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  • Handbook 2013

    Authoritative Handbook

    This is the standard reference Handbook for 2013. It contains the final version of course, major and minor structures for the given academic year. Ancillary changes may take place after the Authoritative Handbook is generated (such as to unit offerings) and new courses may be offered; these will be reflected in the online Handbook (and thus appear in any print Handbook generated subsequently). Nonetheless, the Authoritative Handbook remains the reference point for the determination of matters relating to the degree regulations, academic progress, credit and exemptions etc.

    Murdoch University Correct as at: 22 February 2013

  • Correct as at: 22 February 2013

    The information contained within this publication was correct as at the generated date shown above but is subject to amendment without notice.

    Enquiries concerning its contents should be addressed to:

    University Registrar Murdoch University South Street Murdoch Western Australia 6150

    Telephone: (08) 9360 6000 Facsimile: (08) 9360 6847


    TEQSA Number PRV12163; CRICOS Provider Code: 00125J

    Cancellation of Courses, Majors, Minors and Units

    The University reserves the right to cancel, without notice, any course, major, minor or unit if the number of students enrolled falls below limits set by the University.

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    ISSN 0815-9068

    Published by

    Student Life and Learning Academic Registrar's Office Murdoch University

    © Murdoch University 2013

    This Handbook, and its sections as individual works, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works Australia 2.5 licence. You may download, reproduce, communicate, print and distribute copies of the Handbook (or any part of it) as long as it is for non-commercial purposes, you do not alter the content, and you attribute Murdoch University as the original author. For more information on this licence, see http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.5/au/


  • Contents

    About The University 3 Welcome to Murdoch University 3 Our Locations 3 Our Schools 3 Our Purpose and Intent 3 Our Values 3 Governance 3

    Officers of the University 5 Support Services 6

    Aboriginal Student Support 6 Alumni Association 7 Bookshop 7 Careers and Employment 7 Chaplaincy 7 Child Care 7 Counselling 8 Equity 8 Guild of Students 9 Health Service 9 Information Technology at Murdoch 9 International Student Support 9 Library 11 Library Learning Common 12 Occupational Safety and Health 12 Student Accommodation 12 Student Learning Centre 12 Transport and Parking 13

    Study At Murdoch 14 Admission Requirements 14 The Credit Points System 15 Courses 15 Unit Sets 16 Units 17 External Study 20 Cancellation of Courses, Majors, Minors or Units 21 Assessment and Academic Progress 21 Student Appeals 24 Student Communication 24

    Bachelor Studies: A General Guide 25 Structure of Undergraduate Bachelor Degrees 25 Undergraduate Admission Requirements 25 Application Process 26 Majors 27 Minors 27 Units 28 Foundation Units 28 Skills Development Elective Units 29

    Honours Studies: A General Guide 31 Structure of Honours Degrees 31 Application Process 31 Withdrawal/Intermission/Transfers/Extensions 31

    Postgraduate Studies: A General Guide 33 Courses 33 Admission Requirements 33 Application Process 33 Enrolment 34 Research Candidature Academic Progress and Re-Enrolment 34

    Assessment 35 University Regulation 36 Fees and Financial Assistance 37

    Fees Legislation 37 Tuition Fees 37 Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP) 37 Youth Allowance/Austudy/ABSTUDY 38 Murdoch Student Loans 39 Scholarships 39 University Medals 39 Vice Chancellor's Commendation for Academic Excellence 39 School Prizes 39 Faculty and School Prizes 40

    Murdoch University Student Charter 41 Graduate Attributes 43

    University Access Courses 44 University Access Courses: List 44 University Access Courses: Details 45 Enabling 45

    K-Track 45 OnTrack 45

    Law 45 Koora Kudidj Pre-Law Program 45

    Media Studies 45 Kulbardi Wangkiny Pre-Media Program 45

    Veterinary Science 46 Waardong 46

    Bachelor and Honours Degrees 47 Bachelor and Honours Degrees: List 47 Bachelor and Honours Degrees: Details 56 Accounting 56

    Accounting (BCom) 56 Applied Accounting (BBusAppAcc) 57 Honours in Accounting (BCom(Hons)) 58

    Animal Science 58 Animal Science (BAnimSc) 58

    Applied Events Management 60 Applied Events Management (BTourAppEvents) 60

    Asian Studies 60 Asian Studies (BA) 60 Asian Studies (Specialist) (BAsianSt) 62 Honours in Asian Studies (BA(Hons)) 65 Honours in Asian Studies (Specialist) (BAsianSt(Hons)) 65

    Australian Indigenous Studies 66 Australian Indigenous Studies (BA) 66 Honours in Australian Indigenous Studies (BA(Hons)) 67

    Banking 67 Banking (BCom) 67 Honours in Banking (BCom(Hons)) 68

    Biological Sciences 69 Biological Sciences (BSc) 69 Honours in Biological Sciences (BSc(Hons)) 70

