happy birthday

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Happy Birthday MoM It’s A Big One!!!!

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Happy Birthday Mom :)


  • 1. Happy BirthdayMoM
    Big One!!!!

2. So we aredoing somethingSpecial..For yourBirthday
3. We are going somewhere!!!
4. We are leaving tomorrow
Dont Worry .We have a Late Flight
5. You will have plenty of time to go to the bank and pack a suitcase
6. Dont worry about Jury Duty
You are allowed to
miss a day.
I called
7. AndDont worry I called Joan and you will have a day or two to recoverwhen you come home
8. You Might Ride on one of These
9. Dont get EXCITED....We are NOT going to Italy Maybe if Daddy was paying????But he said Bank of Edward
10. You dont need your
11. Its a Long Flight!!!Good thing you quit smoking!!
12. So you need to go to the bank Because you are going to want to do some of this
13. Its gonna be HOT!!But they say it is a DRY HEATNOT As BAD?!?
14. Good thing we have a NICE poolto hang out by!!!!
15. If you havent figured it out yet We are going to
16. I Know what you are thinking! Why am I taking you to the desert in August???Cant we go in November??
18. We are going to see a Friend!!!!!!
19. A friend who likesLOW PLACES
20. DiD you figure it out yet???
21. Me and YouYou and Meare going to see..
22. 23. We are leaving tomorrow nightandComing home Tuesday Morning
24. Staying at the
25. 26. HaHappy Birthday Mom!
27. Love You