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Hardware & DIYCircuit breakers & ballasts Natural stone & glass tiles Metal-cutting machinesHand toolsTop buyer requestsSeptember 2010More demand & supply trends insidewww.globalsources.comCircuit breakers& ballastsMore models with eco-friendly featuresSeptember 2010Online Now!Global Sources metricsTrack buyer and supplier trends for high-demand productsMetal-cutting machinesVersatility, efciency top R&D targetspage 435Stone & glass tilesIndustry prepares for stronger demandpage 61Tool kitsPaintingsuppliesMeasuringtapesSpray gunsSocketwrench sets29%16%9%9%8%0ver 31 years oI 0N/00N exper|eoceOALighting KanjinSupply&Co.LtdNo. 389-2 Hsn Hsng St., lue-Shun Hsung, 1uovuun Countv, 1uvun 1e: (886-3) 327 5536lux: (886-3) 327 5572 L-mu: kunnkunn.com.tv - vvv.kunn.com.tv vvv.gobusources.com/kunn.co4XDOLW\LVRXUWUDGLWLRQOur dcdication to quaIitvlor over 3l veurs ve huve oered u dverse coecton o uorescent ght xtures to oces und vorkshops uround the vord.A o our products ure desgned bv our seusoned R&D teum und munuuctured bv our l,500-member vorkorce, uded bv the precson o our CNC muchnes. lnuv, our products ure shpped vth CL, LL, cLL, VDL und CNS upprovus so vou cun rest ussured thut vhen vou order rom us, quutv s ussured. OfM/ODM cxpcricnccCome to us vth vour CLM/CDM speccutons und our experenced stu v ensure vour requests ure ued.A o our CLM/CDM products go through the sume rgorous testng und upprovus us our other products so our quutv remuns consstent.\e uso provde SlD und ClD purts to cut buck on shppng costs.\e vecome orders sturtng ut ust one 20-oot contuner, so contuct us toduv. KT-2402Fluorescent lighting xture T8 diuser type 60 x 60 x 8cmSKD and CKD housingSKD and CKD louvers30 R&D technicians and 46 OC inspectorsStart your order at 1,000 unitsOur 30 R&D technicians and 46 QC inspectors ensure that all of our goods meet the requirements of international markets. This includes complying with GS and CE standards, as well as the RoHS Directive. We`re so confdent in the quality of our products that we offer one-year warranties on everything. We accept minimum orders for just 1,000 units so you can test our service and gauge how well our products fare in your market.About 80 percent of our production equipment is imported from Japan. This helps us to reduce manpower by 20 percent, due to its advanced technology. We`re so serious about using the best machinery available that we invest 70 percent of our income to keep our facilities up-to-date. We also provide two to three months of training for every worker.We have 10 staff members handling aftersales. During our one-year warranty period, we`ll promptly replace any broken parts. Inquire today. Zhejiang Yida Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd1 Qinyu Rd., Baiyangdu Industrial District, Wuyi, Zhejiang 321200, ChinaTel: (86-579) 8762 5155, 8762 2928, 8762 7476Fax: (86-579) 8762 0658E-mail: zjyida@globalsources.com zjyida@chinayidatools.comwww.globalsources.com/zjyida.co www.chinayidatools.com2-speed mechanicalimpact drill710Wimpact drill600Welectric screwdriverNo. 2, Lune l20, luo Chung lst St., Huo Hu lndustru lurk, Chu Y Ctv, 1uvun1e: (886-5) 277 3673, 276 2l49 lux: (886-5) 275 l275 L-mu: hcsbums9.hnet.netvvv.gobusources.com/hurvest.covvv.hurvest-cosmetc.com.tv Harvest Cosmetic Industry Co. LtdAll items shown here with various trademarks, brand namesand logos ('Marks) are for reference purposes only, and are not for sale. The Marks are the property of the respective owners, and we are not authorized to manufacture or sell any items bearing such Marks to any third party.Cur hvgenc dspensers ure mude vth premum vrgn pustcs rom 1uvun, vhch gve them greuter durubtv thun competng tems. 1hs enubes our products to be ed vth quds ke ucoho, untbucteru soup und even chorodoxde, vthout pustc degruduton. Competng tems mude rom recvced muterus ure more prone to uvs und breukuges. As proo o ths quutv, ve shp u o our dspensers vth one-veur guuruntees. And snce our products contun rugrunces mported rom Lurope, lupun und the LS, vou're ussured o soups und oums vth the utest popuur scents.Cur eutured dspensers ure equpped vth uutomutc sensors, enubng users to ceun ther hunds vthout ever touchng the unts themseves. As such, thev're eectve ut preventng the trunsmsson o vruses such us HlNl nuenzu. \e uso produce dspensers or use n hotes. 1hese tems ure better or the envronment thun stundurd dsposube soups und shumpoos, vhch ure responsbe or urge umounts o pustc vruppers beng throvn uvuv. 1hese tems uso contun eusv recvced AS und lL1 components. 1o sturt sourcng our putented, CL-upproved products, contuct us nov.Single-use air fresheners andurinal screensAuto aerosol dispensers made of PP, patented designs and CE approvalsAutomatic hand soap and disinfcctant dispcnscrsSBD-081 1,000mLHong KongOct. 