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  • Life Cycles

    Mazel tov to Eliyahu and Shulie Gherman on the birth of a granddaughter to their children Shifra and Yosef Orlian on Shabbos kodesh.

    Condolences to Yosef Billyack on the passing of his grandfather Chaim ben Aaron Chanuch during Pesach. Signup to say misynayos in his memory: www.lzechernishmas.com/ signup.php?id=6341

    Happy 70th Birthday to Moshe Burt! All the men are invited

    to a seudah shlishis birthday party in the

    shul in Moshe’s honor. (The meal will begin after the conclusion

    of the Rav’s Pirkei Avos shiur.)

    Beis Tefillah Yonah Avraham ד“בס

    ל“שמואל, ז‘ יונה אברהם בן ר‘ ש ר“ע

    HoRav Chaim Malinowitz, Sh’lita, Rav

    Dovid Kallus, President

    Th es

    e z'

    m an

    im a

    re c

    or re

    ct fo

    r יע

    זר ת

    שת פר

    ‐ רע

    צו מ

    מצורע-תזריע דף השבוע לשבוע הבא: תעית ז׳

    שבת מברכין ט יסן ,התשע״ח״כ

     The Rav’s נ״ך shiur. Yeshayahu Perek 7. 7:25am.  English Shabbos shiur for women: 3:30pm at Beit

    Knesset Ahavat Tzion, Nachal Timna 2 (corner Dolev) Speaker: Rebbetzin Shira Smiles.

     Rebbetzin Malinowitz’s Shiur in Hilchos Berachos after the women’s shiur.

     Rav’s shiur on Ayn Yaakov 4:15pm.  R’ Ari Stern ,בית מדרש 8:00pm in the ליל שבת :דף יומי  מדרש בית Shabbos Afternoon: 3:45pm in the :דף יומי ,

    Rabbi Zabrowsky

    Sh ab

    bo s

    Sh iu


    Nedivim A Nedava has been made by Moshe Burt's friends in honor of his 70th birthday. May HaKodush Baruch

    Hu bless him with financial security, increased Torah knowledge and, of course, Shalom, just like Moshe

    blesses us when reciting Bircas Kohanim.






    Shabbos Schedule לוח זמנים לשבת Erev Shabbos ערב שבת

    “Early” Mincha 5:29 מוקדמת”מנחה“ “Early” Candle Lighting 5:47-6:02 תמוקדמ ”הדלקת נרות“ Candle Lighting 6:31 הדלקת נרות Tefillas Mincha Ketana 6:51 תפילת מנחה קטנה One should be mekabel Shabbos before Sh’kia 7:11 יש לקבל שבת לפני שקיעה “Late” Ma’ariv 9:00 ערבית מאוחרת

    Shabbos Day יום השבת Shacharis - Vasikin 5:38 שחרית כותיקין Hanetz HaChama 6:23:45 הנץ החמה B’rachos and Korbanos 7:55 ברכות וקרבנות Pesukei D’Zimrah 8:05 פסוקי דזמרה Nishmas 8:25 נשמת Youth Minyan 8:45 מנין בחורים Latest Shema – G’ra 9:27 א“ש לגר“סוף זמן ק Tefillas Mincha Gedola 1:20 תפילת מנחה גדולה Avos u’Banim 5:00 אבות ובנים Tefillas Mincha Ketana 6:00 תפילת מנחה קטנה Sh’kia 7:11 שקיעה Ma’ariv 7:51 מעריב

    Next Shabbos שבת הבאה Early Mincha 5:32 מוקדמת”מנחה“ “Early” Candle Lighting 5:50-6:05 תמוקדמ ”הדלקת נרות“ Candle Lighting 6:35 הדלקת נרות Mincha 6:55 מנחה

    Nedivim David and Tzippy Leichter have made a nedava to the shul in honor of Noam’s Bar Mitzvah and in

    appreciation to the Rov, shlit"a, and the kehilla for the support they have lent in their klita.

  • HoRav Chaim Malinowitz, Sh’lita, Rav 054-914-6311 or rav@btya.org Dovid Kallus, President president@btya.org

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    זמנים לימי חול עד פרשת אחרי

    קדושים -מות

    תפלת מנחה שחרית ה׳-׳גדולה א

    תפלת מנחה ׳ו ׳ה ׳ד ׳ג ׳ב ׳א מעריב ה׳-׳קטנה א

    5:52 6:50 ,8:00

    5:50 6:55 ,8:00

    5:58 6:55 ,8:00

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    5:55 6:55 ,8:00

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    BTYA Chol Hamoed Tiyul Highlights Mevarchin Rosh Chodesh Iyar לֹוִשים יֹום ִראׁשֹון, ׁשְ ַהּמֹוַלד ִיְהֶיה ּבְ

    ים ַחָלִקים ַאֲחֵרי ְוֶשַבע ַדקֹות ְוֲחִמיׁשִ ם. ַאְרָבע ַבָצֳהָרּיִ

    The Molad will be Sunday 37 minutes and 50 chalakim after 4 in the afternoon (Israeli Clock Time 5:16:42 pm).

    יֹום ִראׁשֹון ִאיַירֹראׁש ֹחֶדׁש ִיְהֶיה ָמָחר ּבְ ָרֵאל ל ִיׂשְ א ָעֵלינּו ְוַעל ּכָ ִני ַהּבָ ּוְביֹום ׁשֵ

    ְלטֹוָבה. Rosh Chodesh Iyar will be on Sunday and Monday.

    NACH—Every Day! Mazal Tov to the Nach Yomi on finishing Sefer Shmuel! Join us for the limud of sefer Melachim. For questions or to be added to the Nach Yomi What’s App Group, contact David Leichter at david@leichtercpa.com.

    Pledges over Pesach? If you made a pledge for kibbudim or aliyos, you can fulfill your pledge in just a few moments:  Bring your payment to the BTYA office or to Dr.

    Stern (in the Beis Medrash)  Pay online at www.btya.org/payment  Pay in the Beis Medrash with your credit card via

    the new Payment Center (see image on right).  For a US dollar tax receipt, donations must be

    made to “American Friends of Bais Tefila”. We are happy to accept checks here for that, too.

    Avos uBanim זמן קיץ באבות ובנים!

    AUB begins Shabbos afternoon at 5:00pm!

    Shul Setup Shul setup for Erev Parshat Acharei Mos/Kedoshim (20 April): Edo Lavi, Ayton Lefkowitz

    Chevra Chaburah Rabbi Dr. Eliezer Brodt

    will be giving this week’s chaburah on the topic:

    T N , Y E Y ,

    C Z M

    There will be a Kiddush for men in the Beis Medrash immediately after davening on Shabbos

    before the 20 minute chaburah.

    Gemora Iyun with Rav Barak Saffer Join the longest running shiur and chaburah in BTYA as it be- gins Mesechta Berachos. Rabbi Saffer will expand your hori-

    zons via a step-by-step, lomdushe analysis. Nightly preparation from 9:15-10:15 PM

    with shiur on Monday and Thursday from 9:15-10:15 PM. Starting this Sunday night Rosh Chodesh (9:15pm) with

    Chavrusa prep and Monday night Shiur 9:15pm.

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