Center coordinator Darrell Gooding over this weeks Cof-fee Break. Gooding recalls his most embarrassing moment (which is a good one), tells us what hes reading and says to stop by the senior center.

    See page A-2

    Miracle MakerRead, Read, Read has

    long been Nancy Malands motto. Shes still preaching the gospel of the written word and is proud to report that an early literacy initiative piloted in five elementary schools last year has expanded to nine more schools.

    See Jake Mabes story on page A-9

    Shannondale on list for $4 million

    At deadline, we learned that Dr. Jim McIntyre will recommend spending $4 million for renovations and an addition at Shannondale School when the school board meets this Wednesday. The money comes from an unan-ticipated surplus in the school districts portion of the sales tax.

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    Local artist Jessica Gregory chats with guests at the Fountain City Art Center during the opening of her Recycled Kingdom.

    Recycled Kingdom featuresfantastic castleBy Ruth White

    Gather up reclaimed wood, paper, cans and whatever you might have on hand, give it to artist Jessica Gregory, and sit back and see what she creates.

    Gregorys latest creation was on display at the Fountain City Art Center last week and was a kingdom made from 90 percent recycled materials. The project was amazing to walk through. Each pass through the doors re-vealed a new object.

    The bright purple castle, cre-ated from hundreds of cans from one area restaurant and special finds that Gregory has collect-ed, took her more than a year to build. I want to encourage people to recycle, said Gregory, and this is one way to show the amount of objects that can stay out of the landfills through their efforts.

    Gregory plays in a local band and added a drum and guitar to one side of the castle to add an element of herself. Another end of the castle features a disco ball suspended from a ceiling adorned with a pink feather boa and Christmas lights.

    At the center of the castle is a huge giraffe created by art-ist Linda Leilani Bohanan, who uses tons of recycled paper to make sculptures that almost ap-pear to spring to life. Bohanans attention to detail on each piece of art grabs the attention of ad-mirers as they explore the castle and its surroundings.

    Outside the walls of the castle were other beautiful pieces of work by Bohanan and Gregory, including a favorite chair with a shaggy dog relaxing near two colorful wall hangings.

    The Fountain City Art Center is located at 213 Hotel Ave. next to the Fountain City Park and will feature Recycled Kingdom through Friday, Sept. 28.

    The recycled paper dog sculpture created by Linda Leilani Bohanan looks comfortable (and lifelike) in a chair at the art center. Photos by Ruth White

    Artist Linda Leilani Bohanan shows one of her recycled paper horse sculptures at the Fountain City Art Center.

    A guest at the Fountain City Art Center admires the castle built by artist Jessica Gregory.

    April Babka takes Sternenlit Farms horse Titan for a workout. File photo by S. Clark

    Horses hurtOwners ask, Does anybody really care?

    two hours of complaints about issues from tree-cutting to coal ash to nuclear power, Babka captured their attention when he talked about the health problems two of his horses developed after TVA contractors sprayed herbicide on the utility right-of-way in a pasture where they were grazing.

    There were grazing restrictions on the label, he said. We would like for you to reconsider the use of herbicides and your notifi cation policy. We feel like weve been lied to, and TVAs offi cial answer is We can do anything we feel like doing.

    I dont know if anybody really cares.

    A couple of board members assured him that they do, indeed, care, but he left shaking his head.

    Sternenlit Farms is a pictur-esque, 30-acre property tucked into the northeast fl ank of House Mountain. It features rolling pas-tures fringed with wooded trails, well-kept stables and barns, one indoor and two outdoor arenas, plus the Babka home. It is also a family business run by Babka, his wife, Sarah, and their daughter April, the chief trainer and prima-ry rider/instructor.

    The horses are all healthy now, and the 2-acre, herbicide-sprayed

    pasture has been fenced off and shut down for a year. The Ten-nessee Department of Agricul-ture has fi ned the contractor and everythings under control but what, they wonder, about next time?

    And what about their neigh-bors?

    Sarah worries that if she and April hadnt been home that day, they would never have known that a TVA crew had come onto their property armed with herbi-cide, and they certainly wouldnt have been able to connect the dots when two of their horses fell ill three months later. Yes, they found a dead bird in the field, but that alone wouldnt have been enough to alert them, she said.

    We heard the horses getting all excited and saw the guys at the top of the hill in yellow jack-ets. We found the supervisor, who said they were going to be spray-ing and I told him I had to get my horses out fi rst. I also told him Id appreciate it if hed let me know, or I wouldnt have turned them out.

    The supervisor, she said, in-

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    New York to Knoxville

    Fashion, style, chic, vogue, its all here in the latest edition of New York to Knox-ville. Start

    spreadin the news...

    See the special section inside


    with Darrell Gooding

    Coffee Break

    Pour yourself a cup of coffee, prop up your feet and get to know Halls Senior Center coordinator Darrell Gooding.

    What is your favorite quote from TV or a movie?My favorite quote is probably Resistance is futile

    from Star Trek. One thing Ive learned in life is the only constant in the Universe is change. Life goes much better if I embrace change rather than begrudge it.

    What are you guilty of?Being easily distracted, which is rather obvious at


    What is your favorite material possession?Family photos. Photos of grandparents, great-grand-

    parents and even great-great-grandparents are repre-sented in my collection of family photographs which I began collecting in my teens.

    What you reading currently?Colin Evans Great Feuds in History. Its an interest-

    ing read on how a select few feuds changed the course of history.

    What was your most embarrassing moment?When I was about 20 I was asked by a friend to be an

    usher at his wedding. Everything was going according to plan. However, the wedding was being delayed with every-one waiting for the arrival of the brides grandmother. After 30 minutes of waiting and building anxiety, I saw a lady arrive at the door. I introduced myself and said, You must be the brides grandmother; weve been waiting for you. Please allow me to show you to your seat. This lady would have none of it. She said,I am not the brides grandmother. Ill have you know I am the brides stepmother and I will seat myself! And seat herself she did.

    What are the top three things on your bucket list?A trip to Ipswich, England, where the Gooding an-

    cestral home is located and visiting New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

    What is one word others often use to describe you and why?

    I asked a couple of friends this question and both came up with dependable. I guess thats as good of a word as any to describe me. I have always strived to be someone that anyone could believe in. If I say I am go-ing to do something, then I will try my best to keep my word.

    If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

    I would like to be more adventurous. I am such a homebody.

    What is your passion?Education. Learning is such a marvelous experience.

    With whom, living or dead, would you most like to have a long lunch?

    The late Katharine Hepb