    Biomedical Science 70 Biomedical Science (BSc) 70 Honours in Biomedical Science (BSc(Hons)) 72

    Biotechnology 72 Biotechnology (BSc) 72

  • Honours in Biotechnology (BSc(Hons)) 73 Biotechnology + Commerce 74

    Biotechnology (BSc) + Management (BCom), Biotechnology (BSc) + Entrepreneurship and Innovation (BCom) 74

    Business Information Systems 76 Business Information Systems (BSc) 76 Honours in Business Information Systems (BSc(Hons)) 77

    Business Law 78 Business Law (BCom) 78 Honours in Business Law (BCom(Hons)) 79

    Chemistry 79 Chemistry (BSc) 79 Honours in Chemistry (BSc(Hons)) 81

    Chinese Business 81 Chinese Business (BCom) 81 Honours in Chinese Business (BCom(Hons)) 82

    Chiropractic 83 Chiropractic (BChiro, BSc) 83 Honours in Chiropractic (BSc(Hons)) 84

    Commerce 85 Commerce (BCom) 85

    Communication and Media Studies 85 Communication and Media Studies (BCommun) 85 Honours in Communication and Media Studies (BCommun(Hons)) 86

    Community Development 87 Community Development (BA) 87 Honours in Community Development (BA(Hons)) 88

    Computer Science 88 Computer Science (BSc) 88 Honours in Computer Science (BSc(Hons)) 89

    Conservation and Wildlife Biology 90 Conservation and Wildlife Biology (BSc) 90 Honours in Conservation and Wildlife Biology (BSc(Hons)) 91

    Criminology 91 Criminology (BCrim) 91 Honours in Criminology (BCrim(Hons)) 92

    Cyber Forensics, Information Security and Management 93 Cyber Forensics, Information Security and Management (BSc) 93

    Digital Marketing and Media 94 Digital Marketing and Media (BDMM) 94 Honours in Digital Marketing and Media (BDMM(Hons)) 95

    Early Childhood Education 95 Education (Early Childhood 0-8) 95

    Economics 96 Economics (BEcon) 96 Honours in Economics (BEcon(Hons)) 98

    Education 98 Education (BEd) [Early Childhood and Primary Teaching] (Four Years) 98 Education (BEd) [Primary Teaching] (Four Years) 100 Education (BEd) [Primary, 1-10 Health and Physical Education] 103 Education (BEd) [Secondary Teaching] (Four Years) 106 Education (Graduate) (BEd) [Primary Teaching] (Two Years) 108 Education (Graduate) (BEd) [Secondary Teaching] (Two Years) 110

    Education + Australian Indigenous Studies 112 Education (BEd) [Primary Teaching] (Four Years) + Australian Indigenous Studies (BA) 112

    Education + Sports Science 115 Education (BEd) [Secondary Teaching] + Sports Science (BSportsSc) 115

    Engineering 117 Electrical Power Engineering (BE) 117 Engineering (BE) + Commerce (BCom) 118 Engineering (BE) + Science (BSc) 119 Environmental Engineering (BE) 120 Industrial Computer Systems Engineering (BE) 122 Instrumentation and Control Engineering (BE) 123 Medical Engineering (BE) 124 Renewable Energy Engineering (BE) 125

    Engineering Technology 127 Engineering Technology (BTech) 127

    English and Creative Writing 128 English and Creative Writing (BA) 128 Honours in English and Creative Writing (BA(Hons)) 129

    Entrepreneurship and Innovation 130 Entrepreneurship and Innovation (BCom) 130 Honours in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (BCom(Hons)) 131

    Environmental Management 131 Environmental Management (BEnvMan) 131 Honours in Environmental Management (BEnvMan(Hons)) 132

    Environmental Science 133 Environmental Science (BEnvSc, BSc) 133 Honours in Environmental Science (BSc(Hons)) 134

    Exercise Physiology 135 Exercise Physiology (BSc) 135 Honours in Exercise Physiology (BSc(Hons)) 136

    Extractive Metallurgy 136 Extractive Metallurgy (BExtMet) 136

    Finance 138 Finance (BCom) 138 Honours in Finance (BCom(Hons)) 139

    Forensic Biology 139 Forensic Biology and Toxicology (BForensics) 139 Forensic Biology and Toxicology (BForensics) + Molecular Biology (BSc) + Biomedical Science (BSc) 141 Honours in Forensic Biology and Toxicology (BForensics(Hons)) 142

    Games Art and Design 142 Games Art and Design (BDMedia) 142 Honours in Games Art and Design (BDMedia(Hons)) 143

    Games Software Design and Production 144 Games Software Design and Production (BSc) 144 Honours in Games Software Design and Production (BSc(Hons)) 145

    Games Technology 145 Games Technology (BSc) 145 Honours in Games Technology (BSc(Hons)) 14