Hardwood Wall Panels vs. Vinyl Wall Panels for Interior Décor

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<ol><li> 1. Hardwood Wall Panels vs. Vinyl Wall Panels for Interior Dcor There are many ways to decorate a home. One of them is to put up striking patterns and designs on your walls. Rather than simply painting the walls a different color, you can put up decorative wall panels in order to give a more distinguished aesthetic to your room. These look wonderful in drawing rooms and lounges, and when coupled with the right lighting, it looks even better. However, you cant put up wall panels anywhere around the house. To really make the design stand apart, here are a few things to keep in mind: Hire an Interior Designer Decorative wall panels work best when coupled with the right lighting. Interior designers carefully study the house plan and decide where the panels would look best. This makes it easy for them to highlight places where the panels would look good. For instance, rooms that get lots of sunlight are not a good choice. There are many reasons for this. Interior designers use lamps and directed lighting in order to illuminate the wall panels. Places with lots of sunlight arent viable because of this. Moreover, sunlight damages the wall panels over time. Consider Wall Tiles If you want to decorate your walls, you have several options apart from decorative wall panels. For instance, decorative wall tiles are becoming hugely popular nowadays. These are standard tiles with unique designs on them, and can be joined together to create gorgeous wall imagery. Used commonly in living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, wall tiles are an excellent option for people who dont want to spend a lot of time on maintenance. All you need is a wet cloth to clean the tiles. For cleaning the wood panels, you will need a special dust cleaner. </li><li> 2. Which One Should You Choose? Both wall panels and decorative wall tiles are popular. Wall panels are available in a host of different finishes, wood grains and textures. Some even come with beautiful groove patterns. Moreover, you can also choose between the types of woods: fiberboard, plywood, etc. However, they are used sparingly for decorative purposes. Compared to wood panels, wall tiles are slightly cheaper. If you choose simpler designs, they will cost you significantly less when compared with wall panels. Depending on your personal preferences and the room, which you wish to decorate, make your choice accordingly. For instance, wall tiles dont look good in the bedroom, whereas panels do. Contact Us:- Name: Eric Company: Elegant Ceilings and Walls Address: 5920 boul. Mtropolitain Est Saint-Lonard (Montral), Qubec H1S 1A7 Postal Code: 5920 City: Saint-Lonard Province: County: Quebec, Montral Country: Canada Phone: 514-544-0369 Website: http://www.ceilingsandwalls.com/ </li></ol>