happy new year! greetings, wishes and blessings. new words 1.wishes 2.i hope you… 3.i wish for…...

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Happy New Year! Greetings, Wishes and Blessings

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  • Happy New Year! Greetings, Wishes and Blessings
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  • New Words 1.wishes 2.I hope you 3.I wish for 4.mistakes 5.success (succeed) 6.luck 7.happiness 8.believe 1./ 2. /.. 3. ... 4. 5. () 6. 7. 8.
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  • What greeting can I give you? Make mistakes: try something new and learn! Dont be afraid (scared): just do it! Respect your friends, teachers and parents! Believe in yourself! Believe and you will succeed!
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  • What will the people wish you for the new year? 1.Who is in the picture? 1.What New Years Greetings will the person give you? Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6
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  • Judy I hope you will love to learn English this year. I wish you success in school. I wish you happiness with your friends. Good luck with sports and dancing!
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  • Chava Respect your teachers and your friends. Believe in yourselves! Do your best!
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  • Benjamin Netanyahu I wish for peace with the Palestinians. I wish for good health and a good life for every Israeli. I wish for financial (money) success for everyone.
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  • Angry Bird Think before you act! Be quick! Pay attention!
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  • Messi Work hard! Practice, practice and practice! Dont give up! Good luck
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  • Mother in the kitchen I wish you good health. Dont be sick! Eat healthy foods: vegetables and fruit, meat, fish and rice. Go to sleep early so you wont be tired at school!
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  • Bar Raphaeli (age 18) Follow your dreams! I wish you success in everything you want to be. Believe and you will succeed!
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  • What can they wish you? Guessing Game: Choose a picture, or decide on something on your own. 1.Enter the Linoit.Linoit 2.Take a blue sticky note and write a greeting. 3.DONT WRITE WHAT YOU ARE! 4.Take a red, yellow or green sticky and guess the answer!
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  • GiraffeTree
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  • Rapper Boys on skateboards Big White Fish
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  • Your teacher, notebook or pencil!
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  • Have a great year!