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Music and effects after download!HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL MY IN LOVE FRIENDS!!!


Page 1: Happy Valentines!
Page 2: Happy Valentines!

When the sky grows faded and the stars awaken 

i'll dream a dream of love from that i  wont be waken. Hand in hand ,we would stroll the

beach where crystal water

rises and i'll be fascinated

by the love reflected 

in your eyes. 

Page 3: Happy Valentines!
Page 4: Happy Valentines!

And just as the light of paradise is

throwni'll fill your world with

splendor as imake you my

own.In the peace,

we'll be brought to a

world beyond the

sunwhere music,

night light and love mixes 

into one.

Page 5: Happy Valentines!
Page 6: Happy Valentines!

If i would think of your face, would 

you know it...If i would blow

you a kiss, would you

keep it...If i would tell you i've missed you,

would you believe it...

Page 7: Happy Valentines!
Page 8: Happy Valentines!

If i would hand you the world,

would you cherish it...

If i would whisper i love

you, would you hear it...

and if i would give you my

heart... would you want it... as much as i want


Page 9: Happy Valentines!
Page 10: Happy Valentines!
Page 11: Happy Valentines!

I close my eyes and

dream of youI see us be together

beside the candlelight.It feels so

great as i kiss you 

caress you and hold you


Page 12: Happy Valentines!
Page 13: Happy Valentines!
Page 14: Happy Valentines!

As you gaze into my eyes and tell

mehow much you love

memy mind grows

weak,and my heart skips

a beat.Suddenly i feel a storm that's as

powerfuland majestic as the

seabecause your words touch

everything deep inside me.

Page 15: Happy Valentines!
Page 16: Happy Valentines!

I hold you closer still, heart and

soul beone in wholeat last and i

swear that my love for you

wont ever never die

that i'll never let you go.

Page 17: Happy Valentines!
Page 18: Happy Valentines!

As i look into your eyes,i vow that i'll

try to build and

design a lifetime of happiness with you.

Page 19: Happy Valentines!
Page 20: Happy Valentines!

Your whispers are gentle echoes

that sway fervent winds of harmony

and in the symphony of life 

each word is wrapped in rhapsody.

We travel separate roads of life 

gather flowers along the way andshare the music of

their fragrance.

Page 21: Happy Valentines!
Page 22: Happy Valentines!

We exist between two winds,i am

here under a pale

moon and you in the other end of somewhere.

Page 23: Happy Valentines!
Page 24: Happy Valentines!

Sometimes when wind

blows through trees

I pause to listen and in its passingI hear the

softness of your voice

that fills the prism of my


Page 25: Happy Valentines!
Page 26: Happy Valentines!

You are the chime of gentle

rainthe moon that glows upon on

flowerand within the

luster of evening

your aura fills the scene.

Page 27: Happy Valentines!
Page 28: Happy Valentines!

I hear the whispers of

the windsee the stars shining in the

skybut i hold the sunrise in my


Page 29: Happy Valentines!


Thank for text, dear Anny !


Page 30: Happy Valentines!

Dance with me within the wind

then just let me love you.

Page 31: Happy Valentines!
Page 32: Happy Valentines!

To all my in love friends!!!