20-23, 2010Booth No. 7M13Guaranteed quality, convenient to use and AC/DC availableFoam dispensers and auto foam dispenserSoap dispensers, available in single-, double- or triple-dispenser typesSBD-082 500mL Auto soap/disinfectant dispenserThe Choice of Industrial GiantsN |0 h00 0|000, I000| l000I|I, h000wII 00 t0|00Having an experienced metalworking partner on your side can mean the difference between sourcing success and sourcing sadness. We work with giants in the electronic and hardware industries, including ABB Group,Cooper Industries, Honeywell and Emerson.Today, we are one of just ve mainland China companies to offer metalworking,silver contact manufacturing and welding services. We have been making silver contacts for 15 years. And since we began offering other metalworking services in 2003, we have had zero rejected orders. We also provide multi-metal contactsmade with a balance of silver and copper. As a result, these items are not only durable, but they save us 40 to 60 percent in cost which translates to higherprot margins for you.To date, we have exported more than 1,000 high-precision molds to the US,Europe, Australia and Singapore. For your quality assurance, we areISO 9001:2000-certied, and all of our products are lead-free. Our monthly capacity is 3 billion units. We have 30 English-speaking trade staff members ready to reply to your inquiries within two hours. To get started, contact us today.HLC Metal Parts LtdJintang Industrial Zone, Dongshen 2nd Rd., Tangxia, Dongguan,Guangdong 523710, ChinaTel: (86-769) 8695 2287, 8201 2288 Fax: (86-769) 8695 2290hlcok@globalsources.com sales@hlc-metalparts.comwww.globalsources.com/hlcok.co www.hlc-metalparts.comHLC (Hong Kong) LtdMSC 3001, Rm. 1007, 10/F,Ho King Center, 2-16 Fa Yuen St.,Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong ISO 9001:2008Metal stamped parts Riveted/welded with silver contacts Available with tin, nickel, zinc,silver or gold platingMetal stamped partsMulti-metal contactsMetal stamped parts with silver/copper stripslFABerlin, GermanySept. 3-8, 2010Booth No.: TBAMumba|Sept. 8-10, 2010Booth No. 1H584 Hardware & DYSeptembery2010 www.globalsources.com - Choose verifed suppliers More new products - www.globalsources.com September2010Hardware & DY 5Concrete block-making machines from mainland Chinas largest supplierSat|sfy|ng c||ents |n 91 countr|es wor|dw|deAs mainland China's largest supplier of concrete block-making machines and the frst in the country to export them, our resources and quality products are what keep our clients coming back. We have the means to supply over 7,000 customers in 91 countries, and working with them has allowed us to gain the experience necessary to effciently and effectively handle international orders. We've established over 20 warehouses worldwide from which to distribute extra parts to replace those that wear out over time. And to prove just how dedicated we are in serving you, we've stationed over 50 customer service team members at various locations abroad, ready to be sent to your factory in case you need assistance.To guarantee that our block-making machines are just as high in quality as our customer service, we use electronic and hydraulic pressure components from Mitsubishi, Siemens and Omron. And since we operate under lSO 9001:2000- and lSO 14001:2004-certifed management systems, each machine will be just as reliable as the next. They also come with the CE certifcation necessary for selling in the EU. Contact our international sales staff today to start getting the service and top-notch products you deserve.11 Zhitai Rd., Quanzhou Economic and Technical Development Zone, Fujian 362005, ChinaTel: (86-595) 2235 6782 Fax: (86-595) 2235 6788E-mail: trade@qunfeng-machine.comWebsite: www.globalsources.com/qunfeng.co www.qunfeng.comQunfeng Inte|||gent Mach|nery Co. LtdAutomated block production lineConcrete block-making machine,automated and semiautomatedmodels availableA variety of concrete productsBatching plant (HZS series )hot-me|t g|0e g0os made comp|ete|y |o Ta|waoWe are a leading, specialized and SO 9001-certified manufacturer of hot-melt glue guns in Taiwan. Our glue gun range includes 10W to 600W models for all DY and heavy-duty applications. Since 1980, we have been dedicated to bringing you 100 percent Taiwan-made products that meet market demands. n addition, we offer the best product quality, on-time deliveries and an excellent service network. We are capable of providing you with well-rounded services for your OEM/ODM projects. Visit our websites to see more products.No. 423, Sec. 2, Chung Shan Road, Shuishang Hsiang, Chiayi Hsien 60852, TaiwanTel: (886-5) 268 8966 Fax: (886-5) 268 6876E-mail: homeease@homeease.com.twwww.globalsources.com/homeease.co www.homeease.com.tw6 Hardware & DYSeptembery2010 www.globalsources.com - Choose verifed suppliers More new products - www.globalsources.com September2010Hardware & DY 7More than 46,000 products to choose fromNingbo Youyou InternationaI Co. Ltd12/F, Zhenhanzi Building, 225 West Huancheng Rd., Beiduan, Ningbo, Zhejiang 315000, ChinaTel: (86-574) 2789 9160, 2789 9150Fax: (86-574) 8717 0042